Savage 2 Update

November 19th, 2007 by Crusader

S2 Games’ Arun Demeure posted an updateon the Linux port of Savage 2, themixed-genre sequel to Savage: TheBattle for Newerth, at the officialforums:

I’ll be working my ass off now to finish the OpenGL port within a week or so,don’t expect it to be feature-complete by then but it should be fullyfunctional (I had some ‘fun’ looking into how I’ll make shadows/fog of warwork, and given the time that’ll likely take, don’t expect it by then). Onceit’s really usable though, you’d still expect a lag time for basic testing andgetting the infrastructure together (making sure it doesn’t cause yourcomputer to implode randomly, making sure patching works and figuring out howto get build releases ~synched with windows ones, etc.)

So trying to be realistic, I’d say ~2 weeks from today would be when youshould start bitching really really hard if there’s no publicly availableLinux client for all current beta players.

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