Kohan Interview

April 18th, 2001 by Crusader

The official Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns site updated to note thatAdel Chaveleh and Steve Hemmesch ofTimeGate Studios wereinterviewsat the Stratos Group about their recently completedfantasy RTS, which is being port toLinux byLoki Software.

Space Tripper Port?

April 18th, 2001 by Crusader

Chris forwarded this responsefrom a developer at PomPom concerning a Linux portof their shooter Space Tripper:

do you know of anyone who’d be willing todo a Linux port (for peanuts!)?I cant wait to see the Edge review…

If interested, you can contact PomPom @

OSS 3.4.9g

April 18th, 2001 by Crusader

Version 3.4.9g of the Open Sound System,which is a set of commercial sound card drivers from 4Front Technologies, has been released(thanks zakk). Changes (which consist mostly of bugfixes for various chipsets) can be foundon the site’s front page. Youcan download an evaluation copy fromhere orpay $20 US for a license.

Quake 3 SITREP

April 18th, 2001 by Crusader

id Software’s Graeme Devineupdated his .plan yesterdaywith a situation report for their next Quake 3:Arena patch:

I’ve had a zillion emails today about this, so I guess it needs an update.

Currently we compile Quake 3 under Win32, Mac OS 9/X, and Linux.

It’s been a long long time since there has been any sort of update for Quake 3 (well, it seems that way). Originally a new point release way due out towards the end of March, which suited me fine because that coincided with the release of Mac OS X and it meant we would be right there with a point release as the operating system came out.

Well, for several reasons, we’re still working on the point release, and it’s still a ways out. We’ve been working extremely hard to get it to you, and working with the mod community to get all the features into the point that you’ve asked for, and it’s all taking a little more time than we originally anticipated. We’ve also been working hard on the various other work projects id has for Robert, Mr.Elusive and I. Some of these have been on a critical time path in the past few months, and have required our utmost attention.

That’s not to say we’ve not been out there listening. Paul Jaquays over on quake3world has been feeding us daily requests that we’ve strived to include in this, hopefully the last for a long long time, super mega point release. By working with mod teams, I think you’ll see some community work made now that was very hard to impossible to make with the previous point releases.

So for now, please carry on playing Quake 3, with your current version, it’s not that bust, broken or mangled, and in fact runs quite nicely. The new point release will be available as soon as it’s done, and not before.

And finally, there is STILL no spoon.

The most recent version of Q3A for Linux is the 1.27 beta release, which is available from

Alpha Centauri Shipping

April 17th, 2001 by Crusader

Just a reminder: Loki Software’s Linux portof the Firaxis epic turn-based strategy gameSid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack(which includes both SMAC and the Alien Crossfire add-on) is now shipping. The list of resellers canbe found here;Tribes 2 is scheduled to beginshipping tomorrow. There will also be a promotionalbundle where gamers can acquireboth titles for $59.95 US.

Dopewars 1.5.0 Beta

April 17th, 2001 by Crusader

Version 1.5.0 Beta of the narcotics trafficking sim Dopewarshas been released. Changes include:

  • graphical client (GTK+)
  • internationalisation
  • code rewrites

Dopewars 1.5.0 Beta Source:

Neverwinter Nights Interview @ Stomped

April 17th, 2001 by Crusader

Stomped’sJCal interviewedRob Bartel of BioWare last week about his work onthe AD&D RPG Neverwinter Nights.Single player and multiplayer gameplay is covered; there are also a few (new?)screenshots.

Incidentally, I idled in the recentNeverwinter Stratics chat withBioWare (log)in which the Linux build’s status was mentioned:

<Marizelle> <obsidian> asks, Is the Mac/Linux versions of Neverwinter Nights on par with the Windows version at this point in development?

<Bio_Trent> Linux trails a few weeks behind and the Mac is in the process of getting “Carbonized”

EB’s $10 Loki Games Redux

April 16th, 2001 by Crusader

Scott Bronson sent in some confirmation regardingElectronics Boutique’s $10Loki Software games sale,which we reported on earlier:

I just ordered 3 Loki games (Descent 3, Soldier of Fortune, and HereticII) for $9.99 ea. Sure enough, they are the full Loki versions.

This is a fantastic deal. I bought Quake3 for $50, and felt ripped off. But, Soldier of Fortune for $10 is a great deal. I’m in no wayaffiliated with Loki or EBGames — I just think that other people shouldknow of this.

Kwyxz xmame 0.37b13.2

April 16th, 2001 by Crusader

Kwyxz has updated hisxmame fork (located at to version 0.37b13.2, which adds support forDungeons & Dragons Shadow Over Mystaria.

Kwyxz xmame 0.37b13.2 Download:

Wireless LAN Device Review

April 16th, 2001 by Crusader

The Duke of URL wrote in with notificationthat they put up a wireless LAN devicereviewlast week. Patrick Mullen states:

The review includes benchmarks, some technical overview, installationexperiences and much more. This is a great article for anyoneinterested in how the new 802.11b devices run on both Linux and Windowssystems. Both cards are tested on each OS.

More Indrema Aftershocks

April 16th, 2001 by Crusader
  • Gamesmania has posteda Eulogy forIndrema, the Linux console companywhich folded recently.Included is an interview with three Linux game developers: Mark Collins,Clinton Ebadi, and Steve Baker.
  • Also, Travis Riley let us know thata new project, TuxBox (which seemsmore community-oriented than Indrema was), has launched to create a Linux-based gameconsole. If you’re interested in joining the project, you can findthe developers #tuxboxproject.

More Loki Speculation

April 16th, 2001 by Crusader

Mark Schuppert fired in a linkto a discussionat the Swiss tech news site symlink,where users are commenting on how vital thesuccess of Tribes 2and Alpha Centauri are toLoki’s future. Mark provided thistranslation of the story:

As first hand information I heard that loki was in a bad situation. Thessales of Tribes 2 and SMAC may show whether the biggest linux games porterwill survive.

