AMD Preparing More GPU Docs

November 16th, 2007 by Crusader

Phoronix has received details from AMD concerning their next GPU documentation release:

Back on September 6th of this year AMD shocked the open-source community by committing to the development of a new open-source display driver (this driver is now known as RadeonHD) and that they would be providing specifications to the development community. A week later, they set precedence by not only releasing the documentation to the developers but to the everyone! Their first batch of documentation covered the basics for the RV630 and M56 GPUs and was released freely to the public without any Non-Disclosure Agreement! However, they still have much more GPU documentation that has yet to be released.

The article goes on to mention that planning for open source 3D support is underway.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    There are probably more people with R3xx already in their hands, but no we likely won’t ever see specs/docs for those.

    Also, it’s very disturbing how the R2xx support has been slaughtered just to “make it easier to maintain while codeveloping for R3xx”. What’s more disturbing is now R3xx is nowhere near functioning [b]correctness[/b] let-alone in performance; yet none of the developers working on Mesa/DRI seem to give a rat’s arse. So now [i]BOTH[/i] R2xx + R3xx are up shit creek while people go-off about these newer boards.

    So in the end, it’s not that I just blame ATI/AMD – I blame the developers who sneer at proprietary drivers as if they are above it all; though [u]they commit the same mistakes and lack of support as the closed-source companies which they purport to do this[/u].

    [b]If you never finish what you start, you end up with nothing![/b]

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