Crimson Fields 0.4.6

January 21st, 2005 by Marv

A new version of Crimson Fields, a tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle, has been released. This release, 0.4.6, contains the following changes:

  • added new maps ‘Radio Silence’ and ‘Swords and Plowshares’ (Yalwa campaign)
  • fixed crash related to mine sweepers
  • improved path finder resulting in much faster computer turns
  • updated Polish and added Slovak translation
  • added random terrain generation in CoMET
  • improved map scrolling in CoMET
  • rewrote stuff in tools/ so that no source files have to be touched for new languages/units/tiles anymore
  • various minor bugfixes

Download: [ Crimson Fields 0.4.6 ]

Love Invaders 1.0

January 20th, 2005 by Marv

A reader has submitted this news item:

Steambird have just released their free chunky retro-shooter ‘Love Invaders‘. This is an OpenGL-based Invaders-alike which concentrates on presenting a very playable game harking straight back to the mechanics and visual style of the genesis of the vertical shooter.

Download: [ Love Invaders 1.0 ]

BZFlag 2.0 Released

January 20th, 2005 by Marv

BZFlag, an amazing multiplayer multiplatform 3D tank battle game, has hit the 2.0 release mark. New features in this milestone release include:

  • vastly more complex worlds
  • physics drivers
  • graphics improvements
  • weather (rain, snow, frogs)
  • tank treads and tracks
  • new flags
  • new commands
  • central registration system
  • global ban list support
  • new cheat preventions
  • network optimizations

Download: [ BZFlag 2.0 ]

Holotz’s Castle 1.3 Released

January 20th, 2005 by Marv

Version 1.3 of Holotz’s Castle, which contains new levels and a tool to allow the creation of more sprites for the game, has been released.

Download: [ Holotz’s Castle 1.3 ]

PlanetPenguin Racer 0.2.3

January 20th, 2005 by Marv

PlanetPenguin Racer, a fork of TuxRacer 0.6.1, is available in version 0.2.3. Changes in this release:

  • Configuration option for selecting the language in the UI
  • Added basque, dutch, italian, norwegian and spanish translations
  • Changes in the configure system

Download: [ PlanetPenguin Racer 0.2.3 ]

xmame/xmess 0.90 released

January 20th, 2005 by Marv

Our favorite multiple arcade machine emulator, xmame, has been updated to version 0.90.0. Changes in this release include:

  • Everything from MAME 0.90 and MESS 0.90
  • The “-sleepidle (-si)” option is now enabled by default. This keeps the emulation from hogging the CPU when it’s idle.
  • Did a major rework of the effects code, which now borrows code from the AdvanceMAME project (Hans de Goede):
    • The code is much cleaner.
    • Effects are much faster on DGA.
    • The scaling is no longer fixed to a certain factor for each effect: It supports normal (1×1 – 8×8), scale2x (2×2 – 3×6), scan2 (1×2 – 4×2), rgbscan (1×3 – 6×3), scan3 (1×3 – 6×3), hq2x (2×2), lq2x (2×2), 6tap2x (2×2).
    • All the scanline effects come in both horizontal and vertical varieties, and vertical scanlines are automatically chosen for rotated games.
  • Made the 32bpp to yuy2 blitting code much faster and cleaner. (Hans de Goede)
  • Made a small change to the OpenGL code that more than triples the speed of 16bpp games. (Enik)
  • The install portion of the makefile no longer depends on the “cab” and “doc” symlinks in the top-level directory.
  • Enhanced LIRC support to compile and link against system-installed liblirc_client files. Added the “-lircrc” option. (Mads Villadsen)
  • Optimized some of the yuy2 blit functions. (Hans de Goede)
  • Added CPU capability detection for Linux on x86. Currently this only tests for MMX. (Hans de Goede)
  • Changed the effects code to use the C versions of effects when a CPU isn’t MMX-capable. This means that binary distributions can be built with EFFECT_MMX_ASM defined and still run on older CPUs. This presently only works for Linux on x86. (Hans de Goede)
  • Fixed “-geometry (-geo)” to properly adhere to given window coordinates. Added support for window coordinates to OpenGL. (Hans de Goede)
  • By default, fullscreen mode now only spans screen 0. To select another screen, use “-xinerama-screen “, or use -1 if you want the old behavior where all screens are spanned. (Joe Q. and Hans de Goede)
  • Removed Mesa on Glide on Voodoo 2 in fullscreen mode hack. If you need this, just use “-geometry 640×480 -grabkeyboard -grabmouse” instead. (Hans de Goede)
  • Reverted to treating lightgun buttons as mouse buttons, so lightguns will work independent of joystick devices or drivers. It is now also assumed that there are always 5 mice connected, so multiple lightguns should work fine.
  • The old-style debugger works again. (Hans de Goede)
  • Merged several of Nicola Salmoria’s memory leak fixes from Windows MAME.
  • Fixed multiple port recording for the playback/record option. (Chad Hurwitz)
  • The SVGAlib target now works for xmess: There was a clash with the PC emulation function vga_init(). (Dave Humphreys)

