Stendhal 0.13

May 31st, 2005 by Crusader

Stendhal version 0.13 is now available; changes for this release:

  • Added API for identifing several attackers.
  • Improved creature AI to attack anyone near it.
  • Added icon to main game window
  • Fix zone change problem
  • Fix placeat problem
  • Improved NPC and Sign texts
  • Added afterlive zone
  • Improved perception sizes
  • Fixed a bug onMyRPObject handling method
  • Added a progress bar for connect
  • Added storage of username and password
  • Added forest
  • Added afterlive
  • Added GUI
  • Changed XP reward for each creature
  • Changed Rat, Cave rat, Wolf and Orc RP attributes.
  • Added Level attribute.
  • Fixed portal collision bug

Stendhal is a MMORPG developed with the Arianne project.

Stendhal 0.13 Download: [ ]


May 28th, 2005 by Crusader

A reader let us now that VDrift (screenshots), a free, GPL‘ed drift racing simulator which utilizes OpenGL, SDL, and the Vamos engine, is now available.


  • cars with reflections and shadows
  • large-scale 3-D background terrain
  • extremely realistic physics
  • an advanced tire model that allows for grip or drift driving
  • joystick or keyboard control
  • OpenAL sound with doppler effects in the latest version
  • realistic tire screech sounds

A GeForce 3 (or ATI equivalent) and a joystick are recommended.

VDrift Downloads: [ ]

Terminal DOOM

May 28th, 2005 by Crusader

If you’ve been playing Doom 3, you’ve seenthe myriad of in-game user interfaces (PDA, computer monitors, machinerycontrols). Moreover, if you’ve perused the SDK, you’ve probably noticed theGUI scripting system thatallows players/developers to create their own game controls and menus.Now, Bernd Kreimeier, who has created and contributed to scores of Linux gamingprojects over the years (Q2Java and several Loki ports), has released a proofof concept mod that transcends the existing GUI functionality: TerminalDOOM.

Terminal DOOM allows the player to walk up to a monitor and play theoriginal DOOM shareware levels from within Doom 3 (screenshots).The mod is intended to demonstrate that fully interactive surfaces arepossible in the game; Kremeier has written a draft documentthat delineates the utility of interactive surfaces in gaming.

Kremeier also notes that the Doom 3 source for the mod will be released inthe near future (a changelogand are available already).

Terminal DOOM Download (Doom 3 v1.3 Required): [ ]

Last Man Standing 0.35

May 27th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

LMS’ Calimer sent us news of the latest version of their co-operative Doom 3 modification; also, I am the copy and paste master:

I’m excited to annouce the release of Beta 0.35!! Inaddition to being a compatability release with theDoom 3 1.3 patch, we have some new content. Here is avery brief summary of some of the new features.

  • SP Coop is now beatable because the soulcube is fullyworking
  • prog_hangar tweaked and much more playable
  • kf_loading_dock recieved some heavy gameplay tweaksthat I’m really proud of. Check out the cameo that Iincluded!
  • kf_lockedin recieved some heavy gameplay tweaks aswell, including new waves.
  • LMS chaingun is fixed (overheating removed)
  • kf_ancientruins now included.
  • Lots of various bugfixes

Please read the FAQ here:

And report bugs here:

Last Man Standing 0.35 Download: [ D3Files ]

Update – We recieved this update on the Beta 0.35 release from calimer:

There is a slight error in our file that cycles themaps for the LMS Mod gametype. To correct the error,please download the mapcycle.scriptcfg here:

Put the file in your Doom 3/lms_beta035 folder andyou’re good to go. Sorry for this inconvenience.Take care and thank you for your time.

The Ur-Quan Masters 0.4.0

May 26th, 2005 by Crusader

Version 0.4.0 of The Ur-Quan Masters (screenshots) is now available. The project is a port of the classic game Star Control II; changes:

  • PC intro and ending sequences are now present
  • a new `triscan’ scaler
  • lots of fixes to the subtitles
  • an in-game setup menu
  • using graphics from the PC version of Star Control II in some places where they are better than the 3DO ones
  • PC style 3-step zooming in melee (at your choice)
  • lots of internal restructuring
  • many bug fixes

The Ur-Quan Masters 0.4.0 Download: [ ]

Attal 0.9.3

May 26th, 2005 by Crusader

Version 0.9.3 of Attal (screenshots), a fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game, is now available. Changes:

  • Highlight lord when selected
  • Better start game management (autoFill with AI, hide AI (experimental), better campaign management)
  • Improved fight mode (client, server, bug fix)
  • Improved scenarioEditor (disposition management, better placement management)
  • Disposition for decoration now used for pathfinding
  • Add command line help
  • It is possible to disable sound at command line (for hardware problems)
  • Management of different screen resolutions
  • Management of log level at command line
  • Management of player vision on savefiles
  • Usability improvements (highlight internals buildings, more info given, better buy building interface, castle improved, market improved)
  • Improve AI (AI can use market, better management of internals buildings)
  • New scenarii
  • Bug fixing

