Terminus Goes Gold

May 19th, 2000 by Alkini

Karthik Bala, CEO of Vicarious Visions has announced that the the long-awaited space sim Terminus has gone gold. This announcement comes after approximately 3.5 years of work on the project. In the announcement it is also mentioned that a demo is now in the works and an official press release will also be put out soon.

Terminus Developer Journal Update

May 9th, 2000 by Alkini

Karthik Bala, CEO of Vicarious Visions and director of Terminus, has updated the developer journal at Station Terminus. In his latest entry he discusses the preparations they are making for E3 and what finishing touches need to be added to Terminus before it is released.

Terminus Preview at AVault

April 26th, 2000 by Alkini

The Adrenaline Vault posted a preview of the upcoming space combat sim Terminus. The preview covers some background on the game’s setting, the Newtonian physics flight model, navigation and combat.

Terminus contest over

April 24th, 2000 by Alkini

Shodan from Station Terminus sent in the following news regarding the limited edition of Terminus:

The contest for the 100 limited edition copies of Terminus is finallyover with. The last of the 100 vacancies were filled at 6:45PM PSTSunday night. Anyone who submitted their information after this datewill not be included in the list, however, there may be some vacanciesafter Vicarious Visions goes through the list and confirms each order.Some people may not have pre-ordered, or simply cannot be reached, sodon’t give up just yet.

If you did make the list, once Vicarious Visions has confirmed yourorder, you will be notified via email. I would like to thank everyonewho participated in this contest for taking the time to submit their

Limited Edition of Terminus

April 22nd, 2000 by Crusader

Shodan of Station Terminus sent in the following news:

Vicarious Visions, the developers of the soon to be releasedspace-sim/rpg Terminus, are allowing 100 people a chance to get alimited edition copy of Terminus. Each copy will be numbered and willcome with poster signed by the development team.

In order to get this limited edition copy you must with your name and email address. Then go tothe Vicarious Visions Online Store( ) and pre-orderTerminus. Once the limit of 100 entries has been reached, the list willbe sent to Vicarious Visions who will then send the limited editionboxes to the pre-orders matching the information on the list.

*It is imperative that the information you send be identical to that which you use to pre-orderTerminus.*

There are currently 62 spots left so hurry up and enter, then gopre-order!

Terminus Previews

April 11th, 2000 by Crusader

Two preview articles for the imminent Vicarious Visions space sim Terminus have been published this week:

  • Vicarious Visions’ casManG has posted a preview of Terminus which relates his experiences training in and testing the game with the development team. Also included are nine new screenshots.
  • Intelligamer has posted a Terminus preview article as well, which gives an overview of gameplay, graphics, sound, and expectations for the title.

Terminus Site Redesign

April 8th, 2000 by Crusader

The official Terminus site has been redesigned byVicarious Visions. Furthermore, the site nowstates thata VV Online Store will be launched shortly, after which pre-orders for Terminus can be made.

Screenshots from the Linux version of Terminus are also available for viewing here.

Terminus Preview; Shots

April 4th, 2000 by Crusader

Frank Ramsay wrote in noting that Tucows has posted a preview of Terminus the imminent Linux space combat sim from Vicarious Visions. The article gives an overview of the multiplayer and AI aspects of the game, as well as the dynamic nature of the campaign.

In addition, Lee Anderson has taken a staggering 30 screenshots from a demo Linux version of Terminus, which can be viewed at

Terminus @ Gamespot

March 8th, 2000 by Crusader

A short preview of Vicarious Visions’ multi-platform space combat sim Terminus has been posted at Gamespot; the piece concentrates mainly on the campaign storyline and dialogue. Nine screenshots are also included.

Karthik Bala on Terminus

February 28th, 2000 by Crusader

Vicarious Visions’ Karthik Bala has been busy of late respondingto interview and information requests regarding the imminent release of Terminus, which will be available with the Linux binary in the retail box:

  • Computer Games Online has posted a two-part interview with Karthik (the second segment is located here), which includes discussion on animosity from publishers towards the possibility of making a retail Linux version available.
  • Karthik has also commented on A Talent for War’s forums to address (among other things) concerns that developing Terminus for 3 OSplatforms delayed the game’s release.
  • Finally, Karthik updated the Station TerminusDeveloper Journal with informationon the recent cutscene filming.

