Freedomware Gamefest 2007; Nexuiz Challenge at GameStop

November 27th, 2007 by Crusader

Qualifying rounds have begun for the Freedomware Gamefest, which isthe first online event focused on freesoftware games. Titles being utilized include Nexuiz, OpenArena, Tremulous, and Armagetron Advanced.

Speaking of Nexuiz, the open source 3D deathmatch game is being promoted atseveral GameStop locations in theUS:

Interactive kiosks are currently set up in 10 different storesin 8 US cities. The kiosks give users 2 minutes to earn the high score bydoing the most damage possible to their AI opponents.

The highest monthly scorer in each location wins a $100 GameStop gift card.There will be new maps every month, and each player is allowed one game perday.

Game play is open to GS customers ages 13 and up, and ages 17 and above areeligible to win the monthly gift card for the high score.

Cities with the Challenge: Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh,Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

The store locations can be read here.

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