FastGL 1.70

November 30th, 1999 by Alkini

Version 1.70 of the open source graphics library FastGL has been released. Changes in this version (not including those in the 1.70 prerelease version) are:

  • added SetWindowMoveStyle(int) for override ‘-nofull’ switch, (arg=TRUE for full redrawing of window contents)
  • fixed bug in Snd() & Puk() – sound effects under linux
  • added int get_key(void) – for C code – returns key or NULL
  • alpha support for Mesa3D library
  • added function ‘int get_colordepth(void)’ – returns 8 or 32
  • fixed some cosmetic bug in CheckButton::Disable()

FastGL 1.70 source: fastgl-1.70.rar

A Steroid 0.5s

November 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Paolo Cignoni sent in the following:

On you will find thedescription of the development of a simple opengl game project whose purposeis mainly didactic: explaining the basics of interactive 3d programming withopengl. The game has been developed as a six lesson exercise for theComputer Graphics course of the University of Pisa.

The game is called A Steroid and available with full documented sources; itruns under Linux and Win and it is developed using glut 3.7. Various publiclibrary and utility were used to develop the game.

The development of the game has followed various step, that are supposed topresent opengl features of increasing complexity (from wireframe to texturemapping). At the end of each step, some exercises of various complexity arepresented and solved in the next version/lesson.

Detailed comments on the various aspects of each version, what features areadded and how they were implemented, are described in the hmtldocumentation. I hope that this can make the sources a viable tool forteaching opengl.

Now only the fifth lesson/version of the game is available online. I’llupload the other ones in the next week.

Any suggestion on how to improve documentation and the game is welcome andcan be addressed to

The philosophy of the game is similar to the Atari arcade AsteroidsT: shootdown the asteroids. The game play itself is 2D (you drive the spaceship on aplane), but all the objects (asteroids, ship and so on) of the game are 3Dmodelled and rendered with opengl. Some add-ons and different class ofasteroid and ships will be added to improve the game longevity.

Loki Audio Interview

November 30th, 1999 by Alkini

LinuxToday has made available an audio interview with Scott Draeker and Lance Colvin of Loki. The interview was conducted at the Linux Business Expo and it lasts around 26 minutes. The interview is fairly informal but that gives us a good idea of how the guys conduct theirselves. They discussed the games that have been ported, what will be coming up, and also mentioned that they’d like to put some work in to an open sourced game, like Time City, next year. You might want to use that half hour lunch break today to sit back and listen to this interview.

To give it a listen, fire up your favorite streaming mp3 player (xmms, mpg123) and start pumping the stream from There is also a playlist available to load with xmms.

Unreal Tournament 400a

November 30th, 1999 by Crusader

Epic developer Brandon Reinhart made a .plan update to announce a new version of the Unreal Tournament Linux port:

Jack is going to put the new Linux UT distribution up on soon. Everyone should download this. If you already have UT installed, just unarchive the LinuxCoreSystem.tar.gz file in your UnrealTournament directory. Otherwise, install as normal.

This version fixes problems with the installer. I’ve had a couple people outside Epic test it and they say it works great. Send feedback or questions to

This version also has other improvements. DGA mouse is now the default. If you are using XFree86 3.3.3, you’ll need to disable it by editing the UnrealTournament.ini (or Default.ini if its your first run) and changing DGAMouseEnabled to false. DGA mouse improves mouse performance quite a bit.

I’ve also turned off function guarding. This means that the game won’t spit out detailed information when it crashes, but it gives a pretty decent speed up.

Finally, I’ve included Erik’s optimized bit copier. This should make dedicated server performance better. This will be available for windows server operators with a maintenence patch that will be released later this week.

On to other stuff.

Cliff, James, and I have been absorbed by the Half-Life Counterstrike mod. This mod is so kick ass. Maybe I can use my position as a developer to influence the game? Counterstrike developers: Please please please add a Steyr Aug to the game. That’s my favorite gun and I’d love to blow away anti-terrorism teams with it. :)

Over Thanksgiving I installed Caldera’s OpenLinux distribution for my father. I was surprised at the ease of installation. The entire process was graphical, and while the files installed it asked you configuration questions. This is exactly the kind of stuff Linux needs to attract less geekish users.

