Penumbra: Black Plague Final

February 5th, 2008 by Crusader

The Frictional Games website has been updated to announce that Penumbra: Black Plague has gone gold, and will ship for Linux shortly:

At the beginning of January we sent the final version of Penumbra: Black Plague to Paradox Interactive, so indeed the news about the 12th of February for a North America release is correct and the 15th of February is set to be the European date. Exactly what part of Europe this is remains to be seen, we personally have our fingers crossed for Sweden!

We have also finished our little site for Penumbra: Black Plague, you can find it here. It’s nothing fancy beyond a short presentation of the game and purchase information. The site is of particular use if you are a Mac or Linux user, as this is where you will be able to get Penumbra: Black Plague when it is done. When that is? Well, the work is in progress so we are hoping that within a month or so of the Windows release there should be a Linux and Mac release.

There’s also a few links of interest:

The first game in the horror-themed adventure series, Penumbra: Overture, was released for Linux just last year (demo | retail).

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  1. eNTi Says:

    i hope this one will have proper wide screen resolutoin support (1680×1050).

  2. eNTi Says:

    ok obviously i was to fast writing this… there is support for widescreen resolutions… you just have to set them manually in the config file. :)

  3. Penumbra: Black Plague Final | LiNUX FTW! Says:

    […] Full story […]

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