Jagged Alliance 2 Source via Wildfire

March 16th, 2004 by jvm

According to this press release about the publishing of Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire, the full source to Jagged Alliance 2 will be included with the game itself. For those of you joining us late, Jagged Alliance 2 is a turn-based tactical stragey game ported to Linux by the ill-fated TribSoft back in March 2001. It has been a top seller at TuxGames since that time. This new game, Wildfire, builds on the JA2 experience.

In this forum thread at Bear’s Pit Forums (a JA fan site), the license on the source is available for your perusal. A quick skim over the provisions makes it clear that you can create and distribute derivative works, provided that you do so for non-commercial purposes and provide Strategy First with unfettered rights to the modifications to include in their own products. However, my reading of this document should not be considered sound legal advice, and I recommend you read it and understand it for yourself.

That’s yet another good source release that can benefit the Linux community. Hooray for enlightened game companies!

Source: Slashdot Games

Xmame/Xmess 0.80.1

March 14th, 2004 by Marv

The multiple machine arcade emulator, Xmame, has been updated to release level 0.80.1.Changes in this release include:

  • Everything from MAME 0.80 and MESS 0.80
  • Improved support for GNU make’s -j option, which can especiallybenefit SMP and SMT machines.

Download [ Xmame/Xmess 0.80.1 ]

Magnant-Dev 2.00

March 11th, 2004 by Crusader

The 2.00 Linux build of Magnant, a trading card-based real-time strategy game, has been released. Some notes from the developers:

Magnant-Dev does not allow card trading, however, it uses the latest Stratagus Real Time Strategy engine that has been released on 03/05/04. Please report any noticed bugs on and join the active channel #stratagus on If you are having trouble installing the game, please join the #stratagus channel.You may also post comments or get technical support in Please visit for src code.

The RTS engine, Stratagus, is now very stable, and we encourage you to test it. However, we are in the process of adding a new scrolling mechanism so before that the 800×600 front panel may flicker a bit.

Please report bugs.

Magnant-Dev 2.00 Download: [ ]

ATI Linux Driver 3.7.6

March 11th, 2004 by Marv

ATI has released the latest version of their proprietary Linux driver for XFree86. Several people have written in mentioning that they are no longer having issues under the 2.6 kernel series with these drivers. Changes in this release include:

  • Added support for ATI RADEON™ 9800 XT support
  • Added support for hardware acceleration under WineX
  • ATI Proprietary Linux driver no longer fails to load on AMD Athlon systems

Download: [ ATI Linux Driver 3.7.6 ]

TransGaming Update

March 10th, 2004 by jvm

Completely unedited, here is an email we received from Gavriel State of TransGaming referencing yesterday’s post.

Hello LinuxGames folks,

It’s come to our attention that was accidently on our Macintosh PR email list and, thus, received our recent announcement about the release of The Omega Stone on MacOS X. While this was not intentional, I would like to take this opportunity to clear up a number of issues that seem to be raised in the Linux community about our Macintosh work. Please feel free to post this to whereever you feel is appropriate.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that the Windows version of The Omega Stone does indeed work out of the box on Linux in WineX. Go out and buy the Windows version, pop it into your system, load it up through Point2Play, and it will run nicely.

Secondly, we believe that our Mac work is very complimentary to our Linux work. Through the Mac side of our business, we’re exposed to far more source code than we would otherwise have access to, and that has been helpful for us in improving our Linux support for a number of different DirectX APIs.

And finally, our Macintosh work is funded by our Macintosh partners and our venture capital investors, NOT by our Linux customers. We have a completely separate team of Mac-focused developers that works on getting our Mac products out the door. We don’t ask our Linux customers to pay for work that’s not Linux related. Period.

I’m planning on addressing these and some other concerns that I’ve heard lately in an upcoming Gavriel States column on our website next week, so please stay tuned for more. We’ll make sure that is on the right email list when the time comes. 8-)

Take care,

I want to thank Gavriel State personally for taking the time to address this situation, and particularly for addressing the relationship between the WineX work and the MacOS X ports. More information is most certainly better, and in this case it has helped clear the air somewhat. We,, look forward to reading more about this when Mr. State posts his column. Again, thanks.