I bought a few new CDs. Here is what I’m listening to:
Dismember – “Death Metal”
Dismember – “Massive Killing Capacity”
Hecate Enthroned – “Upon Promeathean Shores”
Ancient – “The Halls of Eternity”
Arcturus – “Aspera Hiems Symfonia”

The update on Unreal Technology page notes:

If you already have UT Linux installed, just unarchive the LinuxCoreSystem.tar.gz file in yourUnrealTournament directory and add DGAMouseEnabled=True to the [XDrv.XClient] section of your UnrealTournament.ini.Otherwise, follow the installation instructions in the README.

Unreal Tournament 400a:

New Parsec Movie

November 29th, 1999 by Crusader

Markus Hadwiger from the Parsec dev team sent in the following:

Due to the many requests we have received via e-mail, we have finallyreleased a new Parsec movie. (available from movie shows some of the progress we have made since the releaseof the original Parsec trailer last January.

There is also a couple of other new stuff on the Parsec Homepage:

  • The movie is available in MOV (Quicktime 3.0+) and MPEG formats in the DOWNLOAD section.
  • We have put up the screenshot for November 1999, which shows a Claymore (Parsec spacecraft) speeding into an already opened stargate. This shot was done on a Matrox G400 (OpenGL) in 1280×960 resolution.
  • We have updated the WORK IN PROGRESS section at the bottom of the NEWS page. It contains some details about what we have been working on over the past couple of weeks, which mainly means focusing on getting the self-running demo done.
  • The FAQ has been updated slightly.


November 29th, 1999 by Crusader

Mishka Gorodnitzky has written a perl script which can unpack Unreal Tournament Umod files. Mishka notes that in the future support will likely be added for packing Umods.


November 29th, 1999 by Crusader

Daniel Leonard wrote in to the BZFlag mailing list to announce the initial release of bzSpy. bzSpy is a Java-based server browser for the open source multiplayer tank game BZFlag; the jar file can be downloaded compressed as a zip archive from

Linux UT Support Site

November 29th, 1999 by Crusader

Paul Holcomb wrote in with a link to a Linux Unreal Tournament support site, which has tips for users attempting to install and run the recently released UT port. Included is a step-by-step HOWTO for installation, and notes on improving mouse performance.

ALSA driver 0.4.1f2

November 29th, 1999 by Crusader

The ALSA project has released version 0.4.1f2 of the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture driver to fix a few minor issues with 0.4.1e, including bugs related to Cirrus Logic CS4231/CS4236 cards and the 2.3.29 Linux kernel.

ALSA driver 0.4.1f2 Source:

FastGL 1.70pre1

November 29th, 1999 by Crusader

FastGL 1.70pre1 has been made available; the current changelog for the open source graphics library includes:

  • New window management – many times faster (500%) in window redrawing and focus switching and half memory requirements from all previous versions
  • Command line switch ‘-full’ has been removed
  • Command line switch ‘-nofull’ has been added – to disable full redrawing
  • Added new window flag WFASTMOVE to the disable for an individual window full redraw on the move or resize
  • Some code cleanups

FastGL 1.70pre1 Source:

GTC 0.4

November 29th, 1999 by Crusader

Version 0.4 of the Game Programming Toolchest was released over the weekend. Changes in 0.4:

  • More structured network protocol
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements
  • Added AI to the sample game

Game Programming Toolchest 0.4 Source: Reviews

November 29th, 1999 by Crusader

Jeff Alami of’s Games section has written a review of Loki’s Railroad Tycoon 2: Gold Edition port, and Grant Wier has produced a review of the open source 3D game XRacer. The RT2 review includes screenshots and an overview of gameplay; the XRacer review focuses more on the development issues involved in creating a game with an evolving feature set.

More UT Issues

November 28th, 1999 by Crusader

Epic code Brandon Reinhart fired off another .plan update concerning the Linux Unreal Tournament client:

I’m working with DeWitt Clinton (who wrote the Linux UT installation instructions webpage) to test and fix issues with the port. One of the things we have found is that you need to have Joilet extensions compiled into your kernel in order to see the long filenames on the UT CD.

Joilet extensions are enabled by default in most distributions, but if you have customized your kernel, you may not have them included.

