Urban Terror 4.1

December 23rd, 2007 by TimeDoctor

The Frozen Sand development team have released version 4.1 of their ioquake3-based multiplayer tactical shooter, Urban Terror. Changes:

  • Working IP ban system
  • Duplicate name protection (the trade of is that you can’t use spaces in your name anymore though
  • Removal of white skins
  • New/updated maps
  • Updated UI and default settings
  • /rcon players command, returning map/score and per player: name, team, score, ping, IP
  • No votes within first 60 seconds of a map
  • Fixed hit bug when crouching and moving
  • Several spawn locations fixed
  • Negev reload exploit fixed
  • Power slide physics exploit fixed
  • TDM scoreboard not updating fixed
  • in-game browser now remembers your sorting preferences
  • Short names won’t mess up the healtbar anymore
  • A problem with blood (fps bug?) fixed
  • sr8 gets 5 bullets again, but unzooms when getting hit with 15% damage
  • spas does less damage and knockback when getting hit by it is lower
  • ump does more damage
  • psg back to 8 bullets and chest hits bleed out

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3 Responses to “Urban Terror 4.1”

  1. blueworm Says:

    I’m not playing until docks is back!

  2. sann Says:

    Well there is an unofficial version of docks called dicks (ut4_dicks.pk3)…

    You can get it here:

    There are some other old school maps there like sliema and streets…

    Here are also some nice 3rd party maps (no dicks here though):

  3. asemblR Says:

    dicks is a bastard map

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