Last Man Standing Music

December 12th, 2007 by Crusader

Platinum Arts sent in the following:

By popular demand we have released our Coop Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing heavy metal soundtrack!  In addition to the map music it includes both the original and new LMS theme song and the music from the trailer.  You can download it here:

It is time for the Moddb Mod Of The Year contest again!  As a note there are two phases, one is to get enough votes to qualify and the second round to vote the best of the finalists.  The first phase ends December 20th so please vote again after December 20th as well!  You can vote for us here:

Also Platinum Arts Sandbox, the free game design tool that even kids can use is in the running so any support for it would be very appreciated!  You can vote for it here:

In addition more Premium Indie Entertainment shows have been recording and posted!  Topics include game news, tech news, updates to LMS and Platinum Arts plus video game movie news.  You can download them here:

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  1. Nemoder Says:

    Such a great mod! I played it a bunch at our last LAN party but then we ended up having 10 players in one game which was a bit more than it could handle. :)

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