Dark Horizons: Lore Free to Download; New GarageGames Project

December 24th, 2007 by c3rb3rus

Thanks to many readers for pointing out that Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion is now available for free from the independent game developer/publisher GarageGames:

Released in the spring of 2004, DH: Lore has enjoyed a loyal following and in preparation for the upcoming release of the next generation of Lore games we are giving Invasion away for free across the supported platforms.

With this change Max Gaming is proud to be turning over release of community generated patches to the Skunkworks mod team, who along with the Ambassadors core has keep the community going for the last year.

You can download your a copy of the game from at . For those using Linux you will still need to have a serial number which is available for free from (USE THIS SERIAL NUMBER: RYD6-B2AM-6K6C-MRY4)

This does officially end the support of Lore: Invasion by Max Gaming, even though we will keep the login server up and running, along with the dedicated servers for a indefinite time frame.


NOTE: We will be releasing a new Linux installer soon, the legacy installer seems not to work on some distributions.

DH: Lore Invasion is an action-oriented FPS/mecha game which was named as a finalist in the 2005 Independent Games Festival Competition. Max Gaming also recently announced that they are developing a sequel to Dark Horizons for the browser-based InstantAction service from GarageGames, which brings us to a semi-related item…

Shacknews is reporting that GarageGames has inadvertently revealed a Tribes-like game for InstantAction:

Unprotected links on the website, a browser-based gaming platform in development by GarageGames, have today lead to the discovery of several alpha-level videos showing off the company’s upcoming team-based online shooter. A source close to GarageGames stressed that the videos–depicting Tribes-like combat on an alien world–represent early work, and were meant for internal use only.

Unfortunately, this blog post from a Torque SDK developer states that they are uncertain if InstantAction will support Linux at this time, but we’ll keep our eyes open for any updates.

Dark Horizons Download: [ ]

8 Responses to “Dark Horizons: Lore Free to Download; New GarageGames Project”

  1. bnolsen Says:

    I only get to the demo download and that fails with a checksum error. Looks like something with their “tail” command.

  2. hylk0r Says:

    I downloaded the full version from garage-games but I was unable to play it. All it did was crash.
    I guess Dark Horizons is not very mature yet.

  3. vadi Says:

    Works perfectly for me (Ubuntu 7.10). This game is awesome.

  4. grifter Says:

    actually it’s not ‘their’ tail program since it’s being run on your computer, newer posix standards or something says you have to specify tail -n number instead of just tail number, you can change the behaviour by setting one of the posix variables on your computer, but I forget which, google might be able to help

    it is indeed a nice game

  5. Slacker Says:

    It’s already been posted in the news that a new installer is coming… please have patience for the time of year this is. As for crashing on start, it most likely has something to do with the sound libs included. If you’d like help for it, sign into the IRC server, head to the channel #darhorizons & look for Keith-MGT. I’ll try to do what I can for you. The log file for the game is located in the ~/.maxgaming/lore directory called console.log (assuming it didn’t segfault instantly on starting).

  6. Slacker Says:

    Oh yeah… some have said that running:

    export _POSIX2_VERSION=199209

    before you start the installer can help with running it on those checksum error messages.

  7. Slacker Says:

    Apparently, I have fat fingers in the morning… the IRC channel is #darkhorizons.

  8. salsadoom Says:

    I bought this game back in the day. It was fun, I’d look into the developers other games in the future if they don’t bail on us. I hope they don’t — poor linux needs more games.

    I don’t have any statistics to back this up or anything, but I do wonder — it seems to me that linux gamers are more likely to look at indie games (that they are made aware of!) then windows gamers, which just play WoW and CS/BF2142.

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