Concerning Q3 Privacy

November 28th, 1999 by Crusader

Regarding today’s fiasco over at Slashdot, where much ado was made about id gathering information on Quake 3: Arena video card usage statistics, I offer into the record (since it appears many have already tried and convicted id without reading documentation) this excerpt from the Q3Test 1.08 README:

== Section 11. ==

When Quake 3 Arena starts a map up, it sends the GL_RENDERER string to the Message Of The Day server at id. This responds back with a message of the day to the client. If you wish to switch this option off, set CL_MOTD to 0 (+set CL_MOTD 0 from the command line).

Pre-Order Linux Quake 3 in Germany

November 28th, 1999 by Crusader

Florian Knirsch sent in word that ixsoft is now taking pre-orders for the Linux version of Quake 3: Arena from customers in Germany. Note that you must be over 18 to order, and that the price is 79 Deutsch Marks (40 Euro). Also, Quake 3 will likely be indexed upon release in Germany, so be sure to get your order in.

UT Mouse Tips

November 28th, 1999 by Crusader

Sven Riedel sent in the following tips regarding Unreal Tournament mouse sensitivity:

I had the same problem with the jumpy mouse and got rid of them by installingthe most recent 3dfx X server from added the following lines to my XF86Config, in the Pointer Section:

SampleRate 100
Resolution 300

Finally in your UT User.ini, look for the MouseX and MouseY lines, and changethe speed there to 20.0 (default is 6.0 IIRC). So you should have the lines

MouseX=Axis aMouseX Speed=20.0
MouseY=Axis aMouseY Speed=20.0

there. Additionally, I changed the MouseSensitivity and MouseSmoothThresholdlines to the following:


Now everything is working ok.

Linux Q3 Test Statistics

November 28th, 1999 by Crusader updated with an e-mail from id’s John Carmack concerning the number of Linux clients playing Q3Test and Q3DemoTEST:

Mac has held steady at 5% of the players. Linux was about equal to the mac, but dropped off, probably due to players dual booting into windows.

Seeing as how the Linux releases of Q3Test 1.08 and Q3DemoTEST lagged behind their Win32 counterpoints, 5% should be fairly in line with most expectations of Linux Quake 3 market share.

Doom OpenGL Legacy 1.29beta12

November 28th, 1999 by Crusader

Bell Kin has released version 1.29beta12 of Linux OpenGL Doom Legacy. This version has an identical feature set to Win32 OpenGL DooM Legacy 1.29beta12; hopefully a source release isn’t too far behind as the Doom source is covered under the GPL now.

Doom OpenGL Legacy 1.29beta12 Binaries:

glibc –
libc5 –

Additional UT Issues

November 27th, 1999 by Crusader

Paul Munn sent in the following:

I’m having a problem with mouse precision when playing UT in Linux. Themouse seems to stick and skip, moving unevenly, when making smallmovements. Large movements such as turning the player usually have noproblem, but aiming with mouselook is very difficult as it jumps arounda bit. I’m running RedHat 6.1 with GNOME and the proper X windows withmy Voodoo3 3000 card with a Microsoft IntelliMouse.

I wrote to the bug email address for version 400 and received thefollowing response from

“Yeah, I’m working on DGA mouse support. I hope to release a versionwith better performance and some fixes this weekend.


Brandon Reinhart also made an additional .plan update concerning detailed Linux Unreal Tournament installer issues:

I’m working on an updated Linux installer now that will fix
all known installer problems. Here is a brief synopsis
of each problem and the solution:

Problem: Installer says “This installation doesn’t support glibc-2.1″

Solution: Install libxml and libglade.

Problem: UnrealTournament quits with the message “Can’t find
file for package WinDrv” or something similar.

Solution: Make Default.ini writable and then untar the file
LinuxGlideSystem.tar.gz in your UnrealTournament directory.

Both of these are related to sloppy oversights on my part.
Please spread the word about these. I hope to have the
updated installer out tonight. The problems above are fixed,
but I want to try and include an optimized light merging
function as well.

The Mesa renderer works under Mesa-Glide. All that’s left to do
is work out some windowing issues with standard Mesa.

DGA mouse input is in and working, but DGA support is broken under
the 3dfx X server. I’m talking to a few people to find workarounds
for the 3dfx X server DGA problem, if there is any.

Defendguin Alpha

November 27th, 1999 by Crusader

William Kendrick wrote in to announce the release of the Defendguin alpha build. Defendguin is an SDL-based 2D side scroller similar to the arcade game Defender.

Defendguin Source:

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