Review in 2004

December 31st, 2004 by Marv

Cybrid has taken a look back at some of the games he has reviewed over the past years and has posted a summary to show what advances/changes have occurred. Games that he has taken a look back include SuperTux, TripleA and UFO: Alien Invasion.

Tsunami Relief

December 30th, 2004 by Crusader

Donation links:

DOOM 3 Mod News

December 29th, 2004 by Crusader

Some DOOM 3modification news today:

  • Nicemicehas releasedsource code for the DOOM 3 SDKthat allows monster animations to be transmitted over a network betweenclients and a multiplayer server, which will aid developers working oncooperative multiplayer mods. I had a chance to test Nicemice’s code lastnight; screenshots can be found here.

  • derean of Orange SmoothieProductions has releasedthe source code for his work to date on D3:OSP, as he’s ceasing work on theproject:
    it’s just too much of a pain to develop for linux when your operating systemis not linux

    with quake3 everything was fine because what worked on windows, always (mostof the time) worked on linux

    I agree that it would be nice to have the QVM system in DOOM3, but we were in the same boat with Quake 2 and most mod teams releasedLinux libraries in addition to the usual Windows ones without too muchtrouble back then.

  • The Dark Mod team hasreleased ateaser trailerfor their Thief-inspired mod:
    Dark Mod aims to release an Editing Toolset to the fan community by way of theDoom 3 editor. This will be accomplished by performing a total conversion ofthe Doom 3 Editing tools into a Stealth oriented gaming platform, inspired byLooking Glass Studios “Thief” series.This will allow the community to beginproducing “Thief” Style fan missions with plenty of variety in models andequipment to choose from. In other words, you makes thems Sneaksie missions asyouse seesie fits to makes thems!

    Darkmod will include a few example missions with the Editors release to helpexplain the documentation. At a later date you should see either a campaign orseries of stand alone missions from us to further demonstrate the possibilitesof Dark Mod.

  • The UAC Warfare site has two new screenshots, which showcase a teleportation bunker in a CTF map.

  • The HEXEN: Edge of Chaos team has posted a brief opinion piece on the current state of the DOOM 3 mod community, and a new screenshot from their total conversion inspired by the Heretic series.

  • Finally, mentioned that the Sapphire Scar team hasposted new concept art and screenshots from their FPS/RPG mod.

Darwinia in PC Zone

December 29th, 2004 by Crusader

A reader sent in word that PC Zone, a UK PC gaming magazine, has devoted two pages of their January issue to Introversion Software’s Darwinia, which is about a tribe of video game sprites trapped in a modern 3D game world (screenshots). Darwinia is currently in beta testing for Linux and other platforms; Introversion’s last title was the cyberpunk game Uplink, which was also released for Linux.

PlanetPenguin Racer 0.2.2

December 28th, 2004 by Crusader

PlanetPenguin Racer version 0.2.2, a fork of TuxRacer 0.6.1, is now available (screenshots).Changes in this release:

  • Initial support for translations and a simple german one
  • Revised theme system and support for terrain wheights
  • Progress Bar
  • Bugfixes

PlanetPenguin Racer 0.2.2 Download: [ ]

ATI Needs Linux Beta Testers

December 27th, 2004 by Crusader

A reader pointed out that ATI’s Matthew Tippet posted the following request at the Rage3D message boards:

I am looking at getting some more beta testers on the Linux beta program. I am looking for people that have a particular mix of hardware and/or a particular mix of software/development skills.

So… Using this thread, can you put together why you think you should be on the beta program, providing justification against how you can provide value to the beta program based on some of the following technologies…

x86_64 (either AMD64 or EM64T)

In particular I am interested in hearing from FC3 users who have x86_64.

I will monitor this thread for a week or so, and contact the people who have been selected.

Quake IV Screenshots

December 27th, 2004 by Crusader

Speaking of Raven Software’s Quake IV, two dev screenshots which had previously appeared in PC Gamer earlier this year are now up at Yahoo Games’ 2005 Preview:

After Doom 3’s top-class graphics engine made headlines in 2004, it’s hardly surprising to hear it’s being used for a triple-A 2005 release in Quake IV. Continuing the recent industry trend of revitalizing older first-person shooter favorites, Wisconsin-based developer Raven Software is doing the hard work. Quake IV’s project lead Eric Biessman was kind enough to fill us in on the game’s plot, which starts where Quake II left off:

“After destroying the Strogg’s collective brain and leader — the Makron — the Strogg have quickly regrouped under a new and more powerful Makron. However, with the Strogg’s planetary defenses still destroyed, Earth’s forces can deliver a full and final assault. This time you’re not alone. An army of soldiers are fighting with you and an arsenal of weapons and vehicles are at your disposal. Quake IV delivers you deeper into the heart of Stroggos.”

