Terminus for Linux

February 12th, 1999 by Marv

According to Nagilum, the Terminus FAQ states that there might be a possible linux server port or even a client version of Terminus.

Note: There may be a Linux version of the game. At worst, you will beable to run a dedicated server on a Linux machine. At best, itwould be as playable as the Win95 version. There is no guaranteethat it will be made, or that it will be available any time around the initial commercial release.


January 10th, 2001 by Crusader

EB No Longer Selling Linux Games?

December 10th, 2000 by Crusader

CRYO9 wrote in with the following concern:

i recently went into the local EB and was talking to a friend thatworks there. i noticed that the 3 copies of linux Q3A as well as acouple other linux games that they had the day before were all gone, iasked if there was a run on linux games. my friend told me that alltheir linux games were recalled from somewhere higher up the chain ofcommand. he stated this action was in response to poor sales. now EBnever had alot of linux games but it was nice to see something on theshelf. when i got home i called another EB about 45 miles away, samestory, so i don’t know if this is regional or chain-wide, but sad newsnon-the-less if it is true.

p.s. the people i talked to said they were still going to carry acouple of linux distro’s, just not linux game titles.

Loki’s reseller page still lists Electronics Boutique as a distributor; however, the only Linux game title I can find on EB’s site at present is Terminus, which has all supported platforms included in one retail box. I’ve sent off requests to both EB and Loki for clarification; as soon as I get a response I’ll post it here.

Zocks Articles

November 27th, 2000 by Crusader

Gerhard Schroeder wrote in to let us know about new Linux-relatedcontent at Zocks, the German gaming site:


August 14th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Indrema sent in word that they’ll beannouncing partnerships with partnerships with RedHat, CollabNet, and Linuxcarethis week, which should hopefully shed some light on this particular venture.

  • Miguel Angel Blanch of the Arianne RPGproject wrote in to note that they will be releasing a beta in one to two months;further information is available here
  • Version 1.3 (for dedicated servers) of Rocket Arena: Q3A is now available; changes:
    • Fixed Physics (for real!) same as baseq3 now
    • Fixed missing rails/rocket explosions
    • In competition mode teams must be even before the round starts
    • In competition mode players must “ready up” before round 1 starts
    • Timelimit waits until the current clan arena match in progress is done
    • Level changes after 30 sec if no one hits ready on timelimit

    The server patch is can be downloaded from FilePlanet.

  • Natas of the Altered God projectlet us know that they’ve released a screenshot, which seems to indicate that it will utilize an overheadisometric view of a tile-based game world.
  • Ragnarok’s Kazi Wrenfired in notice that they’ve posted two new character shots from the UT engine-based game (which Human Head has stated will be ported to Linux at some point).
  • Rainer Deyke wrote in to the SDL mailing list to announce the release of Zynx 1.1, a Pac-Man clone (source).
  • Daniel Leonard has released a new version of bzworld, a Java-based editor for the multiplayer tank game BZFlag, which includes bugfixes and a working popup menu.
  • PC.IGN has posted its review of Vicarious Visions’ Terminus, one of the few hybrid CD games available with Linux support.

Elite 4 for Linux?

August 2nd, 2000 by Crusader

The Elite 4 FAQ page onFrontier Developments’ site states thatLinux is an OS target candidate under consideration for development. Elite 4 will be a sequel to the classicspace RPG/simulation Elite (similar to the currently available Terminus), and is being planned as a multi-staged release beginningin approximately 2002. Thanks toJoshua Venter for the news.

YATP (1.62)

July 31st, 2000 by Crusader

Vicarious Visions has released theversion 1.62 patch for the sci-fi simulator Terminus. Changes:

  • Fixed save game loading with stored ships
  • Default canisters scannable when loading older save games
  • Fixed docking with ship that contains many thrusters

Terminus 1.62 Download:

Space Sim Chat

June 9th, 2000 by Alkini

A Talent For War will be holding theirfifth multi-developer space-sim chat tomorrow, June 10, 2000. The chat begins at1 PM Eastern (6 PM GMT) and participating developers include members fromboth the Parsec andTerminus development teams.For more information, visit theATFW chat info page.

Upcoming Commercial Titles

June 3rd, 2000 by Crusader

Here are a few updates relating to commercial titles being developed (i.e., by the original developer as opposedto a third-party port):

  • An interview with Dave Georgesonof Dynamix concerning the upcoming sci-fi multiplayer combat gameTribes 2 has been posted atGameSlice; in it, Dave discusses the Tribes 2 engine, vehicular options, arms(including anti-air missiles… it sounds like supression of enemy air defenses will be a priority for anysuccessful assault team), and new gameplay mods (thanks KungFu).It has been previouslystated that the Linux client port of Tribes 2will be released by Dynamix at some point after the initial Win32 version ships.

  • Inside Mac Games fired off dual warshots with regardsto the upcoming space combat sim Terminus (whichwill include Linux, MacOS, and Win32 binaries in the retail box): Aninterview withVicarious Visions CEO Karthik Bala, and apreview of the game, which recently went gold(thanks Blue). Furthermore,Station Terminusposted their initial impressions earlier this week; nine screenshots are also included.
  • The Anarchy Online site updated withthree additional screenshots from the QT-basedMMORPG; they’re available at
  • Neverwinter Vault has posted ashotof Neverwinter Nights’ radialmenu UI (thanks, who, incidentally,have their own preview of NWN up). Neverwinter Nights is a multiplayer (not massive or persistent however)AD&D RPG being developed for Linux by Bioware.
  • Finally, BWVault reported thatthe Black & White fansiteThe Citadel has posted severalE3 videos inMPEG format, including one with Peter Molyneux’s statements on open-sourcingthe god game to facilitate community modification.

