Unreal Tournament 402B

December 31st, 1999 by Crusader

Epic MegaGames’ coder Brandon Reinhart updated his .plan this evening to announce the release of Unreal Tournament version 402B for Linux:

A new patch for UT Linux is available at Followthe link to the project root page and download from the column onthe right. Feel free to leave bug reports, but please register withSource Forge first so I can contact you if necessary.

This patch is version 402B and is a Linux patch only. It contains fixesfor two critical Linux issues:
* UT Linux now runs under Enlightenment.
* UT Linux will properly shutdown glide after a critical crash.
It also has a few other fixes and incidentals.

There will be no 402B patch for Windows. The next multiplatform UTpatch will be 403 (we’ll probably release the first UT expansion packaround that time).

I will release the open source archives tonight or tomorrow, dependingon how long it takes to get organized.

The UT open source project page also contains debugging binaries. Youcan read about these in the Announcements forum. WEB SITES: Please don’tmirror these, they are 20 megs each and its not necessary formost users to get them, only programmers will want them. Running thegame with debugging libraries is slow and not a good idea for mostpeople. Mirroring them on fan sites is probably not appropriate.

There are binary archives for guard and slowguard. You can readabout the difference on the site.

Unreal Tournament Version 402B Binary Patch:

New Year’s /dev/urandom

December 31st, 1999 by Crusader

Happy New Year’s to all of our readers! Here’s a few items for this last evening of 1999:

XRacer 0.95.7

December 31st, 1999 by Crusader

Alain le Sage fired in a notice that version 0.95.7 of XRacer, a 3D racing clone of WipeOut, has been released. Changes in this iteration include physics engine fixes; the new source tarball can be downloaded from

Update (18:57:08 CST) – Richard Jones (founder of the XRacer project) wrote in to note that the 0.95.x series is extremely alpha as the engine is being rewritten from the ground up. However, Jones states that progress is proceeding rapidly, and XRacer should be playable again in the near future.

Unreal Maps and Linux UT

December 31st, 1999 by Crusader

Matt sent in the following tips to get Unreal 1 maps working under Linux Unreal Tournament:

Just a quick note about something that LG readers might want to knowabout. I’ve tested some of the original Unreal maps (off of my UnrealCD) with UT Linux and they work well. The best part is that you don’teven have to copy them onto your hard drive if you don’t want to. Ijust made symbolic links between the mounted CD and my Maps directoryand then they’ll load off of the CD directly. Note that you might needto name the links accordingly (like DmAriza.unr having a link namedDM-Ariza.unr to match the naming convention in UT). One would thinkthat using this compatibility that a Linux client that played the Unrealsingle player game could be cobbled together. QuakeForge Interview

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader has conducted an interviewwith Nelson Rush of the QuakeForge project, which is an effort to coordinate patches to the recently GPL’ed Quake 1 source code. The interview covers Nelson’s views on the motivations behind the source release, the goals of the QuakeForge project, coordination of development logistics, discussion on the recent cheating controversy, and how others can contribute to QuakeForge.

NiL URL Change

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Due to his project’s announcement earlier this week (and the ensuing hits), Flemming Frandsen has been forced by his ISP to move his project’s site. NiL, a real-time 2D multiplayer game similar to Worms, can now be reached at


December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

John Carmack made a brief .plan update today concerning an existing Quake 1 anti-cheating proxy:

Several people have mentioned an existing anti-cheat QW proxy thatshould also be applicable to modified versions:

Qizmo 2.91 Linux glibc Binary Release:

SDL Quake Patch

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Loki’s lead coder Sam Lantinga released a patch earlier this week for his Simple DirectMedia Layer port of id Software’s classic GPL’ed first-person shooter Quake. The changelog for this patch includes:

  • SDL CD-ROM support (contributed by Mark Baker <>)
  • Fixes crash when there is no soundcard (in the original quake code)
  • Makes the ASM routines a configure option, disabled by default.
  • Defaults to 640×400 resolution

The SDL Quake source, patch, and shareware pak file can all be downloaded from:

UT Source Today

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Brandon “GreenMarine” Reinhar of Epic MegaGames will be releasing portions of the Linux Unreal Tournament source code today, as noted in his .plan:

Open source stuff will be out today. I didn’t get a chanceto release it yesterday because I never made it into the office.Had to wait until 6 for the movers to arrive with myfurniture (they didn’t call and say when they were arriving)and then they closed down the office building to work on apower main or something.

