Unreal Tournament 2004 v3236

June 15th, 2004 by Crusader

A reader sent in word that version 3236 of Unreal Tournament 2004 has been released by Epic Games.

Linux specific changes:

  • fixed CacheRecords.ucl handling on Linux
  • Various client and server crash fixes

Unreal Tournament 2004 v3236 Patch Download: [ ]

The Deluge (Unreal Tournament Mods)

June 8th, 2004 by Crusader

The deadline for Phase III of Epic’sMake SomethingUnreal contest (“Phase 3… requires your mod works on UT2004″) hasbrought a torrent of mods upon the UT2004 community, all competingfor server space and mindshare.

  • Red Orchestra 2.1was released (patchdownload); changes include the requisite bugfixes and the addition of anoverhead map. As mentionedpreviously,Red Orchestra is a WWII mod focused on the European Eastern Front.
  • Anomaly alpha 0.2 can now bedownloaded, aracing mod that looks inspired by the SNES classic F-Zero (thanksBeyondUnreal).
  • Unreal Annihilation is a real-timestrategy mod that echoes the gameplay of Total Annihilation. There areversions for UT2003 and UT2004; mirrors can be foundhere.
  • As mentioned a few days ago,the AirBuccaneers mod, which has PIRATES fighting one another in BLIMPS (it’simpossible for this concept to suck) and the 1.1 patch forAlien Swarm are out also.

Many more mods than listed above were also released; fortunately, supernewbieof the official UT2004 forums has compiled a modrelease list to help everyone keep track of what’s out there. There’s someI haven’t even had a chance to look at yet, so be sure to peruse the post and subsequentdiscussion for anything that looks interesting.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Miscellany – Part 2

June 5th, 2004 by Marv

A few more random Unreal Tournament 2004 items have come up.

A patch for Alien Swarm has been released; it fixes a crash when attempting to play multiplayer over the internet with “all games” selected.

Download: [ ]

A very interesting looking mod called Air Buccaneers has been updated to Beta 4. View some of the screenshots of this rather unique mod idea or download it for the full effect.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Miscellany

May 27th, 2004 by Crusader

Lots of random UT2004-relatedinfo tonight:

GlaDiaC of haswritten an extensive LinuxTweaking Guide for Epic’sfirst-person shooter. Optimizing performance is the main focus, with driverand game configuration tips included.

A reader let us know about Black CatGames’upcoming UT2004 project,Alien Swarm, anAliens-inspired overhead POV mod that features multiplayer squad-based cooperative combatagainst insectoid NPC monsters. The release is scheduled for tomorrow; also,thistrailer ( 24MB) showcases the game better than my descriptions ever could.

Another reader mentioned in our comments that Beta 2.0 of the WWII-themed (specifically,the Eastern European Front) modRed Orchestra(screenshots) is out. Whiledownloading/installing, you should give themanuals aread. Download- get the ZIP package. Finally, be sure to hit this FAQ post from their forums for installation tips.

The rest of these items come courtesy of BeyondUnreal:

  • While we’re discussing mods, I should point out thatJailbreak for UT2004 was justreleased (continuing a legacy begun way back in Quake II); BeyondUnrealconducted aninterviewwith Grand Moff tarquin about what to expect; a Linux-friendly ZIP package canbe found at their download page.
  • The Community Bonus Pack II(the original was for UT2003) was released last week; several new maps,models, mutators, and skins included. Again, you’ll want the ZIP package; manymirrors can be found here. Additionally, asecondvolume for the CBP is planned, as well as officialbonus packs createdat the behest of Epic.
  • A general UT2004 Linux guide is up here @LinuxElectrons.
  • Here’s a FAQ pagemaintained by The Haus.
  • AMDZone conducted a series ofbenchmarkingtests with Linux UT2004 on an Opteron 64-bit CPU.

Feel free to mention anything UT-related I’ve missed (or tips you’vediscovered yourself; especially with regards to installation as I haven’thad a chance yet to try these mods or bonus packs out yet to see ifthere are any common snags I could run into).

Unreal Tournament 2004 Patch

May 20th, 2004 by Crusader

Epic has released version 3204 of Unreal Tournament 2004 for Linux. The releaseannouncement from icculus says:

To install: unpack the archive, this will leave you with a “UT2004-Patch” directory. Copy the contents of this directory over your game install, so it overwrites files. Now go play.

md5sum of archive:5f659552095b878a029b917d216d9664 ut2004-lnxpatch3204.tar.bz2

Unreal Tournament 2004 3204 Download: [ | Mirror List ]

Unreal Tournament 2004 Shipping

March 16th, 2004 by Crusader

Just a reminder thatUnreal Tournament 2004 hasbegun shipping to retailers. As stated before, Linux binaries are includedon the installation CD (or DVD); the requisite penguin mascot even makes anappearance on the box!

