FreeCiv 2.1.0

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

After nearly two years of development, version 2.1.0 of Freeciv, a long-runningopen source game project inspired by the Civilizationseries, has been released. Changelogsummary:

  • Significantly improved features for modmakers.
  • New default tileset: Amplio.
  • Hex-2 overhead hexagonal tileset.
  • Flags rendered from SVG vector images.
  • High-res building and wonder icons plus brand new tech icon set.
  • New city tab on main map.
  • City outlines.
  • Added lua as scripting language. New tutorial scenario.
  • Many new nations, flags and nation information and options.
  • New /surrender command to yield in multiplayer games.
  • Score now shown in player dialog.
  • Reputation removed from the game.
  • New borders rules. Borders are static, fortresses expand borders andcities expand more borders with city size growth.
  • New diplomacy rules. Neutral state replaced with Armistice. You nowstart in War state, and cannot cross borders with military units except in Waror Alliance states.
  • SDL client much improved and usable.
  • GTK+ 1.2 clients removed.
  • Votes need over 50% of votes to pass. Voting is now only duringgame.
  • First player to join becomes game organizer and sets all options.
  • Many AI changes. Improved AI diplomacy. Novice AI easier to beat.
  • Palace has a production bonus of +75% under Despotism and +50% underMonarchy.
  • New animated cursors.
  • Support for GGZ Gaming Zone.
  • Multiple units may be moved at once as a battlegroup.
  • Built-in theme support. GTK+ and SDL clients shipped with uniqueFreeciv themes.
  • As usual, tons of changes under the hood.

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