Circus Linux! 0.0.8

May 26th, 2000 by Crusader

Version 0.0.8 of Bill Kendrick’s Circus Linux! has been made available; changes include:

  • Keyboard control
  • Mouse pointer is invisible during the game
  • Mouse/joystick/keyboard control descriptions split up in README.txt

Circus Linux! 0.0.8 Source:

BurnBabyBurn 0.1

May 26th, 2000 by Crusader

SteveOC wrote in to announce the release of BurnBabyBurn version 0.1, a “2D platform game written entirely using Glade & GDK”. A screenshot is available here.

BurnBabyBurn 0.1 Source:

BurnBabyBurn Sample Levels:

BurnBabyBurn Pixmaps:

Black and White Linux Port

May 25th, 2000 by Crusader

Bolstering earlier reports that Lionhead designer Peter Molyneux wishes to release the source to his upcoming “god” game Black and White under a relatively open license, reported in an interview earlier this month that it will be developed for the Linux platform in addition to the standard Win32 release:

Due for a major multi-platform (including Linux) release in late September, according to Molyneux, Black and White has basically taken him a lifetime of design experience to create.

When released, Black and White will join several other Linux retail games that have been or are currently being developed simultaneously for Win32 and Linux, such as Quake 3: Arena, Unreal Tournament, Neverwinter Nights, Starsiege: Tribes 2, and Anarchy Online.

Terminus Review at LinuxWorld

May 25th, 2000 by Alkini

Lee Anderson wrote in to let us know that his second article for LinuxWorld has been published: Immersed in Terminus. The article is a review of the now-golden 3D space combat sim Terminus and it covers the game’s storyline and world, training, Gauntlet and Campaign modes, graphics, sound, installation, and system requirements.

Canada Computers on XScorch

May 25th, 2000 by Alkini

Canada Computers has published an article titled Tanks for the memories: XScorch a blast for Linux users. The article covers the Scorched Earth / Scorched Tanks clone XScorch, specificially focussing on game options, gameplay, and just an overall optimistic review of the game.

Q3A Editor for Linux

May 24th, 2000 by Alkini

Kayt Sorhaindo from Loki sent the following press release our way:

Loki Announces Quake III Arena Editor for Linux
Beta Version of Linux SDK Now Available

We proudly announce the beta release of Linux SDK for use with Quake III Arena.

The full version of Linux SDK will benefit Linux enthusiasts and aspiring game developers alike by allowing them to create maps and game code modifications under Linux. Windows users have had this capability since the release of the original Quake game.

Linux SDK offers Linux users a toolchain for content creation. It combines software for image processing, conversion and editing with a fully-featured map editor compatible with the Quake III engine. The features include custom texturing, lighting, patches, shaders, entities and more. It is based in part on the QERadiant code from id Software, Inc.

The beta software can now be downloaded from The README contains important information on system requirements and known issues.

This early test release is not supported, but we encourage users toreport bugs on our website at and to discussthe tools on

We also have a local copy of the file at

PySol 4.30

May 24th, 2000 by Alkini

Version 4.30 of the card game collection PySol has been released. This version adds several Mahjongg, HexADeck, Puzzle and Tarock type variants.

PySol source: pysol-4.30-src.tar.gz

GLHeretic URL Change

May 24th, 2000 by Alkini

Andre Werthmann‘s 3D-accelerated GLHeretic project is now being hosted here at LinuxGames. The new URL is If you have yet to see this port in action, head on over to the screenshot section.

Pirates Ho! Images

May 24th, 2000 by Alkini

The Pirates Ho! project has released some images from their open-source pirate role-playing game in progress. The images include concept art, screenshots, and miscellaneous landscapes from the game.

DooM Legacy at Sourceforge

May 24th, 2000 by Alkini

For those of you unaware of the “secondary” DooM Legacy web site at Sourceforge, point your browser to and peruse. Taken from the latest update on that page:

Now that we have no news from [the now defunct], this web site [] will be our primary web site until is up or until we move to another server.

The update also states that a current final version of DooM Legacy is ready, but they are waiting to release it once they have all of the documentation updated and completed.

Tribes 2 Linux Client

May 24th, 2000 by Alkini

Bad_CRC wrote in with word that Dave Georgeson from Dynamix has posted a message to the Tribesplayers bulletin board confirming that a Linux client of the OpenAL-utilizing Starsiege: Tribes 2 will eventually be produced. Dave writes:

Warning: The Linux and Mac clients are going to be done AFTER we finish working on the PC version.

