XRally is a Linux clone of the classic Rally X arcade game. For those who don't know, in Rally X you control a blue (good) car, that has to collect yellow flags around a maze-like map, while avoiding the red (bad) cars. In order to help himself, the blue car can use clouds of smoke through the maze. If a enemy touch any of these clouds, it stops for a while. The enemy cars can also crash one with the other, what gives you some extra time.

XRally is written in C using only the basic Xlib and Xpm libraries. It's a project aimed mainly at newbie X11/Game programmers like me (but any experienced help is appreciated! :) )

This is the current progress for the version 1.0.pre2:
  • Graphics routines for initializing the display and drawing the map and the game sprites
  • Level loading from file. You can write your own levels easily
  • Basic car AI, so that if the blue car faces a wall and the player doesn't tell it where to go, it automatically chooses a side (the car can't stop!)
  • Basic enemy AI (very, very basic)
  • Menu for loading levels and maps
  • Game engine working. The player can can collect flags, use smoke, and has to check the fuel and avoid the enemies, who can also crash with each other
  • Nice score system, with extra points for remaining fuel and extra lives for big amounts of points
  • Nice graphics
What has to be done (see the file TODO in the distribution for more details):
  • Real enemy AI
  • Create more nice looking tiles
  • Create more real maps
  • Create a better splash screen

XRally is the result of the work of many talented people. Take a look at the authors page for details.
Special thanks to linuxgames for hosting the game
Homepage created by Ismael Orenstein (perdig@linuxbr.com.br)
Visit also my other project, KSnes9x .