One of the screenshots features two marines fighting a Strogg gladiator (kind of, the marine on the left seems to have left his rifle in his other armor :) ).

DOOM 3 in Linux Format

December 27th, 2004 by Crusader

The holiday issue of Linux Format, a UK-based magazine devoted to our platform of choice, features a six-page review of DOOM 3. The magazine can be found in US-based retail bookstores such as Barnes and Noble (at least, that’s where I found a copy). The feature also includes an interview with id Software’s Timothee Besset, during which Quake IV came up:

LXF: Can we expect Quake IV to run on Linux? Will the Linux client be released with the game this time, rather than downloadable a short while after as with Doom 3?

TB: I can’t give you any information about Quake IV Linux at this point, but I’d do my best to make sure there is a Linux client out. The Linux release happened a few months after the Windows release, simply because I was working on the full game for Windows until we got gold. My work with id covers more things than Linux.

UFO: Alien Invasion Demo – Christmas Edition

December 27th, 2004 by Crusader

The UFO: Alien Invasion project released a new stand-alone demo this past weekend, which includes 5 new maps. A manual can be found here; UFO:AI is a turn-based strategy game inspired by the classic X-COM series.

UFO: Alien Invasion Christmas Demo Download: [ ]

E-Mail Down

December 27th, 2004 by Crusader

Please use the web form for news submission until further notice, as LG’s e-mail system is undergoing maintenance at present. I apologize for any inconvenience; thanks!

NVIDIA Drivers and the 2.6.10 Kernel

December 26th, 2004 by TimeDoctor

If you are upgrading to the 2.6.10 Linux kernel, you may run into a few problems with the NVIDIA kernel module. Patches with instructions are available here until the next driver release.

Red Orchestra Map Patch

December 26th, 2004 by Crusader

The Red Orchestra team has released a map patch for version 3.1 of their WWII UT2004 modification. This patch also adds a new map by Epic’s stuman, RO-Danzig.

Red Orchestra 3.1 Map Patch Download: [ | ]

Also, HomeLAN Fed has posted a mod retrospective that singles out UT2004’s mod scene as the standout community for the year.

Reuters – Home Linux Use

December 25th, 2004 by Crusader

Reuters news service published a wire report yesterday about expanding home Linux usage, which translates into more potential Linux gamers:

But so far consumers have been slow to accept Linux, mostly because they do not want to bother learning a new system.

Transferring files from a Linux PC to a Windows computer might also result in some glitches. And some popular software, such as computer games and tax preparation programs, is still based on Windows.

“A couple of applications on desktops need to be there before consumers jump on the bandwagon,” said Efrain Rovira, worldwide director of Linux marketing for Hewlett-Packard, which in August became the first major hardware vendor to roll out Linux desktops and laptops. “We are doing experiments to get ready.”

Technology research firm IDC expects the combined market for Linux desktops, servers, and packaged software to grow by an average 26 percent a year, reaching $35.7 billion by 2008. By then, the market for new and redeployed PCs running Linux is expected to grow to 17 million units worth $10 billion.

“Once you have about 8 to 10 percent of the market, you will see somewhat an explosion of people running it at home,” said Timothy Tuck, owner of computer services provider Pervasive Netwerks. “Once they see all the problems going away on their work computer, they want a system as stable and secure as they use at work.”

PlaneShift: Crystal Blue

December 25th, 2004 by Crusader

The Crystal Blue beta release of the open-source MMORPG project PlaneShift occured yesterday (thanks; new items, NPCs, spells, weapons, and other content are included. Unfortunately, there is no Linux package at present, but you can build a client from CVS as described in this comment thread.