LGP To Release Northland

March 9th, 2004 by Alkini

LGP passed along this news of another project in the works:

Linux Game Publishing is pleased to announce that our partnership with Epic Interactive has now grown to include the Linux version of Northland. Porting work has been ongoing for some time, so we expect to be opening Beta applications soon. Please see our Press Release for details.

Epic Interactive are those who produced Knights & Merchants and Software Tycoon, two other titles currently in beta testing phases with LGP.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Review

March 9th, 2004 by Crusader

Linux Orbit posted a review of the UT2004 demo for Linux. The features the game brings to the franchise and gameplay impressions are included.

Final Frontier Trader 0.64 released

March 9th, 2004 by Marv

In some less flame-baited news, Final Frontier Trader,has been updated to release 0.64. Changelog includes the following items:

  • The weapon change keys can be changed now
  • Fixed a small bug that crashed the game when you tried to change a control to a key that was already in use
  • Changed turn delays to be in milliseconds
  • Added an AI ship that automatically starts attacking you
  • You can be hit by the AI ship, and the right lower display shows your current speed, shields, and hull integrity
  • Made it more obvious what happens in menus by replacing “Cancel” buttons with “Back to…”
  • Fixed collision detection bug that would show itself when zoomed out
  • Allowed non-starter player ships to be added in the object script
  • Added “shootpoint” to the FPK Specification
  • Added a message that outputs whenever any FPK has an error
  • Made warp speed a little more interesting. It is now an exponentially increasing speed. Also allowed the engine to overheat, and cause instant game over

Download [ Final Frontier Trader 0.64 ]

TransGaming Announces Shipment of Riddle of the Sphinx II: The Omega Stone

March 9th, 2004 by jvm

Marv has asked me to update this item with an explanation of why it was posted. So here you go:

  • TransGaming started as a Linux-focused company working on WineX, produced some stand-alone ports via WineX, and continues to sell subscriptions to their WineX product.
  • In the meantime, they’ve begun the process of porting, or assisting the porting of, games for MacOS X, and there has been no visible movement to bring new products to Linux in the meantime.

The combination of these two points causes some consternation among Linux users, myself included. It gives the appearance of using WineX as simply a stepping stone to a larger business, which apparently has nothing to do with Linux. They have said, many times, that they could bring a Windows game to Linux in a very short time (e.g. a matter of a few weeks) yet from the press releases one gets the impression that they are in the business of porting games not to Linux, but to MacOS X.

I’m confident that TransGaming is aware that LinuxGames is not the place to advertise the release of a new MacOS X game; since it’s a touchy issue with some, I’d expected more care to be shown. Our readers are not their audience for that game, yet we received their press release in the mail, just like we do the press releases for their WineX product. Both Al and I had the same reaction: we should post it. After all, we do have readers who are WineX subscribers or at the very least potential subscribers, and it is relevant to them what they can expect from TransGaming.

The press release was excerpted without commentary here. Make of it, and the company that sent it, what you will. The original post follows:

TransGaming has helped to ship a new game. Here are some details from the press release they sent to LinuxGames.
The Adventure Company and TransGaming Technologies today announced that Riddle of the Sphinx II: The Omega Stone has shipped.

The Omega Stone is a classic adventure that sends intrepid explorers on a quest to prevent a terrible disaster prophesized by the ancients. Beautifully rendered scenery from Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the Lost City of Atlantis sets the tone for this evocative mystery.

Ported from its original Windows® version by TransGaming Technologies, the game offers more than 50 hours of gameplay in a historically and archaeologically accurate world of adventure. The game’s beauty is emphasized by full-screen video cut-scenes, real-time in-game animations, a full 360-degree camera and a captivating soundtrack.

You can order this MacOS X game from online retailers such as Amazon.

Read: Full Press Release

Linux drivers for XGI cards

March 6th, 2004 by Marv

Although very young in the graphic card market, XGI has released native drivers for their Blade 3D 9880, Volari V8/V8 Ultra and Volari V5. Nice to see an alternative to ATi and Nvidia who are clearly dominating the current market.
Download [ XGI Drivers ]

pydance 1.0

March 6th, 2004 by Marv

The ‘bug-free’ 1.0 release of pydance has been released. Most of the initial goals of the project have been reached so it is recommend that if you had troubles with earlier releases that you give it a try again. Changes in this release include:

  • The TODO file has been revised with plans for pydance 1.2.
  • Display a “Press Confirm” on the grading screen over the banner.
  • Add an icon (icon.png).
  • Using a (containing the modules needed) works now. (This is mostly of interest to packagers).
  • Images added for all interface options.
  • Fix a possible divide-by-zero in FPS calculuation.

