Clonk Rage

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

Thanks to Nemoder for pointing out that Clonk Rage, a 2D action-strategy game, is now at version The project is in a beta state and recommended for experience players; you’ll also need to re-download the complete package if you have a version prior to the most recent build. Changes include an integrated IRC client, reorganized worlds, missions, and melees, and the requisite bugfixes. The game is shareware; registration gives access to add-ons and an online league.

Download: [ ]

Pingus 0.7.2

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

Thanks to Plouj for reminding me that Pingus, one of the most popular andlong-running Linux game projects (we’ve mentioned it at least as far back as1999),is now at version 0.7.2. Inspired by Lemmings,Pingus has a built-in level editor and multiplayer. Changes:

  • added support for levelsets
  • added 8 new levels in the form of a halloween levelset
  • added window resize support to the editor (use –allow-resize)
  • added minimap to the editor
  • scroll wheel support to change the actions
  • right and middle button now both scroll
  • ‘jumper dying on landing’ bug fixed
  • numerous other small bug fixes

Screenshots: [ View ]Download: [ ]

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars v1.2

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

The version 1.2 update for EnemyTerritory: Quake Wars has been released by id Software and Splash Damage. The lengthy changelogcan be read at the officialcommunity site, but there’s one caveat, as noted by Timothee Besset at theforums:

We will release an updated linux client tonight or tomorrow. This firstversion will not have VOIP, but it will let everyone play on 1.2 servers.

I plan to work out the voicechat support within the next few days and releaseanother update. For now we are pretty busy monitoring the autoupdate processand the general 1.2 rollout.

The patch brings balance tweaks, fireteam improvements, a refined Stopwatchmode, various user interface changes, bot updates, and the usual bugfixes.

If you’re interested in watching high-level ET:QW play, Gamespothas video from a match between Team HOT and Team Exile from the Earth UnderSiege tournament at their site.

Download: [ AtomicGamer | idsoftwaretorrent ]

Mumble 1.1.0

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

Mumble, an open-source gaming voice-communication solution with a focus on low latency, has reached version 1.1.0. This release adds full encryption and support for multiple virtual servers per process; additional info can be found in the project FAQ.

I’ve rarely used VOIP in the past, but it looks like a good solution for games that don’t support voice chat natively (which is pretty much every game on Linux at the moment!).

Download: [ ]

Tux Paint 0.9.18rc1

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

Bill Kendrick sent in the following announcement:

I’m gearing up to release version 0.9.18 of “Tux Paint“, the open source drawing app for kids, and have released a source tarball of Release Candidate #1. (The only major hold-up right now is making sure Win32 and OSX ports can be built happily.)

Some major new improvements that folks will see include:

  • “Magic” tools (blur, smudge, etc.) have been turned into ‘plugins’ that are loaded at runtime
  • A “Magic” tool plugin API is available, allowing easy third party tool development!
  • New “Magic” tools added: Calligraphy, Emboss, Flower, Foam, Glass Tile, Kaleidoscope, Light, Metal Paint, Ripples, Shift and Waves
  • Color picker added to the color palette (pick from any of ~65K colors!)
  • Improved “Open” and “New” dialogs (removed ‘Starter’ imagery from “Open”; they now appear when you click “New”, along with a choice of solid background colors)
  • Now using Pango to render text in the UI (makes localizations to Arabic and Telegu actually _work_ right)

Download: [ ]

Ankh 2 @ Tux Games

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

A reader let us know that following the pre-order campaign at, Ankh 2: Heart of Osiris is also available at the online Linux game retailer Tux Games for pre-order. The port’s developer, RuneSoft, has stated they would need at least 250 pre-orders to make the project viable; as of this writing there are 68 pre-orders at ixSoft.

Edit: A reader pointed out the pre-order figure hasn’t been updated since October 20th, so there’s probably a great deal more than that by now.

FreeCiv 2.1.0

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

After nearly two years of development, version 2.1.0 of Freeciv, a long-runningopen source game project inspired by the Civilizationseries, has been released. Changelogsummary:

  • Significantly improved features for modmakers.
  • New default tileset: Amplio.
  • Hex-2 overhead hexagonal tileset.
  • Flags rendered from SVG vector images.
  • High-res building and wonder icons plus brand new tech icon set.
  • New city tab on main map.
  • City outlines.
  • Added lua as scripting language. New tutorial scenario.
  • Many new nations, flags and nation information and options.
  • New /surrender command to yield in multiplayer games.
  • Score now shown in player dialog.
  • Reputation removed from the game.
  • New borders rules. Borders are static, fortresses expand borders andcities expand more borders with city size growth.
  • New diplomacy rules. Neutral state replaced with Armistice. You nowstart in War state, and cannot cross borders with military units except in Waror Alliance states.
  • SDL client much improved and usable.
  • GTK+ 1.2 clients removed.
  • Votes need over 50% of votes to pass. Voting is now only duringgame.
  • First player to join becomes game organizer and sets all options.
  • Many AI changes. Improved AI diplomacy. Novice AI easier to beat.
  • Palace has a production bonus of +75% under Despotism and +50% underMonarchy.
  • New animated cursors.
  • Support for GGZ Gaming Zone.
  • Multiple units may be moved at once as a battlegroup.
  • Built-in theme support. GTK+ and SDL clients shipped with uniqueFreeciv themes.
  • As usual, tons of changes under the hood.

