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November 15th, 2007 by Crusader

We received this press release earlier this month (apologies for not getting to it until now):

Sixth Floor Labs LLC, a Linux game development company, has launched their business today. Founded by Ethan Glasser-Camp and Carl Li, the company aims to improve Linux’s desktop feasibility through the creation of high-quality games. Games are “sold” to the Internet community through the “ransom model” — for one large payment, the product is released under the GPL and freed forever.

Sixth Floor Labs is offering up the next installment of their new game, Project: Alexandria. Project: Alexandria is a top-down shooter with an inertia-based physics model, like Asteroids. The first set of levels is already available on their website.

The next set of levels, called “the healbeam campaign”, consists of 8 levels and supporting assets — music, sound effects, dialog, and art — that have been developed over 8 months. The one-time “ransom fee” is $40,000, collected through the microPledges website. The company estimates a month’s work is all that is left to finish the campaign.

The Sixth Floor Labs is operating on the assumption that the open source/free software community has a difficult time producing high-quality games with the same facility that they have produced other software of all times. The ransom model allows the community to subsidize the production of games to offset the apparent difficulty that exists today.

The ransom model offered by Sixth Floor Labs follows in the footsteps of the Blender Foundation campaign, which raised 100,000 EUR in seven weeks, and the Free Ryzom campaign, which raised pledges for 170,000 EUR in twenty-five days.

The collection progress can be seen at, and the first (already freed) level set can be found at

Alexandria Download: [ ]

3 Responses to “Sixth Floor Labs Opens”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    After all, the quality of the product is not exactly at the level of Blender. Besides, who cares about paying 40k for a 2d engine (which is not up to Treasure’s quality BTW) with arts that aren’t really reusable in other games (except sequels), when there are GPLed 3d game engines you can download and use right now?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome business model, was really excited back when I first heard about this.

    Shitty product, not worth even a $1 donation in my opinion.

    Instead of crappy incomplete ancient-technology games, I’d much rather see actual reusable content or modern technology ransomed off. Or at least an actually complete game that doesn’t look like it came from the late 80s.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like they use the same web developer as LGP ;)

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