Terminus Preview Part Deux

February 24th, 2000 by Crusader

Computer Games Online has posted the next segment of their Terminus preview; this installment discusses more aspects of the dynamic campaign, cooperative multiplayer (which includes a voice comm system with de-classified DoD components), and also includes some commentary on the current state of game publishing. Terminus will be shipping in April with the Linux, MacOS, and Win32 binaries all in one box, the first retail title to do so.

Terminus Preview

February 23rd, 2000 by Crusader

Computer Games Online has posted the initial segment of their Terminus (which is shipping in April) preview. The article details the engine physics (based on real-world mechanics) and plot, which centers on a conflict between Earth and its colonies throughout the Sol system. Also mentioned is the diverse nature of the campaign, in which you can change allegiances among the four forces vying for superiority.

Terminus Real Soon Now

February 21st, 2000 by Crusader

The Adrenaline Vault issued a press release today on behalf of Vicarious Visions announcing that their space combat sim Terminus will be shipping in April of this year. The release also states that the retail version will contain Linux, PC, and Macintosh binaries all in one box (the first to do so); furthermore, six new screenshots of the game have been procured by Avault.

Terminus Music

January 31st, 2000 by Alkini

ATFW has posted three music tracks from the anticipated 3D space combat sim Terminus. As a muscian myself, I have to say that these tracks are definitely among the best when it comes to game music. The tracks are available in mp3 format and two are also in VQF format.

Terminus Theme: terminus_theme.mp3 (VQF)
Terminus Music: terminusmusic.mp3
Terminus Epilogue: terminus_epilogue.mp3 (VQF)

Parsec and Terminus Chat Reminder

January 29th, 2000 by Crusader

Geert-Jan Van den Bogaerde sent in a reminder that A Talent For War’s 4th Space Sim Developer Chat with the developers of Parsec and Terminus (2 space combat simulations that are being developed for Linux) is today. The chat will be at 1800 UTC (1:00 PM EST), and will be on #space-sim.

Terminus Update

September 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Vicarious Visions developer Dave Calvin updated the Station Terminus Developer Journal with an update regarding their upcoming space combat sim Terminus. Dave gives some details on the mission testing that has been going on recently, as well as ship hull balancing and audio tweaking.

Terminus Update

September 3rd, 1999 by Crusader

Vicarious Visions’ Chuck Homic sent in a status report on the Linux port of the space combat game Terminus:

Last week, I made one of the biggest mistakes that someone in this industry can make. I said that something was not possible in Linux.

After poring over various documents dealing with the Linux OSS sound driver, many of them way out of date, I came to the conclusion that Linux wasn’t ready for full-duplex audio, and by extension real-time voice communication.

The dozen or so emails that were shotgunned to me and the rest of the team were my first clue that I may have been hasty in coming to that conclusion. And I had never heard of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) before, probably because I had spent too long behind closed Windows.

A couple of emails pointed us in the right direction and Dave, our lead-coder-of-the-day, decided to educate himself on OSS and ALSA, and went to work. By the end of the day, full duplex was up and running. We decided to support OSS for now. Despite ALSA’s more robust design, OSS provided the functionality we need, and is very standard right now. Perhaps when ALSA is more mature, we will release a patch that supports it.

Kudos to the Linux community for showing me the error of my ways. The Linux version of Terminus is now coming close to feature-complete.

Parsec/Terminus Chat Log

July 14th, 1999 by Crusader

The A Talent For War site has posted a log of their recent chat with the developers of Parsec and Terminus, two space-combat simulations that will be available for Linux. Among the comments:

Vicarious Visions’ Chuck Homic: Hopefully, the Linux version of Terminus will be shipping right in the box with the Windows and Mac versions.

Parsec’s Markus Hadwiger: our linux version is already on par with the other versions.

Terminus Port Info

May 22nd, 1999 by Crusader

Vicarious Visions programmer Chuck Homic has written a detailed explanation of their plans for the Linux port of Terminus, Vicarious Visions’ upcoming space combat game. In it, Chuck states that although the Linux port is still in the early stages of development, they will most likely utilize Mesa to implement their Exodus renderer under Linux, which might prompt the release of the Exodus engine source under the LGPL. Thanks to Maniac for the heads-up.

Terminus Port

May 16th, 1999 by Crusader

Maniac wrote in to report that Vicarious Visions has announced a Linux port for their OpenGL 3D space combat simulation Terminus. Station Terminus is reporting that Terminus is approximately 3 months away from release, and will have both a client and server port for the Linux platform.