Attal 0.9.3 Download: [ ]

Wine 20050524

May 26th, 2005 by Crusader

Build 20050524 of Wine has been released; change overview:

  • Many MSI improvements.
  • More features in the file manager.
  • Better compatibility for Winelib import libraries.
  • SGML documentation moved out of the source tree.
  • Header files cleanups.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Wine 20050524 Download: [ ]

Soul Ride Gold

May 25th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

Linux Game Publishing announced today that their Soul Ride snow boarding port is gold. This means that the game image is final, and will be replicated. We’ll post an update when the game is actually available for purchase. Here is their description of the game:

Take yourself to the edge in the most challenging and realistic snowboarding game to come to Linux. No visibility limits, real-world terrain, and physics-based gameplay. Find uncharted backcountry descents on extreme terrain in the California Sierras and Tuckerman Ravine in New Hampshire. Heli-drop yourself onto precarious summits, and test your ability to find a line to the base. Play back the thrills and spills using the virtual VCR.

DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold

May 24th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

The Linux porter of the Deadly Rooms of Death series, by Caravel Games, let us know about the latest release’s Linux availability. DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold (screenshot) is:

…packed with new rooms, monsters, obstacles, and other elements. You will push on to see the next tricky room, but also to learn what happens next in the story, which is full of events and characters to keep you entertained.

It is also open-source shareware, a demo is available as is a verison for purchase.

DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold Demo Download: [ Caravel Games ]

Doom 3 1.3.1302

May 24th, 2005 by TimeDoctor

id‘s Timothee “Bugging myself about releases does not cure AIDS” Besset let us know about the release of Doom 3 Linux (FAQ) version 1.3.1302. This is related to the version we talked about back in April of yore. As we mentioned then, the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack is supported with this release as well. This release is currently only available on id’s ftp, we’ll update as soon as the inevitable torrent is released. I’ve played through RoE under Linux in a test version, and I must say, it is worth a buy if you enjoyed the Doom 3 gameplay, and were hoping for more. The double-barrelled shotgun is especially pleasing. Lets set up some CTF games in the forums!

Update: There is an updated SDK on the id software torrent tracker as well, and Timothee just updated his .plan:

The 1.3 patch for DOOM 3 and updated SDK are now available on the id FTPserver [1], on [2] and on the torrent tracker [3].Please refer to the documentation after installation for a completelist of changes since version 1.0.

The Linux update adds support for DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil. See theLinux FAQ [4] for installation instructions.

The updated SDK also includes game source code for the Resurrection of Evilexpansion pack. New features in 1.3 have been documented in the Linux FAQ [5].


Fixes & Updates in 1.3:

  • PunkBuster(TM) support has been added.
  • EAX(R) ADVANCED HD(TM) support in the sound engine contributed by CreativeLabs(R). Doom 3 base game comes with room reverb data.
  • To utilize EAX(R) ADVANCED HD(TM) in Doom 3, you must have 100% EAX 4.0compatible sound card. Please refer to your sound card manufacturer fordetails on whether or not your sound card supports EAX 4.0.
  • Sound Blaster(R) Audigy(R) 2 users who wish to utilize the new EAX 4.0feature in Doom 3 should download the latest Creative Beta Drivers for thecard released on April 5th, 2005. Not using these drivers may result in gameinstability while using EAX 4.0.
  • Server provides .pk4 file download URLs (http/ftp), client has internaldownload.
  • New class of .pk4 files: ‘addon paks’ are only referenced when the map isloaded in.
  • pk4 downloads and addon paks come with a number of fixes to the ‘pureserver mode’ filesystem code.
  • Fixed ragdoll bounciness.
  • Fixed how Doom 3 detects LAN client vs. Internet clients.
  • LZW compression of render demos.
  • Fixed command line parameter passing.
  • Added a QuakeIII-style graph of the connection quality for network clients controlled with net_clientLagOMeter cvar displays a graph of how much the client predicts ahead of the server note that you can change the minimum predict ahead of a client bysetting net_clientPrediction
Changes relevant to mod developers (SDK):

  • Added UploadImage to idRenderSystem interface. This lets the user blitimages to the renderer.
  • Supports fs_game_base; this lets you base a mod off base game + d3xp +your own content.
  • Most of the download redirection is handled in the game code, and can beextended.
Linux specific:

  • ALSA device opened non-blocking to avoid hangs.

