Snes9express is a graphical interface for the X11 versions of snes9x, featuring an organized layout of common snes9x options. Configuration profiles can be saved if you'd like to be able to load up one of your favourite set of options quickly and easily.


Just to let people know, in case anyone was wondering…
Work had begun on snes9express-1.50 in late December 2009, but around that same time snes9x-gtk became part of the official snes9x unix/linux releases. With that, snes9express doesn't serve as much a purpose anymore.
So, (barring an unexpected surge of interest in a new version), 1.43 may be the last version of snes9express.

snes9express-1.43 released

Mainly an overdue maintenance release; no new actual features.
Highlights include:

snes9express-1.42 released

I have good news and bad news.
The bad news is that, after 11 years of use to me, my SNES bit the dust.
The good news, is this is all more reason for me to get a new release of snes9express out.

snes9express-1.39-beta available

It's beta, and it's here.
Update : Added RedHat 7.3.94 (8.0 beta) RPMs

Rumor has it…

A new snes9express beta will arrive, in the not-so-distant future.

After a short wait,

snes9express-1.26-2 has been released.

After a long wait,

snes9express-1.26-1 has been released.

New for snes9express-1.21-1

New for snes9express-1.19-2

Thanks to Jérôme Loisel for pointing out these errors which have now been fixed:

New for snes9express-1.19-1

New for snes9express-1.1

New for snes9express-1.0

New for snes9express-0.99-7

Fixed a couple of bugs in the profiler
(thanks again to Rich Wohlstadter for pointing this out)

New for snes9express-0.99-6

New for snes9express-0.99-5

New for snes9express-0.99-4