Real Name: Marvin Malkowski Jr.
Distribution: Gentoo
Functions: News, Files, and Evil Decepticon
When not working which is near never, Marv tends to spend most of his time playing remakes of ancient 80s games that have been recreated in Linux. Some day he may come to the 90s and play Quake or Doom but only time will tell.

Real Name: Dustin Reyes
Distribution: Gentoo
Functions: News, Interviews, Files, Forums, Heroic Autobot

Real Name: Matt Matthews
Distribution: Fedora
Blog: Curmudgeon Gamer
Matt is an incurable gaming addict with a habit for talking nonstop (and occasionally writing) about the games he plays. As if that gregarious bent weren’t bad enough, he’s also horribly geeky and a free(dom) software advocate. His favorite Linux games are IceBreaker, Angband, DooM and DooM ][, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Maelstrom, and any of the Quake games (especially Action Quake 2). Matt is also a big console gamer, with several consoles from the ’70s to present and hundreds of game cartridges, cards, and discs. When he’s not playing games, he plays a postdoc in applied mathematics at Duke University.

Real Name: Alan Koskelin
Al first got involved in the Linux gaming community back in 1998 when he helped found LinuxGames along with Dustin and Marv. He has helped keep the site running in various ways through the years and continues to do his best to contribute news and other administrative help. You can blame him for any weirdness in the current WordPress theme.

Real Name: Zachary J. Slater
Distribution: Mac OS X
Functions: News, Reviews, Making Julienne Fries, Supporter of Green Cheese
Blog: TimeDoctor Pimp Daddy WebSite
When not making fun of Dustin which is near never, Zakk tends to spend most of his time playing remakes of ancient 90s games that have been ported to Linux. Some day he may come to the 2000’s and play Neverwinter Nights.