Screenshots: [ View] Download: []

GNOME Video Arcade 0.5.1

October 30th, 2007 by Crusader

Version 0.5.1 of the GNOMEVideo Arcade, a MAME frontend, has beenreleased. Changes include a bugfix for SDLMAME (which I’venever heard of before, I’m out of the loop!) users.

Screenshots: [ View] Download: []

AMD Display Driver 8.42.3

October 30th, 2007 by Crusader

AMD released version 8.42.3 of theirLinux display driver for ATI graphics cards.Here’s the changelog:

  • Support for Accelerated Indirect Rendering (AIGLX).
  • Support for version 7.3.
  • Products older than Radeon HD 2×00 are now supported after being enabledonly for testing in 8.41.7.
  • A new 3D user interface is now avaialble in the ATI Catalyst Control Center-Linux Edition. The new interface allows for the setting of Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, and VSync. Included on the new 3D interface are static preview images showing the visual effects of the different 3D settings.
  • Playing videos with TexturedVideo no longer results in stuttering being noticed.
  • Corruption is no longer noticed when the Composite extension is enabled.
  • Segmentation faults in OpenGL applications and the ATI Catalyst Control Center
  • Linux Edition with Rialto-based AGP cards no longer occur.
  • Various error messages no longer appear during RPM installation under SuSE10.2.

A great deal of additional info can be found in the releasenotes.

Download: []

Phoronix Articles

October 29th, 2007 by Crusader

The Linux hardware site Phoronix has posted several interesting articles over the past week:

Need a Driver?

October 29th, 2007 by Crusader

A blurb at DesktopLinux.compointed out that the Linux DriverProject is requesting direction from the community:

The problem is that even though Kroah-Hartman and his developers are willingto sign NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) for companies that are reluctant toopen up their devices to open source, businesses are still hanging back. “Whatwe need now is more companies participating in the project,” Kroah-Hartmansaid.

He also wondered if the problem of Linux device drivers has been overstated:”I don’t currently know of any common piece of hardware in use today that isnot supported on Linux. And since these vendors do not know, and I don’t, I’masking the world to help out,” he said.

If you know of a device that needs better support, you can hit their projectwiki. Along similar lines, there’s this essaywhich looks at the feature sets of existing drivers.


October 29th, 2007 by Crusader

I’m back from vacation! Hopefully I’ll get caught up on news today; in themeantime, here’s an article on whyevery programmer should play NetHack; NetHack being the classic Roguelike text-based RPGthat brutalizes the player.

Wine 0.9.48

October 27th, 2007 by Marv

Version 0.9.48 of Wine, the free implementation of Windows on Unix has been released. Major changes in this release include:

  • Still more fixes for regression test failures.
  • Much more complete cryptnet implementation.
  • WIDL is now able to generate the oleaut32 proxy code.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Download: [ Wine 0.9.48 ]

Upcoming Enemy Territory 1.2 Patch

October 25th, 2007 by TimeDoctor

A reader wrote in to let us know about the upcoming Enemy Territory Quake Wars patch here are some of the best parts:

The ETQW 1.2 Update features full voice communications (VoIP) support, allowing rapid and easy coordination with your team-mates. You can select the input and output devices independently of your speakers which allows you to use dedicated headsets and microphones, communicate on three separate channels, mute all VoIP, specific channels, or just specific players (which incidentally also cuts all bandwidth usage), set the volume and test your devices in-game. There’s full hardware refresh support for connecting and using USB headsets while the game is running too.

Various weapons have undergone subtle changes to make them fairer, including tweaks in damage fall-off (increases and reductions to damage over distance), weapon spread, firing rates, and accuracy. Highlights include the Pistol and Blaster being more accurate, increased firing rates for the Shotgun and Nailgun, and tracers appearing over all distances for the Sniper Rifle and the Railgun.

Experience points have been improved in many areas too, with level four rewards easier to achieve across all categories in the course of a campaign. There are also increases in experience points for certain classes such as the Medic and Technician when reviving and dropping health packs, and fixes to the Statistics and Achievements site. On the vehicles front, we’ve discovered and solved a number of bugs, but most noticeably the Anansi and Tormentor will take longer to repair.

We’ve also made several improvements to the user interface. Your number one request to be able to save your password has been added, while we’ve also improved the Instant Messaging functionality such that a log of recent conversations is maintained (so you’ll know what you were last talking about), and you can keep the window open while talking.