Download: [ pydance 1.0 ]

Crimson Fields 0.4.1

March 6th, 2004 by Marv

Crimson Fields, game in the style of Battle Isle, has been updated to release 0.4.1 with the following changes:

  • fix crash when switching maps in campaign games
  • fix progress bar updates in replays and respond to abort requests
  • fix a long-standing bug with move-shading sometimes shading too much
  • return to main menu in PBeM games if given the wrong password three times in a row

Download [ Crimson Fields 0.4.1 ]

netPanzer 0.1.5

March 6th, 2004 by Marv

The online multiplayer tactical warfare game, netPanzer, has been updated to release 0.1.5. Changes in this release include the following:

  • Emergency bugfix: mapcycling was actually broken
  • Fixed bug where pressing “m” while chatting would toggle minimap display
  • Added an icon in .xpm format

Download [ netPanzer 0.1.5 ]

Unreal Tournament 2004 Gone Gold

March 5th, 2004 by Marv

Atari has announced that EpicGames FPS Unreal Tournament 2004 has gone gold and can be expected in stores on March 15. Check out the demo if you have not already.

Official Radeon Driver 3.7.1

March 4th, 2004 by Marv

Version 3.7.1 of the Official ATI Radeon Linux Driver has been released. This adds supports for ATI RADEON™ 9800 XT.
Download [ Radeon Driver 3.7.1 ]

Final Frontier Trader 0.63

March 4th, 2004 by Marv

Final Frontier Trader which is 2D single player space strategy, combat, and trading game, has been updated to version 0.63. They are looking for help with this project with scenarios, art, and/or code. Contact TomT64 if you are interested.Changes in this release include the following:

  • Fixed up FPK stuff a bit, now the game really DOES look for the objects file specified using the “objects” command in main.fs.
  • Added “slots” command to FPK Specification.
  • Converted many internal char arrays to C++ strings. This is helping make the game much more stable.
  • Fixed a small bug that caused improper image sizes when you zoomed, exited, then started a new game again.
  • Moved most initial loading to when New Game is pressed
  • Changed Startup screen to a simple splash screen
  • Moved Ship selection to New Game
  • Added a message that shows up when you destroy all the asteroids
  • Added Selectable weapons. Default keys are / and Right Shift for Previous and Next Weapons, respectively.
  • Previous versions’ FPKs will not work with this release

Download [Final Frontier Trader 0.63 ]

TORCS 1.2.2

March 3rd, 2004 by Marv

Fans of the game, TORCS, which is a racing car simulator, have been updated to release 1.2.2. There are a lot of new features including the following items:

  • Multiplayer in split screen mode with up to 4 players
  • Rear mirror in the inside view
  • A minimap of the track
  • Lots of new cars
  • New/Updated tracks
  • Some car models have now transparent windows
  • Support for multiple joysticks/wheels
  • Head and brake lights
  • Rules in pro mode (pit speed limit, penalties)
  • A lot of minor improvments and bugfixes

Download [ TORCS 1.2.2 ]

LGFAQ Requests Diffs

March 2nd, 2004 by Crusader

The Linux Gamers FAQ project is requesting diffs from the community for anything players feel need to be addressed; they ask that the diffs be sent to

TransGaming Editorial

March 2nd, 2004 by Crusader

Our very own Matt “jvm” Matthews has written an editorial taking a critical look at TransGaming’s record over the past three years.

So, what has TransGaming accomplished? It now officially supports at least five games; it also sells two others which were built using WineX and for which I presume it offers some level of support. Along the way, TransGaming added support to WineX for DirectX 8, a Microsoft API used by many modern games, to allow Max Payne to be one of the supported games. Despite that work, only seven of the games in their database are rated highly enough to be considered “perfect”.

Snes9express 1.42 Released

March 2nd, 2004 by Marv

Hosted site,
Snes9express has released a new version of their Snes9x frontend.A number of longstanding crash bugs have been fixed. This version requires GTK 2, and skins now load with gdk-pixbuf(a part of GTK 2) instead of with libpng. Amongst other new features, skins have been made larger, and Power/Eject/Reset buttons have been added to skinless mode.

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