Epic has also released afreededicated server package (777MB) to allow admins without the retail versionto setup multiplayer host servers.

There’s an entry in the Linux Gamers’FAQ for enabling Text-to-Speech in UT2004.Moreover, warp has compiled a UT2004VOIP HOWTO(although its for the demo, I’m assumingthe steps are still valid for the retail release – let me know if your mileagevaries).

Gamespy put up screenshots of the Onslaught and Assault game mode mapshere.

Once I’ve had a chance to play for a bit I’ll post some initial impressions.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Review

March 9th, 2004 by Crusader

Linux Orbit posted a review of the UT2004 demo for Linux. The features the game brings to the franchise and gameplay impressions are included.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Gone Gold

March 5th, 2004 by Marv

Atari has announced that EpicGames FPS Unreal Tournament 2004 has gone gold and can be expected in stores on March 15. Check out the demo if you have not already.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo

February 13th, 2004 by Crusader

Ryan “icculus” Gordon has released the Linux demo for Unreal Tournament 2004. Multiple mirrors are available; the md5sum for the file is


Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Download: [ ]

Unreal Tournament 2004 on DVD – Demo Soonish

February 11th, 2004 by Crusader

Atari has announced that Epic Games’ upcoming FPS combat title Unreal Tournament will have a special DVD-ROM edition released concurrent with the CD-ROM edition:

Atari appears ready to test the DVD waters again, as it’s preparing a special 2-DVD-ROM edition of Unreal Tournament 2004, slated to be released at the same time as the CD-ROM version. Although we weren’t given any definitive prices, it’s expected that the DVD-ROM version will retail for $59.95, compared to $39.95 for the CD-ROM edition.

Why do a DVD version of UT 2004, you might ask? The rationale becomes obvious once you find out that the CD version of the game is shipping on 6 discs. (The minimum installation reportedly takes up a whopping 5.5 GB of hard-drive space.) All 6 CD’s fit nicely on disc 1 of the DVD set, which (if nothing else) should make the installation easier and reduce the risk of misplacing or scratching various CD’s.

This frees up disc 2 of the DVD set for a variety of special features not included with the CD set, including a number of behind-the-scenes interviews at Epic showing the making of UT 2004.


If the extra DVD features don’t seem worthy of the extra bucks, Atari is also bundling a Logitech headset with this special edition of UT 2004. The game has a number of features that make use of the headset, from voice-over-IP communication with other players, to voice recognition software that allows players to shout orders at computer-controlled bots in the single-player action.

Gamespy also has a new preview of UT2K4 up.

Moreover, the Windows demo was released earlier today; Epic’s Daniel “Hot Dog” Vogel gave a SITREP on the Linux demo at Shacknews:

Ryan is currently tracking down a last minute Linux client bug with vehicles. I don’t think he’s slept since Monday…

Thanks in advance to icculus for all his hard work! We’ll update as soon as the Linux client/server package is available.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Update

February 3rd, 2004 by Crusader

On January 29th, conducted an IRC question and answer session with representatives from Epic Games (when did they drop the Mega- from their company title incidentally?) and NVIDIA concerning their upcoming first-person shooter Unreal Tournament 2004. Also in attendance was Ryan “icculus” Gordon. During the chat (the log of which can be found here) a few questions were asked about the state of the UT2K4 Linux port:

<DrSiN[EPIC]> Linux and Mac are being developed at the same time. I beleive all 3 will have voice over ip, but only Win32 has text to speech


<MarkRein[Epic]> Floam|LinuxGuy–> I already said Linux will be in the box (there will be a Linux demo before release as well)


<DrSiN[EPIC]> Icculus is Ryan Gordon.. He’s handling the Linux and Mac ports as well as 64bit UT


<MarkRein[Epic]> Hey folks, I made a mistake on a previous answer. It seems we will need to do 64bit Linux support after all because 32-bit OpenGL apps won’t run on 64-bit Linux. Icculus (Ryan Gordon) can elaborate on this as he’s the guy who does that stuff. Thanks for coming Ryan! Feel free to comment!


<MarkRein[Epic]> Wow, Ryan is a brave man. He’s doing 32bit Linux, Macintosh and 64bit Linux. Yikes, that’s a lot of work!


<icculus> Ok, about the 64-bit Linux stuff, we’re going to do it, but it’s not going to be mega-optimized the first time through…largely we want to show it can be done and get a feel for what the bug reports and system configs look like.


<icculus> badsdaf: We get requests for non-win32 versions of unrealed (Editor’s note: the Unreal engine level editor) a lot, but the current codebase is just one big mass of Windows code, so it’d be more of a rewrite than a port for ut2004.


<icculus> [r-]Jagobah: There will be an OpenGL renderer in UT2004…we need it for the Mac and Linux ports, so it’s not going away.

I’ll put up more information about UT2K4 itself (gameplay modes and what not) when I get a chance later today.

