Loki Update

June 18th, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software sent in word thatthe SMAC/Tribes 2bundle deal will be ending on June 30th, so if you haven’t picked up either title yet,hurry up and order.You can also order the Rune/MindRoverbundle for $44.95 US; Rune will begin shipping thisWednesday.

Agendaroids 20010525

May 26th, 2001 by Crusader

Bill Kendrick has released a new source snapshotof Agendaroids, hisAsteroids clone for the Agenda PDA. Changes:

  • Added vector-based text-drawing capabilities
  • Removed shading behind status area (not really useful on LCD)
  • Entire screen cleared instead of just objects (simplifies things)
  • Score display made thicker
  • Lines in shapes wrap around (so popup doesn’t happen on edges as much)
  • Started work on the title screen
  • Added a tappable “X” on the screen to quit the game
  • Bullets made thicker
  • XPM icon updated

Agendaroids 20010525 Source:

Furthermore, Kendrick also notes that he’s received his copy of MindRover from Loki Software. You can order directly from Loki, or from one of the resellers listed here.


February 19th, 2001 by Crusader

Version 0.4.1 of BattleBots has been released;BattleBots is a programming game where AI-driven bots duel for supremacy(shots), similar to portions ofMindRover. Changes include mostly bugfixes.

BattleBots 0.4.1 Source:

German Linux Gaming News

January 11th, 2001 by Crusader

Gerhard Schroeder of Zocks.desent in notice that they’ve posted(English version)a pic of Human Head developers standing in front of ablue-screened (well, technically the machineis rebooting)Rune demo; hopefully it won’t be too long beforeLoki releases a Linux demo so that we needn’t worry about such things :)

Also, LinuxUser hasreviewed the AI puzzlegame MindRover(English version); thanks to for the news.

State of AI

November 3rd, 2000 by Crusader

Gamasutra has a new feature article (whichwas in the August issue of Game Developer magazine this year) up entitledGame AI: The Stateof an Industry, which gives a SITREP for Artificial Intelligence in entertainment.Games mentioned include two upcoming Loki ports, MindRover and Sid Meier’s AlphaCentauri.

Loki Wins LWCE Best of Show

August 25th, 2000 by Alkini

As we already briefly mentioned, Loki walked away from this year’s LinuxWorld Conference and Expo with the “Best of Show” award. An official press release has been sent out annoucing it:

Loki Takes It All
Loki Wins “Best of Show” at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo

Tustin, California — August 25, 2000 — Loki Software, Inc., the
leading publisher of best-selling games for the Linux operating system,
accepted the coveted “Best of Show” award from IDG World Expo during the
Show Favorites Awards ceremony at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo last
week in San Jose, California.

Expo attendees cast their web-based ballots using kiosks on the show
floor. They voted for “Show Favorites” in several categories, and
selected Loki as offering the best overall for-Linux programs available.

“It is a tremendous honor to receive this recognition from the Linux
community,” said Scott Draeker, President of Loki Software. “With this
award, Linux users have confirmed that Loki sets the standard for Linux

Loki booth visitors enjoyed testing their piloting skills with Descent 3
for Linux on a precision three-axis motion base simulator, and playing
other recent or soon-to-be-released titles from Loki, including Soldier
of Fortune, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and
MindRover. Paul Nolan was also on-hand to show users the unique features
of the stunning graphics package Photogenics which will soon be published
by Loki.


Blizzard Update

July 22nd, 2000 by Crusader

Joseph Elwell forwarded a responsefrom Loki’s Kayt Sorhaindo, whichreiteratesBlizzard’sreticence to commit to the Linux platform:

We would love to port Diablo II and other Blizzardtitles, butBlizzard has taken a “wait and see” approach to Linuxgaming –If we can prove the market for Linux games is therewith the sales numbers for our current titles,then they’ll talk with us.

We hope you’ll be happy with our upcomingannouncements.We plan 16 titles this year, including Heavy Gear II,Soldier of Fortune,SimCity 3000 Unlimited, Descent 3, MindRover and SidMeier’s AlphaCentauri!

Further clarification was provided by Blizzard’s Andrea Pessino during an IRCchat withVoodoo Extreme concerning Warcraft III:

(PhaseBurn) =Incognito= question: has the Linux port status of Warcraft III already been determined (i.e., no port will be considered such as with Diablo 2), or is Blizzard still examining the potential of the Linux gaming market?

(Andrea[BlizzardEnt]) there are no plans for linux versions of any of our games at this time

(PhaseBurn) and if I may add on to that, why doesn’t Blizzard consider the gaming market for linux?

(Andrea[BlizzardEnt]) well.. I am not sure, but I believe the gaming market for linux is still its infancy

(Andrea[BlizzardEnt]) IN its infancy..

Even More Loki Stuff

June 29th, 2000 by Alkini

  • Release 201 of the Q3SDK (essentially beta2) has been released. This version of Q3Radiant is in sync with the Win32 build 201.


  • Version 1.3.0 of Setup, Loki’s graphic game installation program, has been released. This version includes misc improvements and internationalization support (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish included).


  • Gamers Depot has published an interview with Loki president Scott Draeker. The interview covers Loki’s mission, the selection of games ported thus far, the future of Linux third party porters, Loki’s relationships to game developers, and the benefits of gaming under Linux.

  • LinuxMall has published an article on Loki, specifically based on the recent announcement that Loki will be porting MindRover: The Europa Project to Linux. The article includes background on MindRover and CogniToy (the games developer), as well as quotes from other sites’ reviews of the game. (Thanks to Linux Today)

  • has published an interview with Loki programmer Sam Lantinga. The interview covers Sam’s past, what he has done for Loki, the birth of SDL, Maelstrom, challenges involved in porting, how it is decided what ports are made, and more.

(Update from Crusader):

  • The open-source advocacy site BeOpen conducted a dual interview with Loki president Scott Draeker, and the Crystal Space 3D engine’s Jorrit Tyberghein, concerning the continuing debate over open-source game development. Both interviewees address the issue of artistic involvement in the genesis of a game and how it affects “open” development, and what models of game creation are the most efficient (and profitable)… Scott also makes what can be considered a call to arms to those wanting a larger Linux gaming library (vote with your dollar/pound/yen/deutschmark/etc.):
    Building the Linux game market is also the responsibility of Linux users. They have to stop buying Windowsgames. If you buy Windows games, the market will reward you with more Windows games.

    All this is made all the more relevant by Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux stating he intends to open-source his upcoming god game Black & White.