XRally really needs your help! There are several ways you can help the project:
  • Create nice looking tilesets. The "tileset" file in the distribution has more information.
  • Create nice levels. Take a look at the "levels" file
  • Help in the development. Any help is greatly appreciated. The TODO file has more information
  • Write documentation
  • Send bug reports
  • Create a better home page.
  • Send me ideas
  • Send me music for the game (take a look at the doc/SOUND file)
  • Send me a email telling me how much did you liked/hated the game
  • Send me money! (Hey, I don't lose nothing by trying... :) )
If you are willing to help, just send me a mail at perdig@linuxbr.com.br that I will be very thankful! :)

Also consider visiting the XRally project page at sourceforge.net: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xrally, where you subscribe to the mailing list, report bugs, browser the cvs, etc.
XRally is the result of the work of many talented people. Take a look at the authors page for details.
Special thanks to linuxgames for hosting the game
Homepage created by Ismael Orenstein (perdig@linuxbr.com.br)
Visit also my other project, KSnes9x .