Doom 3 1.3.1302 Download: [ id software ftp | id software torrent ]
Doom 3 SDK 1.3.1302 Download [ id software torrent ]


May 23rd, 2005 by Crusader

A reader fired in a link to this announcement over at the Linux Game Tome:

Panda3D is a free 3D engine designed to reduce the time and cost of game development. It features an unusually short learning curve, an extremely straightforward API, and strong resilience to user error. It is ideal for projects where the amount of time is limited, especially for game development houses that have to produce games quickly, or for instructors who want their students to be able to finish a game in a few weeks.

The engine was developed by Disney Imagineering and Carnegie-Mellon Entertainment, and is released for “free” (license). Screenshots can be found here.

Darwinia Review

May 22nd, 2005 by Crusader

Andreas sent in word that he has written a new review; this one takes a look at Introversion’s latest game, Darwinia.

Stendhal 0.11

May 22nd, 2005 by Crusader

Stendhal, a MMORPG developed using the Arianne game development system, is now at version 0.11. Features include an expanding world with towns, buildings, plains, caves and dungeons. Stendhal was written using Java 1.5 and the Java2D environment. Changes include:

  • Better path finding
  • More NPCs and a new dungeon level
  • Added Rat and Cave Rat entity
  • Added a balanced RP values
  • Add new Sheep GFX
  • Better Sheep AI and Creature AI
  • A map editor.

The developers also request that interested players create character content and maps (via the editor; maps should be no larger than 128×128).

Stendhal 0.11 Download: [ ]

GGZ 0.0.11

May 22nd, 2005 by Crusader

The GGZ Gaming Zone (screenshots), a project with the aim to make it easy to develop multiplayer games, has hit version 0.0.11. New features:

  • formal specification of client/game client and server/game server protocol
  • vastly improved documentation, about a dozen new documents with diagrams and screenshots
  • KDE client package overhaul: graphical chatbot configuration, web pages as MOTD, detection of player type (guest, registered, admin, bot)
  • many new gadgets in the PHP-based GGZ Community portal, like a karma system or savegame visualization
  • a SILC network plugin for the chatbot, and IPv6 support for all apps
  • Ludo game client (pygame) and AI for local chess games
  • automatic reconnection in case of network loss
  • auto-generated network protocol source code from XML specs

Also, there will be a talk about GGZ during this year’s LinuxTag in Germany on June 25th, which will describe current development and how other game projects can use GGZ.

GGZ 0.0.11 Download: [ ]

Tunnel Fighter 0.5

May 21st, 2005 by Marv

Tunnel Fighter, a game that makes used of the Crystal Space engine, has been released at version 0.5. The idea behind the game is to free hyperspace tunnels of an alien menace, with the ability to play in either a 1st person or a 3rd person perspective.

Tunnel Fighter 0.5 Download: [ ]

Lux 5

May 18th, 2005 by Crusader

Sillysoft Games has announced the release of Lux (screenshots) version 5. Lux is a Risk-inspired world domination game; changes include:

  • Map scenarios
  • Increasing continent values
  • New graphics and sounds
  • Small screen support
  • Multiplayer improvements
  • Map of the Week
  • International support

It’s also noted that Lux is up for a Shareware Industry Awards Foundation People’s Choice Award.

Lux 5 Demo Download: [ ]

Serious Sam 2 for Linux?

May 18th, 2005 by Crusader

A reader pointed out this feature at Voodoo Extreme on Croteam’s Serious Sam 2, which states that the second generation Serious Engine engine core has been ported to Linux. The original Serious Sam was ported to Linux by Ryan Gordon, but to the best of my recollection remained in a public beta testing state.

Hopefully this means the game itself will have a Linux port; we’ll keep you updated when we receive additional info.

Nexuiz to be GPL’ed

May 18th, 2005 by Crusader

Lee Vermeulen sent in notice that the deathmatch game Nexuiz, which utilizes the Quake-derived DarkPlaces engine, will be released under the GNU General Public License:

Secondly, Nexuiz will be entirely GPL. This is a major first for any project of its type. I hope this will bring more popularity, more donations and support, and also allow Nexuiz to be distributed on Linux distros.

There are also new screenshots; Nexuiz is currently in beta testing.

Cold War Screenshots

May 18th, 2005 by Crusader pointed out that there are several new screenshots available at 3D Gamers from Mindware Studios’ stealth action game, Cold War, which is currently in development for Linux and other platforms.

Unreal Tournament 2007 Teaser Site Live

May 18th, 2005 by Crusader

E3 is underway, and the official site for Unreal Tournament 2007 has launched, although all it has right now is the logo. Moreover, Epic Games’ site is now sporting a UT2007 theme, with the previously shown Malcolm character model. Hopefully as E3 continues we’ll get a trailer or game footage of some kind.

Epic and Midway also issued a press release announcing UT2007’s development.

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