Linux Majority in ET:QW?^H – Nope!

January 24th, 2008 by A08

A reader, A08, pointed out the statistics for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at

Often enough companies are claiming, that the amount of people considering Linux for gaming is rather low. If you check the splatterladder for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars you will see in the live statistics, that the number of Linux players is just as high or higher as the number of Windows players. In this very moment the percentage of Linux players is 54%!

I don’t know how splatterladder derives their client OS data, but as of this writing the breakdown is still split in favor of Linux (57% to 43% Windows). This is rather surprising, as, if memory serves, id Software games usually have around 5% of players using the Linux clients. I wonder if this is an artifact of the server breakdown, which is a more understandable 60% Linux to 40% Windows.

At any rate, there certainly are many Linux ET:QW players, which is gratifying to see. Besides splatterladder and the official stats site, there’s the ET:QW Stat Reader, which will generate a table of performance data from your player name.

Edit: Thanks to Timbo for providing additional data that makes this look very unlikely: the open source first-person shooter Tremulous, which is included in some Linux distributions, has Linux clients making up around 16% of their total playerbase.

Edit #2: Thanks to r00b for pointing out this comment by Splash Damage‘s Gordon Biggans which explains the stats:

It’s players on linux servers.

5 Responses to “Linux Majority in ET:QW?^H – Nope!”

  1. linux23dragon Says:

    Who knows.

  2. Svartalf_ Says:

    Even if it’s only 15-20% like it really seems to look like- that’s compelling.

    MacOS was claimed to have only 10-20% of the market and they were allowing games to be ported or they had studios making specifically MacOS games at that level. It’s a threshold level and I think it’s part of why we’re seeing Intel open their drivers, AMD giving out technical data to drive their GPUs without NDA and we see NVidia giving us the time of day as good as they give the Macs and Windows machines.

  3. r00b Says:

    This came up on the community forums, Splash Damage said it was the number of people playing on Linux servers not the number of Linux players.

  4. linux23dragon Says:

    So how do you know if you are playing on a Linux server or not?

  5. Crusader Says:

    I don’t know of a way to tell offhand :(

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