Linux Unreal Tournament 2004 Retail News

September 27th, 2003 by Crusader

Octico fired in a link to this forumpost byEpic Games’ Mark Rein:

UT2004 will support Linux (both client and server) as well. As with UT2003, Linux support will be included in the box with UT2004. This time we’ll make sure it gets mentioned on the box.

Unreal Tournament 2004 is the latest title in the series of first-person shooters; a trailer for the game wasreleased earlier this week:

Unreal Tournament 2004 Trailer – []

Unreal Tournament 2003 Patch 2199 Official

February 17th, 2003 by Marv

The Unreal Tournament 2003 Patch 2199 is now offical. You can download the file from 3D Downloads. Changes with this release for Linux include the following:

DE bonus maps that took 20% server CPU when idle no longer do so.
Fixed botmatch benchmarking scripts.
Added a “umodunpack” commandlet to ucc, to extract ut2mod files.

[Buy UT2003 from TuxGames]

Unreal Tournament 2003 Bonus Pack and Patch

February 1st, 2003 by Judecca

Epic‘s Daniel Vogel among others sent in the news of a new bonus expansion pack from Digital Extremes for UT2003, as well as a Linux patch to version 2186. The expansion pack contains some new 6 new maps. There is also supposed to be an Epic bonus pack released in the near future.

Bonus Pack: 3D Downloads

You can use Loki Update to grab the UT2003 patches, or you can grab them manually:

2186 Patch Retail: Epic Games
2186 Patch Dedicated Server: Epic Games

Unreal Tournament 2003 review

November 6th, 2002 by theoddone33

A.T. Hun let us know that he’s posted a brief review of Unreal Tournament 2003 on his site. The review does not go into gameplay much, but focuses mainly on Linux-specific issues. You can read it here.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Patch

October 30th, 2002 by Judecca

Icculus posted an Unreal Tournament 2003 patch announcement. This patch brings UT2003 up to version 2136. The easiest way to update this is with loki_update, which is included in the updater/ directory of your UT2003 install, but you can also download the patch directly.

The full changelog and mirror list is available here.


Update: For those of you having problems with glibc, mostly Debian Unstable users, read the posts below this bug report.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Gold

September 20th, 2002 by Crusader

The sci-fi multiplayer first-person shooter Unreal Tournament 2003 has gone gold, which translates to it being in stores towards the end of September. The bigger news, however, is this:

Linux Support
The Linux installer is included on Disc 3 of the 3 CD set! We support both client and server for Linux. Unfortunately there’s no mention of Linux on the box because we didn’t know it would be done in time so please tell all your Linux gaming friends that UT2003 is ready for them!

In the meantime, you can still grab the Linux demo (and patch) from here. Thanks to all the people who wrote in with this news.

Unreal Tournament Demo v1080 Patch

September 18th, 2002 by Crusader

A patch for the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo has been released by Epic Megagames. The changelog includes “a million things”, so just rest assured that the game should run better for you :).


You can also use Loki Update (included with the original demo install) to patch.

Update (22:37:12 CDT): Hot on the heels of 1080 comes 1080c, which contains a file inadvertently left out of the first release. You can use Loki Update (in the updater/ dir of your UT2003 install) or download the missing file from here (thanks zakk).

Unreal Tournament 2003 Linux Binaries In Retail Box?

September 10th, 2002 by michael

Roland Knall pointed out this post from Mark Rein of Epic with regards to the possible inclusion of Linux binaries (with installer) in the UT2003 retail box.

If space permits then we hope to put the Linux binaries and an end-user installer on the CD. We have already approved all the packaging so it won’t be mentioned regardless of whether it make it in or not. There will be a Linux readme file that describes how to install the game on Linux and covers potential issues users are likely to see. But note: like the Unreal Editor and the tools we ship with the game, Linux is not officially supported so there won’t be any tech support for it from Infogrames.

Rein then goes on to defend the decision to support Linux development and also pimp Ryan Gordon (not that the Mack Daddy needs it).

Unreal Tournament 2003 Update

August 6th, 2002 by Judecca

Zakk informed me of a few quotes from an Epic IRC chat log. There’s a bit of discussion on the Linux client:

<HogMan|afk> Have any outside companies expressed interest in porting UT2K3 over to Mac or linux, or is that something Epic might look at doing?
<MarkRein[Epic]> We’ve already ported UT2003 over to Linux onthe server side. There will likely be a client but no promises.There are no specific plans yet for Mac.


<ScHlAuChi> why no OpenGL support ?
<MarkRein[Epic]> What do you need OpenGL for? (Actually Dan has a very early implementation of OpenGL working now)


<MarkRein[Epic]> We are doing OpenGL (needed for Linux client and Mac down the road if we do it) but it is not a priority and probably won’t be ready and debugged well enough in time for retail release.