Pingus 0.7.2

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

Thanks to Plouj for reminding me that Pingus, one of the most popular andlong-running Linux game projects (we’ve mentioned it at least as far back as1999),is now at version 0.7.2. Inspired by Lemmings,Pingus has a built-in level editor and multiplayer. Changes:

  • added support for levelsets
  • added 8 new levels in the form of a halloween levelset
  • added window resize support to the editor (use –allow-resize)
  • added minimap to the editor
  • scroll wheel support to change the actions
  • right and middle button now both scroll
  • ‘jumper dying on landing’ bug fixed
  • numerous other small bug fixes

Screenshots: [ View ]Download: [ ]

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