Mesa 6.2.1

December 25th, 2004 by Crusader

Version 6.2.1 of the Mesa 3D graphics library, an open source implementation of the OpenGL API, was released this month. Changelog:

  • don’t apply regular fog or color sum when using a fragment program
  • glProgramEnvParameter4fARB always generated an error on GL_FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_ARB (fdo bug 1645)
  • glVertexAttrib3svNV and glVertexAttrib3svARB were broken
  • fixed width/height mix-up in glSeparableFilter2D()
  • fixed regression in glCopyPixels + convolution
  • glReadPixels from a clipped front color buffer didn’t always work
  • glTexImage didn’t accept GL_RED/GREEN/BLUE as the format
  • Attempting queries/accesses of VBO 0 weren’t detected as errors
  • paletted textures failed if the palette had fewer that 256 entries
  • fixed a bunch of compiler warnings found with gcc 3.4

It should also be noted that bug reports now go to Thanks to Lightkey for the heads up.

Mesa 6.2.1 Download: [ ]

CarBall 2.3

December 25th, 2004 by Crusader

Version 2.3 of the UT2004 modCarBall was released last week (thanksBeyondUnreal). Changes:

  • Removed the ability to spectate the other team in first person and see theiritems.
  • Added all new vehicle skins and updated old ones.
  • Added the ability to switch between automatic and manual itemswitching.
  • Manual switches betweenopen and blank spots while automatic only switches between full items.
  • Your skin, vehicle, horn, and weapon switching preferences are now saved soyou don’t have to pick themevery time you join a server.
  • New Vehicle and Ball teleporters.
  • Fix to where you don’t get stuck on your nose after a quickflip.
  • Fixed the scoring detection so all goals are given to the rightplayer.
  • Added new map CB-Junkyard.
  • Fixed all the old maps and updated them.
  • Added the ability for the ballspawn to randomly spawn within a givenarea.
  • Homer Scoreboard added (Scoreboard for carball).
  • The ability to drop items.

CarBall 2.3 Download: [ ]

DOOM 3: Phobos

December 25th, 2004 by Crusader

Team Future has announced the launch of their Phobos mod project forDOOM3:

Phobos is an unofficial sequel for Doom3, following right where it left off.Featuring new enemies, locations, weapons and music, we aim to create a highlyimmersive and mystical journey throughout the Doom universe. FurthermorePhobos will feature what should really cater to the oldschool doomer’s tasteswhile still staying true to the standards set by Doom3.

Samples of their work to date can be found in the site’s media section.

Linux 2.6.10

December 25th, 2004 by Crusader

Version 2.6.10 of the ubiquitous Linux kernel is now available; as stated in the past, new kernel releases in the 2.6.X series are more precarious for users now that it’s the active development tree, so be prepared for bugs/issues if you’re a resident of the bleeding edge. The changelog since 2.6.9 can be found here.

Linux 2.6.10 Download: [ ]

ATI Linux Driver Update

December 24th, 2004 by Crusader

ATI’s Matthew Tippet posted the following update at the Rage3D message boards:

Hey guys.

Sorry for the delay hitting this thread. I understand the frustration, but we had some unexpected requirements crop up that needed attention immeadiately. This has resulted in a number of stability improvements on the AGP, PCIe and AMD64 fronts for the new drivers.

This unfortunately resulted in a delay for the drivers. We have completed the work, and now must wait for the web-posting train for for the drivers to be posted officially. With Christmas/New Year, this will most likely be before the middle of January.

Not as a teaser, but as an answer to the questions, the new drivers will have a number of major new features…

o AMD64/EM64T Support
o XOrg 6.8 Support
o PCIe stability improvements

And of course we have bumped the major.minor version of the driver to match the Windows driver.

Once again, apologies to the Rage3D community for not being responsive for the last month. Some of the members on the Beta Program can probably make comment on the new drivers as well.

ScummVM 0.7.0

December 24th, 2004 by Crusader

The ScummVM team sent in the following announcement:

ScummVM 0.7.0 is now available for download. This release includes the usual load of bugfixes and major feature enhancements. Among other changes, ScummVM now supports 26 Humongous Entertainment titles, FLAC (lossless) encoded audio files, compressed speech and music in Broken Sword 1 and 2, native support for certain Macintosh versions of some SCUMM games, and more.

ScummVM is a cross-platform interpreter for several point-and-click adventure engines; additional release notes are also available.

ScummVM 0.7.0 Download: [ ]

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