This does NOT mean that there will not be Linux and Mac clients. We actually want to do them a lot. We *will* work on them.

However, the PC version is the most important version for us and if time pressure causes issues, then the PC version will get the most attention.

This is merely a cautionary note to set expectations properly.

Dynamix had previously refused to commit to a client port, but this post seems to confirm plans, even if those plans are not priority at this time. However, I am still not sure what to think about hearing Motley Crue blaring from a Linux game.

GooseEgg: Moved and Updated

May 23rd, 2000 by

For you Linux 3D modelers out there, Terry ‘Mongoose’ Hendrix sends in some promising news. He’s updated his GooseEgg project and moved it to SourceForge. The update includes:

  • Tomb Raider 1, Unfinished Business, and 2 support, including meshes and levels (that’s right, GooseEgg is now a level editor too)
  • New backend
  • New GUI design
  • the requisite “tons of bugfixes”

Further, EGG models will soon be supported in QuakeForge, as soon as some details are finalized.

As you may recall, GooseEgg is a 3D modeling and skeletal animzation program that already supports Quake, Hexen 2, and Quake 2 models. Plans for Quake 3 Arena and Soldier of Fortune models is currently being considered.

Terry is looking for testers to help move the development forward, so head on over and download the latest version.

Merchant Empires Looking for Beta Test Players

May 23rd, 2000 by

Bryan Willett is currently looking for players to take part in a beta test of Merchant Empires next month. To jointhe beta test, visit the development server and create a user.

Merchant Empires is a multiplayer, web-based game of space exploration and economic competition, loosely based on both Trade Wars and Space Merchant.

QuakeForge newtree Project

May 23rd, 2000 by Crusader

Dan Olson of the QuakeForge project fired in the following yesterday:

For the past 2.5 weeks, some of the top QuakeForge developers have been workinghard on a project that we like to call “newtree”. As its name implies, it’s anew source tree. We decided that our current tree has many subtle bugs in itthat either still exist from the original source release or were created byour attempts to merge NetQuake and QuakeWorld. The focus of newtree was toeliminate these subtle bugs and make a more stable QuakeWorld server andclient. We determined last night that this tree was ready for public testing,so it is now available from the QuakeForge CVS server. Info on accessingQuakeForge CVS can be found at

Because of the focus on stability and bug fixing, newtree does not yet have allthe visual effects and enhancements of the normal QuakeForge CVS. Don’t fearthough, if you’ve been keeping up with QF cvs and are wondering what happenedto our rocket trails and other effects, you can be assured that they will makeit into newtree within the next few weeks.

QuakeForge is at

SuSE Distributing Linux Heavy Gear II

May 23rd, 2000 by Crusader

Loki sent out the following press release regarding a distribution deal with SuSE:

May 21, 2000

Loki’s new Linux game “Heavy Gear II”
Now Available from SuSE

With “Heavy Gear II” Loki Entertainment Software is opening the door tonew dimensions in the Linux world: with 3D audio effects and joysticksupport, a further step has been taken towards the acceptance of Linux bythe home user.

Linux, once just an insider tip for computer professionals, is well onits way to becoming the operating system of choice for home users aswell. After its overwhelming success on the server market and itsincreasing use in companies of all kinds, the ground has been preparedfor the all-round use of Linux, with beginner-friendly installationroutines, intuitive desktops and application software such as officepackets and games.

With the release of the first “big” Linux game, “Civilization: Call ToPower” (awarded the “Best End User Product of 1999″ by Linux Journal),Loki Entertainment has already made a name for itself. Just like itssuccessors, “Heavy Gear II” makes optimal use of the qualities of Linuxin the network, whereby multi-player games based on rounds, or real-time,are possible. Due to its success, it is no surprise that around a dozenmore titles are planned on being ported to Linux for the year 2000.

Loki is currently placing its main emphasis on 3D sound support by meansof OpenAL. “OpenAL represents a milestone for Linux,” realizes ScottDraeker, president of Loki Entertainment Software. “Until now, 3D audiofeatures in games were reserved for users of other platforms. This hasall changed now.”

OpenAL, entirely in the tradition of the Open Source community, is issuedunder the LPGL license (GNU Library Public License).

