Globulation 2 – Help Wanted

January 23rd, 2008 by Crusader

Leo Wandersleb wrote in to the Globulation 2 mailing list with a job announcement:

Subject: [glob2-devel] doubling all bids to gain a full time programmer


As mentioned at i will double the next 900€ offered to this project. That is 15 people spending 10€ per month for 6 months. Remember WoW is 13€/month ;)

I count on you. Where else would you get a full time programmer that proofed his capabilities at 400€/month? Become entrepreneur now ;)

The Cofundos listing mentions that the programmer would be working on, among other things, online-play, the map editor/generators, pre-game alliances, and improved campaigns. Globulation 2 is an open source real-time strategy game project with unit-level AI for mission execution; there’s also a scripting language.

Thanks to Plouj for pointing this out to us.

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