Site Miscellany

April 28th, 2000 by Crusader

Screenshots of the Day

March 29th, 2000 by Crusader

Neverwinter Nights Blurb

March 1st, 2000 by Crusader

BeNews interviewed Don Yakielashek and Trent Oster of BioWare recently concerning the upcoming multiplayer RPG Neverwinter Nights. Of note is the mention of a target release date (“we are aiming for the first half of 2001″) and that BioWare is interested in providing all the supported platform binaries in one retail box, similar to what Vicarious Visions will be doing for Terminus this spring.

Linux Expo Report

February 7th, 2000 by Crusader

Matt Matthews has posted the first part of his report from this year’s LinuxWorld Expo, which he attended this past week. The report includes a look at the Linux Gaming Developer Seminar Session (presented by ATI’s David Johnson and Loki’s Scott Draeker), Vicarious Visions’ Terminus booth, and an early look at what Loki has in store for Linux gamers in 2000 and beyond (a RTS game, a racing game, and a revised Linux retail strategy). Matt opens with this impression of gaming at the Expo:

I have to get something out in the open right now, before I go crazy fromholding it in: From what I saw and heard at the Expo, Linux gamers have afantastic year ahead of them! From new games to better 3D video cards tobetter 3D sound cards, members of the hardware and software community showedthat they were beginning to not only understand the power of games on thetechnology market, but also realize the potential that Linux has as a gaming platform. A clear indicator was the number of terminals around the Expo floor running Quake 3 Arena on various hardware configurations; a visitor couldwalk barely 20 feet in any direction without seeing the trademark Q3A gibs orhearing the familiar Q3A weaponry and sound effects. Tell your friends, fellowgamers: The penguin has landed…

XShipWars News

February 6th, 2000 by Crusader

Taura from the WolfPack development team sent in the following XShipWars news (note that the Terminus described below is a server for XSW, and not Vicarious Visions’ upcoming space combat sim):

Terminus, is pushing SWServ to the limits (and proving SWServ’sstability is etched in stone). Terminus is fast becoming one ofthe hottest universes out there, with a continuous campaign and numerousfactions involved. Terminus can be reached at xsw.terminator.netport 1701. Latest XSW client recommended, 1.33a. Also check outTerminus’ web page at for signup info!

XShipWars taking on graphics acceleration! During the portingprocess, we’ve determined to best set our OpenGL intigration sooner.This means XShipWars will be using graphics acceleration very soonthis year, hopefully making the porting to Windows, Mac, and BeOS easier.This portion of the project has taken top priority, everyone’s encuragedto upgrade to the latest OpenGL available, check out You probably won’t need to just now but there’s no reason to put it off. ;)

New ETI ShipWars client project has started! To give Windows usersitchy to play in ShipWars universes comes SWTerm, a very portable textonly client but with most of XSW’s features. This project is quicklynearly completion and will be out very soon. Announcement on this listwill be made when SWTerm becomes available.

ATFW Chat Log Posted

January 31st, 2000 by Alkini

A Talent For War has posted a HTMLized log of their 4th Space Sim Developer Chat. As we previously mentioned, developers from the Parsec and Terminus projects participated and covered quite a bit of Linux information. It is a good read if you are interested in space sims and missed out on the chat.


November 4th, 1999 by Crusader

Some morning items for ya’ll (yes I’m Texan):

  • The ClanLib Game SDK site has undergone a redesign to allow visitors to receive more feedback with regards to current development.
  • David Pfitzner wrote in to the Freeciv mailing list with word that LinuxFocus was running an article on the open-source Civilization clone; the LinuxFocus page appears down at the moment, but when it comes back up be sure to give the article a read.
  • Jonathan A. George had compiled a list of commercial titles already available or coming to the Linux platform; here’s the list updated with this week’s announcements:
    Soldier of Fortune – Soon
    Heroes of Might and Magic – Soon
    Hopkins FBI – Now – Requires XFree 3.3
    Quake 1 – Now – Requires Mesa 2.4
    Quake 2 – Now – Requires Mesa 3.0
    Quake 3 – November – Requires Mesa 3.1 or XFree 4.0
    Unreal Tournament – November – Requires Glide 2.53
    BFRIS – Now – Requires Mesa
    Descent 3 – Unsupported – Soon – Requires Mesa 3.0
    Kingpin – Unsupported – Now – Requires Mesa 3.0
    Ultima Online – Unsupported – Requires XFree 3.3
    Civilization CTP – Now – Require XFree 3.3
    Myth 2 – Now – Requires XFree 3.3 (Mesa 3.0 support soon)
    Railroad Tycoon – Now – Requires XFree 3.3
    Heretic 2 – December – Requires Mesa 3.1
    Heavy Gear 2 – January – Requires Mesa 3.1
    Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire – October – Requires XFree 3.3
    Abuse – Free – Now
    Descent 1 – Now
    Doom/Doom 2 – Free – Now
    Heretic 1 – Free – Now – Requires XFree 3.3
    Hexen 1 – Free – Now
    Battlecruiser 3020AD/Millenium – 2000
    Neverwinter Nights – 2000
    Terminus – 2000

    If there’s anything missing that should be there, let me know.

Vicarious Visions Site Redesign

August 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Jesse Booth wrote in to announce the launching of Vicarious Visions’, developers of the space combat sim Terminus, new site design. He also noted that Station Terminus has posted an update on the Linux client port:

Linux. Chuck finished his Linux sound mixer, adding support for streaming audio and stereo audio. It looks like there’s no support for full duplex audio in Linux at the moment. This causes problems for sending real time voice from a Linux client. For now, we’re only going to support receiving real time voice on the Linux side of things.