Freelords Tech Release 0.0.2

February 10th, 2008 by patton73

Thanks to patton73 for letting us know that there’s a new tech release for Freelords, an open source turn-based strategy game project inspired by the Warlords series. While not yet playable, the Java-based version 0.0.2 adds the following features:

  • Complete network handling
  • An isometric map engine
  • XML-based user-interface
  • Server engine improvements
  • JavaDocs for source code

Also, new contributors are always welcome.

Download: [ ]

2 Responses to “Freelords Tech Release 0.0.2”

  1. salsadoom Says:

    Hurray. More java games… that no one will ever play because java is a terrible language for games.

    I might even say that java is a terrible language for client-side apps.

    Why anyone would port a game to java is beyond me, its just ruining a game forever essentially. Ugly java widgets. Ugly java performance.

    Too bad, because Warlords II was a good game. Its a waste to even post about java games. I seriously doubt anyone plays them.

  2. Andre4s Says:

    Looking better then ever if you ask me.

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