Passage, an experimental game for GNU/Linux

December 5th, 2007 by jvm

Browsing MobyGames, I found a game we haven’t mentioned here before, Passage. According to the creator’s statement:

Your interpretation of the game is more important than my intentions. Please play the game before you read this.

Ok, so to play it you need to download the source code and compile it yourself. But, hey, free game dude. According to the SourceForge page it’s under the GPL.

Where did it come from? It’s part of the Gamma 256 project at the Kokoromi Collective, which says it is…

…a small group of game developers in Montreal, Quebec, with a mission to create and promote artistic and experimental gameplay. Our goal is threefold: to create small experimental games, to encourage creative games industry-wide, and to promote these games as an art form, here in Montreal.


Screenshots [ View ]   Download [ Source on SourceForge ]

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