AMD Display Driver 8.42.3

October 30th, 2007 by Crusader

AMD released version 8.42.3 of theirLinux display driver for ATI graphics cards.Here’s the changelog:

  • Support for Accelerated Indirect Rendering (AIGLX).
  • Support for version 7.3.
  • Products older than Radeon HD 2×00 are now supported after being enabledonly for testing in 8.41.7.
  • A new 3D user interface is now avaialble in the ATI Catalyst Control Center-Linux Edition. The new interface allows for the setting of Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, and VSync. Included on the new 3D interface are static preview images showing the visual effects of the different 3D settings.
  • Playing videos with TexturedVideo no longer results in stuttering being noticed.
  • Corruption is no longer noticed when the Composite extension is enabled.
  • Segmentation faults in OpenGL applications and the ATI Catalyst Control Center
  • Linux Edition with Rialto-based AGP cards no longer occur.
  • Various error messages no longer appear during RPM installation under SuSE10.2.

A great deal of additional info can be found in the releasenotes.

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