I watched all 13 episodes of Serial Experiments Lain yesterday.Best anime I’ve ever seen.

Loki and Q3Radiant

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Loki Entertainment Software’s Michael Vance sent in the following regarding a port of the Quake 3: Arena mapping tool Q3Radiant:

FWIW, we’re thinking about seeing if we can use WINE to do a realquick and dirty port of QER. We’ve also been mulling about the idea ofdoing a Gtk+ port, but that’s a lot of work for possibly littlegain. We’ll see what happens.

Sarien 0.4.10cm1

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Claudio Matsuoka has announced the release of Sarien version 0.4.10cm1. Sarian is an interpreter for Sierra AGI 2/3 adventure games; changes in the 0.4.10 tree include:

  • Fixed amiga manhunter id in id.c
  • Fixed the vsnprintf bug ifdef in console.c/gfx.c
  • Merged Ryan Gordon’s SDL fixes
  • Removed ^M in x11.c

Sarien 0.4.10cm1 Source:

Duffy on Linux Q3A Tools

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

id Software’s Robert Duffy was kind enough to answer a few questions on IRC ( #qeradiant) last night related to the source release of the Quake 3: Arena mapping tools and their portability to Linux:

<raduffy> q3map should compile and run fine under linux

<CrusadeR> raduffy: has loki’s coders requested taking a crack at porting q3radiant? they ported bungie’s myth 2 mapping tools earlier this year…
<raduffy> no, loki’s coders have not

<raduffy> the tool and game source will be out after the point release
<raduffy> and yes q3r will be there too
<raduffy> the new stuff i am/will be working on will probably be multi-os

Aftershock URL Change

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Joe Tennies wrote in to note that the GPL’ed Quake 3: Arena level file parser and renderer Aftershock has moved to PlanetQuake. Aftershock, which “reads map, texture, shader, model, etc. info directly from the Q3A .pk3 files” and renders them (screenshots), can now be reached at

XShipWars 1.29

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

A new release of the WolfPack development team’s open source space strategy game XShipWars has been made available; changes in version 1.29 include:

  • Fixed compiling error with image code problem
  • Outline of player vessel when cloaked or not clearly visable, needs tohave viewscreen_marks turned on
  • Connections list exporting on server
  • Better icon and date representations throughout client, including theuniverse list window and properties dialog
  • AI objects no longer detect disconnected players at HOME objects(those with internal hide from connections flag set)
  • Exported scores file header fixed, was not deliminating fields properly

XShipWars 1.29 Download:

IT-HE RPG Engine 0.06

December 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Joseph P Morris has released version 0.06 of the IT-HE RPG Engine, a “cross-platform computer role-playing-game engine similar to Ultima 6″. Screenshots are available here; 0.06 changes include:

  • Detailed demo environment, with many Easter Eggs for you to discover.
  • Linux and BeOS support for the editors
  • Improved AI system with A-Star routefinding
  • Advanced character tasking and scheduling
  • Characters can now be male or female
  • Balanced weight and health, improved status area
  • Partial-invisibity (invisibility potion)
  • Day and night
  • Object animation can be random and animations can be spliced together
  • Water that you can throw objects into and boats to cross it with
  • Animating and scrolling map tiles (only sprites could animate before)
  • Experimental support for sounds fading with distance
  • PCX loader bugfixes (works with small images now)
  • JPEG support (intended for backdrop images etc)
  • Major overhaul of combat system, including guns and other ranged weapons
  • Multicoloured font support
  • Karma support
  • Better fading
  • User-definable calendar
  • A bank, featuring cashiers, ATMs, cashcards and the ability to deposit money

IT-HE RPG Engine 0.06 Download:

Carmack on Q3A High Latency Play

December 29th, 1999 by Crusader

John Carmack of id Software fired off a .plan update this evening concerning his conclusions on high latency Quake 3: Arena play after extensive testing. Carmack also includes advice for modem players for a quality multiplayer experience, and notes that he’s added server switches to limit the ping ranges of allowed players:

I have been playing a lot of Q3 on a 28.8 modem for the last several days.

