Quake Wars: Tactical Assault 0.11

December 25th, 2007 by Crusader

The first mod for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars that I’m aware of has been released: Quake Wars: Tactical Assault:

Quake Wars: Tactical Assault is a revamp of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars’ core gameplay, with the intention of creating a grittier, more realistic environment than the base game, while still telling the story of the Strogg invasion of Earth.

  • Strafejumping eliminated.
  • Head and neck hit locations’ damage multipliers increased slightly.
  • Unscoped/unironsighted weapon spreads increased(accuracy decreased).
  • Weapon damages against players increased.
  • Weapon damages against vehicles and deployables decreased.
  • Player respawn times increased.
  • Vehicle respawn times increased.

You’ll want to get the base 0.1 release and the 0.11 Linux patch.

Download: [ ]

2 Responses to “Quake Wars: Tactical Assault 0.11”

  1. srge Says:

    A for effort but this mod sounds awful. :|

  2. ThoreauHD Says:

    I’ll wait for the movie.

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