The server browser has more features too – it will only poll your favorites if you wish (rather than requesting the entire list), while filtering is handled locally (also removing the need for a new list each time you change a filter). We’ve also made the server protocol more efficient so it uses less bandwidth – this should help players who were previously unable to get a full server list. Clicking a friend (in the friends or clans list) and selecting Find Server, now works correctly too.

There are many more improvements to the user interface here and there, including more obvious recognition that a Deployable or Vehicle has been disabled via new particle effects, a unique hit sound for when you get a head-shot, and the ability to disable the complaint pop-up when you’re team killed (in case you’re the automatically forgiving type).

Savage 2 Linux Update

October 22nd, 2007 by TimeDoctor

A reader wrote in with this note copied from S2Games’ Savage 2 website:

We are currently working on the OpenGL renderer which is near completion. From there a port will go very quickly. I will post more info soon in the forums.

NVIDIA Linux Display Driver 100.14.23

October 22nd, 2007 by TimeDoctor

NVIDIA has released a new build of theirLinux display driver forx86 and AMD64 architectures. The Changelog included with this release has not been updated since the last, but these are the highlights:

  • Improved hotkey switching support for some Lenovo notebooks.
  • Improved modesetting support on Quadro FX 370, Quadro FX 570, Quadro FX 1700, Quadro NVS 320M, Quadro FX 570M, Quadro FX 1600M, Quadro NVS 290, Quadro NVS 140M, Quadro NVS 130M, Quadro NVS 135M, and Quadro FX 360M.
  • Fixed a problem with a Compiz after vt-switching.
  • Improved interaction with Barco and Chi Mei 56″ DFPs.
Additional info can be found in the README.If you have questions or issues, NVIDIA directs you to check their Linuxdiscussion forum, or e-mail

Download: [ 32bit | 64bit ]

Linux Games Podcast #9: Enemy Territory Quake Wars Spectacular!

October 22nd, 2007 by TimeDoctor

The latest Linux Games Podcast episode is up. Podcast 9 is our Enemy TerritoryQuake Wars special!

Joining myself on this episode are Dustin “Crusader” Reyes, and id software’sTimothee Besset guest stars to talk about Enemy Territory Quake Wars.

URL dump from this episode:

EnemyTerritory: Quake Wars
id software
TrittonAX360 Gaming Headphones
X-FiLinux Drivers
InHell Mod for Doom 3
Last ManStanding
LinuxGames.comthrough the ages
NewOpenArena Patch
Get those thenconnectto so Dustin will be up in yo Grillz,sucka!

iTunes users can click the iTunes Only link below, or drag and drop the feedlink to iTunes, or click Advanced – Subscribe to Podcast and copy the feed urlthere, or just hit update if you’ve already subscribed. The podcast is also inthe iTunes Music Store. For any other podcasting programs, you’ll need to insertthe feed url into it.

Enjoy, leave feedback here,inthe new forum,oniTunes, diggus, and tell your friends!

Linux Games Podcast 9 Download: [iTunesOnly | MP3 RSS Feed |StraightMP3 ]

Doom 3 Coop LMS 4.0 Teaser Video

October 21st, 2007 by Crusader

Platinum Arts’ calimer sent in wordthat one of their beta testers, Blasto, has uploaded several videos as ateaser for the upcoming version 4.0 release of Last Man Standing, the Doom 3 modification that emphasizescooperative multiplayer gameplay.

Also, version 1.2 of their Cube-derived Sandbox project was recentlyreleased; it’s a cooperative multiplayer (I’m sensing a theme here!) gamedesign tool with real-time in-game level editing.

Finally, calimer noted that they hope to have LMS 4.0 out within the nextweek or so.


October 21st, 2007 by Crusader

PrBoom+ is a DOOM source port developed from the original PrBoom project; new features includean uncapped framerate, variable gamespeed, re-record, walkcam, chasecam, fullmouselook, FOV, and full compatibility with the original DOOM games.

Download: []

Ubuntu 7.10 + WINE vs. Windows XP

October 21st, 2007 by Crusader

The Linux hardware review site Phoronix has a newarticle pitting archrivals Linux and Windows against oneanother:

This week’s release of Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” is asignificant win for the free software community. Not only does this releaseincorporate an updated package set — most notably with the Linux 2.6.22kernel and GNOME 2.20, but it also delivers on new desktop innovations fromBulletProofX and displayconfig-gtk to Compiz Fusion being enabled by defaulton supported systems. However, for those business professionals and gamersthat remain dependent on some Windows-only binary applications, the WINE (WINEIs Not An Emulator) project has been making some excellent headway intosupporting Windows applications on the Linux desktop. With Ubuntu 7.10 andWINE 0.9.46 in hand, we had set out to compare the performance between WindowsXP and Gutsy Gibbon with WINE on two popular DirectX benchmarks.

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