I finally found a case of the stuck-at-awaiting-gamestate problem thatturned out to be a continuous case of a fragment of the gamestate gettingdropped. I have changed the net code to space out the sending of thefragments based on rate.

Note that there have been a few different things that result in stuckat gamestate or stuck at snapshot problems. We have fixed a few of them,but there may well still be other things that we haven’t found yet.

You can still have a fun game on a 28.8 modem. It is a significantdisadvantage, no question about it, but you can still have a good game ifyou play smart. If there is someone that knows what they are doing on aserver with a ping in the low 100s, there won’t usually be much you cando, but a skilled modem player can still beat up on unskilled T1 players…

Make sure your modem rate is set correctly. If you have it set too high,large amounts of data can get buffered up and you can wind up with multipleseconds of screwed up delays.

Only play on servers with good pings. My connection gives me a couple dozenservers with mid 200 pings. 56k modems often see servers with sub 200 pings.If you ignore the ping and just look for your favorite map, you will probablyhave a crappy game.

If you have a good basic connection to the server, the thing that will messup your game is too much visible activity. This is a characteristic of thenumber of players, the openness of the level, and the weapons in use.

Don’t play on madhouse levels with tons of players. None of the normal Q3maps were really designed for more than eight players, and many were onlydesigned for four.

Don’t play in the wide open maps unless there are only a couple otherplayers. Four very active players in a wide open area are enough to bogdown a modem connection.

I just implemented “sv_minPing” / “sv_maxPing” options so servers can restrictthemselves to only low ping or high ping players. This is done based on theping of the challenge response packet, rather than any in-game pings. Thereare a few issues with that — a LPB may occasionally get into a HPB serverif they happen to get a network hiccup at just the right time, and the numberused as a gate will be closer to the number shown in the server list, ratherthan the number seen in gameplay. I would reccomend “sv_minPing 200″ as areasonable breakpoint.

glTron 0.51

December 29th, 1999 by Crusader

glTron 0.51, a 3D Tron-style cycle game, has been made available. Changes in this release include fixes for model coloring and the chase camera, as well as the development moving to CVS. Andreas Umbach is also requesting feedback on the menu interface; if you have suggestions or comments you can reach him at

glTron 0.51 Source (Including sound):

3dms 1.0.2

December 29th, 1999 by Crusader

Alexander Ilic wrote in to announce the release of 3dms version 1.0.2, a master server program for various multiplayer first-person shooters. Features include:

  • Quakeworld, Quake2, Quake3, Unreal Tournament, and Half-Life support
  • could be queried by qstat, gamespy, …
  • packet output
  • could write serverlists to disk
  • does not need high cpu performance or much memory
  • low bandwidth
  • simple to install
  • controlled by command line options

3dms 1.0.2 Binary and Source Tarball:

TRONtium 0.5

December 29th, 1999 by Crusader

Version 0.5 of the 2D multiplayer Tron-style cycle game TRONtium has been released. Changes:

  • Started writing “Game Options” menu section (although nothing works yet)
  • Added command line option to force sound to be disabled: –nosound
  • Randomised starting positions and directions (+ checks players aren`t too close).
  • When human players all dead, AI players are accelerated, so round ends quickly.
  • Can skip intro credits by pressing ESC, ENTER, and RCTRL (as requested!!!).

TRONtium 0.5 Source:

Quake 3: Arena FAQ

December 29th, 1999 by Crusader

id Software updated the Quake 3: Arena site today with word that the official FAQ has been posted. Although mainly Windows-oriented, the FAQ includes information on some issues which affect the Linux client as well (Tier 4 map problems, HUD and menu issues, and CD key details).

  • May 2015
  • February 2015
  • January 2015
  • December 2014
  • November 2014
  • October 2014
  • September 2014
  • August 2014
  • July 2014
  • June 2014
  • May 2014
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