Downloads: [ xmame/xmess 0.90 ]

ATI Driver 8.8.25

January 18th, 2005 by Crusader

A reader sent in notice that the long-awaited update to ATI’s proprietary Linux drivers has been released. Highlights include support for 6.8 and x86_64 drivers for XFree86 4.3 and 6.8; the release notes are available here.

ATI Driver 8.8.25 Download: [ ]

Linux Live Game Project

January 17th, 2005 by Crusader

Slashdot pointed out the Linux Live Game Project, a gaming-oriented live Linux distribution; the current package list includes Linux 2.6.10, KDE 3.3, NVIDIA drivers, TORCS, Wesnoth, SuperTux, and TuxRacer.

Linux Live Game Project Download: [ BitTorrent ]

ALSA 1.0.8

January 17th, 2005 by Crusader

Thanks to Lightkey for pointing out that version 1.0.8 of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture has been released; the lengthy changelog since 1.0.7 can be found here.

ALSA 1.0.8 Download: [ ]

Postal 2 Update

January 17th, 2005 by Crusader received the following response from Ryan “icculus” Gordon regarding the Linux port of Postal 2:

The game is actually done, there’s just been some trouble finding a production facility to create the discs. I don’t have a timeframe when it’ll be available, but hopefully soon.



January 17th, 2005 by Crusader

A reader sent in a release notice for Greedy, a Monopoly-style game with economics. The current release is for feedback to the author; additional features (stock market, venture capital, internet play, sound) are planned for later versions.

Greedy Download: [ ]

Team Fortress for Enemy Territory Tomorrow

January 14th, 2005 by Crusader

The ETF team has announced that they will be releasing their Team Fortress-based modification for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory tomorrow, January 15th:

I wanted to send out a quick update letting everyone know that we are on track for the release this Saturday the 15th.

Also I want to make very clear to everyone that you do not need to buy anything to play ETF. The only thing you will need to do is download Enemy Territory which is FREE and you can find the download links here (you will also need the Enemy Territory 1.02 patch which is also in our files section), and then will need to download ETF on release.

A level guide has also been posted, which can be found here.

Wine Updates

January 14th, 2005 by Crusader

The Wine site has been updated noting that version 20050111 of the Win32 API implementation has been released; changes include:

  • Many OLE bug fixes and improvements.
  • A lot more work on the MSI dll.
  • Update regions now handled in the Wine server.
  • Beginnings of typelib generation in the IDL compiler.
  • Many janitorial cleanups.

Wine 20050111 Download: [ ]

Moreover, TransGaming has released version 4.2.1 of their Wine-fork Cedega for their subscribers. Changes:

  • Morrowind no longer displays graphical corruption while saving a game
  • Fix for a small memory leak
  • The fix for a Steam login issue, which was released in a previous hotfix package, is now included in a regular release.

US Army vs. Cheaters

January 13th, 2005 by Crusader

Slashdot pointed out a (since-deleted) forum post at the America’s Army website where Executive Producer Phil DeLuca talks about their renewed anti-cheating iniative:

Some of you (and clearly the bad guys are among them) don’t always remember that this game, and all accounts and derivative products, are the property of the United States Army. When you tamper with the game, not only are you breaking the EULA you’re misusing Army property – and, worse, you’re misusing US Army computer programs and equipment.

Tampering with software and servers owned or used by the Army is cyber crime.

In the early 1940’s, Japan learned an important lesson – “let the sleeping giant lie.” We may not react swiftly, but when we do it’s with unstoppable force. The Army has partners that deal with cyber crime as a matter of course. These include not just various Army IT departments, but also the Department of Justice, the Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

It’s going to get uncomfortable for some of the bad guys, but you know what? They brought it on themselves. Knowing this anyone who continues to be bad is just plain foolish. Keep trying, though. Sooner or later the bad guy will realize we’ve known about him for a while… and by then it’s too late.

Allow me to speak directly to the bad guys for a moment: When you get banned, know that we know and have records showing you were doing something that’s a violation of terms of service, breaks your EULA, and also happens to be against the law. We know who you are, and can track down where you play from. We have incontrovertible proof you did something illegal. The Army is angry, and we’re coming for you.