Dirk Hohndel, CTO of SuSE Linux AG, is also aware of the chances offeredby this: “Linux games play a significant role in the success of thedesktop market. Through the common efforts of the Linux community, mostrecently with OpenAL and the XFree86 version 4.0, ensuring enhanced 3Dgraphics card support, decisive steps forward have been taken.”

For more information about this product please visit

About Loki Entertainment Software

A privately held company, Loki Entertainment Software has headquarters inOrange County, California and was established in 1998. Loki meets apent-up need in the Linux community by providing fully-supported,shrink-wrapped games for sale through traditional retail channelsworldwide. Loki released 7 front-line Linux game titles in 1999, andplans 16 titles for 2000. For more information, visit

About SuSE

With more than 340 employees, SuSE Linux AG is one of the world’s largestLinux specialists. Thanks to its stability and quality, SuSE Linux iscurrently being employed by over one million private users and more than50,000 business customers around the world. The development and salescenter in Nuremberg is backed up by branches in Oakland/USA, London,Prague and Marano sul Panaro/Italy, dedicated to the further developmentand dissemination of SuSE Linux. For the efficient deployment of Linuxwithin the corporate sphere, SuSEbacks up its commercial Linux software and complete Linux systems with acomprehensive range of qualified consulting and support services. TheSuSE Labs are making a major contribution to the development of Linux,especially in the areas of Linux-Kernel, glibc, XFree86, KDE, ISDN4Linux, ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) and USB (Universal Serial Bus),as well as high availability and Multiplatform Support. SuSE received theaward for “Best Linux Distribution” at LinuxWorld Expo 2000 in New York.More information is available at

ASC 1.1.4

May 22nd, 2000 by Alkini

Version 1.1.4 of the turn based strategy game Advanced Strategic Command has been released. Changes:

  • Fixed bug in movement that caused units to be too fast when moving next to enemies
  • Added function “view unit movement range” and bound it to the ‘4’ key
  • Importing Battle Isle maps now works in the linux mapeditor
  • Only a single unit action can now be executed at once
  • Indirectly accessible fields are now also displayed when moving units out of buildings/transports
  • Unit information was not updated when descending with helicopters

ASC source: asc_source.tar.gz

Demolization 0.3.1

May 22nd, 2000 by Alkini

Version 0.3.1 of the Civilization/Risk clone Demolization has been released. Changes:

  • FPS counter
  • better options menu
  • fixed an annoying bug related to unit movements
  • switch to C++ (from C)
  • massive internal improvements

Demolization source: Demolization-0.3.1.tar.gz

TUD 0.9.19

May 22nd, 2000 by Alkini

Version 0.9.19 of the open source RTS The Urgent Decision has been released. This is the first release after important redesign and is therefore not playable and for testing purposes only. Changes:

  • shots are now sprites and not ugly pixels
  • changed object hirarchy in detail:
    • joined object_datatype (object_datentype) and unit_datatype (einheit_datentype) into product_datatype
    • splitted server and client stuff out of object-hirarchy (much cleaner and more flexible now)
  • added new artillery unit

TUD source: tud-0.9.19.tar.gz

XScorch 0.1.1

May 22nd, 2000 by Alkini

Version 0.1.1 of the Scorched Earth clone XScorch has been released. This release is primarily a bugfix release fixing crashes on recent Debian and FreeBSD releases when Enter was pressed while in Inventory or certain other screens. Other changes:

  • user interface:
    • Merged icon, in xscorch-icon.xpm
    • New xscorch logo
    • Now you can find out who killed you at end of round
    • Added –geometry command-line option
    • Inventory lists are scrolling
  • Weapons and Detonations:
    • Version 1.0 of Riot Bombs, dirt weapons
    • Ripped out constants all over the place to allow dynamic resizing of weapon and accessory lists. This allows changes that will introduce save files for both categories
    • Made RAND phoenix location work
    • Killed one of the state flag ints in the sc_weapon struct
    • New plasma explosion-drawing code
  • Land and Graphics:
    • New landscape: Canyon

xscorch source: xscorch-0.1.1.tar.gz

Cannon Smash 0.3.9

May 22nd, 2000 by Alkini

Version 0.3.9 of the OpenGL table tennis simulator Cannon Smash has been released. This version sports a faster loading time.

Cannon Smash source: csmash-0.3.9.tar.gz

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