Regardless of whether or not the new releases will have to be Loki’s white knight,the community at large should spread the word that Linux does have games, new games,and the only way to vote in the gaming industry is with your dollars.

Linux Soundcard Roundup at

April 16th, 2001 by Crusader

The staff @ have posteda reviewof four soundcards(SB Live!, SB Live! XGamer 5.1, Game Theater XP, and theEnsoniq AudioPCI)on the Linux platform. Driver support and sound quality were tested.

GLtron 0.60

April 16th, 2001 by Crusader

Andreas Umbach sent in a releaseannouncement for GLtron version 0.60,an open source 3D lightcycle game. Changes:

  • Usage:
    • new camera controls, use the mouse to tweak/rotate/zoom
    • simplified the menu structure
    • graphical installer
  • Graphics:
    • vastly better visuals due to lighting & shadows
    • fixed many rendering artefacts
    • added recognizers
    • new textures / create your own sets
  • Audio:
    • 3D positional sound & doppler effects
  • Gameplay:
    • more movie-like default
    • much much stronger AI options (try to beat the MCP)

GLtron 0.60 Download:

QStat 2.4b

April 14th, 2001 by Crusader

Several people wrote in to point out that version 2.4b of the action game server browsing utilityQStat (nowat has been released; changes include:

  • Support for Tribes 2 [-t2s] (builds numbered 22075 or higher)
  • Support for Tribes 2 master [-t2m]
  • Support for Quake 3 and Tribes 2 colorized player names [-htmlnames]
  • Sample HTML templates for Tribes 2 [template/tribes2*]
  • New mailing lists for QStat users and announcements! (see web site)
  • Fix ‘game’ value for some Quake 2 based servers
  • Fixed some cases where QStat will hang
  • Fixed some picky compiler warnings

Additional information can be found in the documentation.

QStat 2.4b Source:

FreeCraft Project

April 14th, 2001 by keerf

Lutz Sammer wrote in with some news on some new releases for the FreeCraft project. The releases are as follows:

  • stable releases 1.16 1.16.1
    • No known bugs, which produce crashes.
  • unstable releases 1.17pre1 and 1.17pre2
    • Feature freeze, but some known problems that should be fixed in the stable release.
  • cvs snapshots 1.17pre1build1
    • Some stable point in development. For developers or people who can give good feedback or users who wants the latest features.

Lutz also notes the following:

The network code should be very stable. The missle codes have been cleaned up, (light missles which always hit their target, and heavy missles that have a broader effect). The FreeCraft Graphic Project and the FreeCraft engine are in sync. You can play the game again without the need for a CD

Download: freecraft-010414-complete-linux.tar.gz (This contains source, binary, graphics and sound.)

Icculus Has Left The Building

April 13th, 2001 by Crusader

Ryan “icculus” Gordon, who worked onDescent 3,Heavy Metal: FAKK2, andBUILD whileat Loki Software, sent this in at the endof March:

Today is my last day as an employee of Loki Software, Inc. I will not begetting mail on my address anymore, but Crusader at lg.comand Marv at Telefragged have been gracious enough to hook me up with astylish email address, which I will be using asmy primary email address.

It’s been a hell of a roller coaster for the past year, and I want togive a shout out to all the people that have played Descent3, andeveryone that read my articles on,,

Extra thanks if you LIKED Descent 3 and my articles. :)

I also want to extend thanks to the #loki crew, especially Dan Olson andthe other BUILD engine hackers for their hard work, and the coders thatmade Loki really unique: Mike, Mike, Andy, Andrew, Joe, Raf, Stephane,Sam, Daniel, Matt, Nicholas, Loren, Leo, Jim, and Bernd.

By the way, if anyone is looking to hire a Linux/game hacker and doesn’tcare where in the world he lives, drop me a line.

As noted above, if you wish to contact Ryan about a job offer, you can reach him

Tribes 2 Patch and Other Items

April 13th, 2001 by Crusader

LinuxTribes’Bad_CRC sent in notice thatLoki Software has released a newpatch (build 22228) for the Tribes 2 dedicatedserverwhich, judging from the changelog,will also apply to the retail Linux client (scheduled toship next week). You can useLoki Update to patch, or downloadan update from

Also, lead coder Sam Lantinga sent in the following concerning the VOIP status to the Linux T2 beta mailinglist:

The proof-of-concept is done. Dynamix is reorganizing the voice over IPcode to handle cross-platform codecs. When that is done, we will plugin the GSM codec so that both Linux and Windows clients can takeadvantage of it.

Dynamix is working on it. We hope to have this ready by the nextpatch. No promises, as usual. :)

On another note, the T2 HUD scripter Panama Jackupdated his site to announce that he’s changed his script packages to .zip formatto facilitate their use under Linux.

Finally, the creator of the Tribes/Starsiege Universe backstory, Blake Hutchins, wasinterviewedat TribesRoleplayers(thanks TribalWar).

UT and Infiltration HOWTO

April 13th, 2001 by Crusader

FriendlyFire wrote in with a link toa HOWTO(German) @ Linux NetMag forinstalling Unreal Tournament andthe mod Infiltration under Linux.

Exult 0.92alpha3

April 12th, 2001 by keerf

Exult, the Ultima 7 game engine has reached Alpha 3. Changes and or fixes in this release include:

  • Serpent Isle playability has greatly increased!
  • You can now choose from multiple scalers
  • We have lots of great Black Gate paperdoll art! (Thanks Adam and Philip)
  • Support for digital (.wav) SFX
  • Tons of bug fixes and other improvements

Download: (Source/RPM)

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