America’s Army utilizes PunkBuster as its integrated cheating countermeasure; I wasn’t aware cheating was this prevalent in AA, but this post at Slashdot discusses the current situation for players.

Tales of Alvin Maker Announced

January 13th, 2005 by Crusader

eGenesis, the developers of the community-oriented MMORPG A Tale in the Desert, sent in the following press release:

Orson Scott Card, author of the Tales of Alvin Maker series and AndrewTepper of eGenesis Games (A Tale In The Desert designers) have entered intoan agreement today to produce a MMO game based on Card’s series.

The Tales of Alvin Maker is a series about a alternate version of America atthe turn of the 19th century. In this version, folk magic such as faithhealing, hexes, and second sight not only work, but are common place. Thebook is a robust blend of folktale, history, parable and seemingly personaltestimony, promising a multi-layered community-building game of intrigue andmagic without the use of combat.

The initial plans include things that are happening in Alvin’s world, butwhich will never show up in the books along with four different magicsystems, plus the technology track, offering players many ways to developtheir characters. Card, himself will be involved in the planning of thegame, and promises on his web site, “The goal, however, is to let theplayers freely develop characters and take part in a wonderful, magicalworld.”

Andrew Tepper, critically acclaimed designer of A Tale in the Desert, willbe working closely with Orson Scott Card. “My primary goal is to stay trueto the world that Orson Scott Card has created” said Tepper, when askedabout his plans for the project.

The eGenesis designers will be creating many interesting visuals andchallenges for the game. Fans of Alvin Maker will be able to check on theprogress of the game design by going to the official site:

Vendetta Online Stuff

January 13th, 2005 by Crusader

The Vendetta Online had its website updated earlier this month with their plans for future updates to the space combat MMORPG:

The ship/weapon tweaking will also pick up and continue in the near future, starting with some adjustments to the changes that have already been put in place. The general impetus of design is now towards tying together and properly utilizing the new features we’ve already put in place (mining, in-game news, etc).

It was also mentioned that a recent update fixed some server-side issues and added HUD functionality for tailing mining bots.

XU4 1.0 Beta 2

January 12th, 2005 by Crusader

Version 1.0 beta 2 of the XU4 project, which aims to remake Ultima IV with SDL, has been released. The changelog can be found here; the data files for Ultima IV are also included as Origin allowed the game to be freely distributed sometime after the release of Ultima IX.

XU4 1.0 Beta 2 Download: [ ]

X-Plane 8.04 Beta-2

January 12th, 2005 by Crusader

The second beta release of X-Plane version 8.04 is now available; changes include:

  • Proper correlation of instrument power to the proper electrical systems.
  • Glider winches are 950 meters, as per reality.
  • Glider winches disconnect if the cable angle ever gets too steep, as in reality.
  • Glider winches automatically disconnect if the line forces get way too high.
  • New RMI type: ADF-1 VOR-2.
  • Improved FMS fonts.

X-Plane 8.04 Beta-2 Download (acts as a demo for non-registered users): [ ]


January 12th, 2005 by Crusader

GarageGames has announced that Zap!, a 2D vector graphics multiplayer game, is now available:

“With Zap!, I really wanted to bring the ´zen´ of retro 80´s arcade action gameplay to today´s internet multiplayer gamer,” explained Mark Frohnmayer, Zap! lead developer and lead software architect on Sierra´s Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2 titles. He continued, “I wanted to make and play a game that is easy for new players to learn, but still has the depth to allow the development of intricate tactical strategies. Zap! also has the finest multiplayer network code of any game I´ve worked on to date.”

“Zap! embodies the GarageGames philosophy of game design,” said GarageGames president Jeff Tunnell. He explained, “we iteratively fine-tuned the core gameplay until we knew it was a blast, and then built the game around it. Zap!´s economy of design and elegant simplicity prove that a game doesn´t have to have hundreds of man-years of content to be original and extremely fun.”

Zap! won the IndieGamesCon ’04 Player´s Choice awards for Best Overall Game and Best Multiplayer Game. The Zap! demo is less than one megabyte and can be downloaded at for OSX, Linux and Windows. Zap! is available for $19.95 at

Zap! Download: [ ]


January 12th, 2005 by Crusader

A reader sent in a release announcement for Puppytron, a Java-based (a version 1.4 or better JRE and hardware OpenGL are required) game; it’s also noted that you’ll need to allow outgoing connections to port 1099 to see the high score table. There are other Java games at PuppyGames, including a Space Invaders-style shooter on the front page.

Puppytron Download: [ ]

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