Upcoming Enemy Territory 1.2 Patch

October 25th, 2007 by TimeDoctor

A reader wrote in to let us know about the upcoming Enemy Territory Quake Wars patch here are some of the best parts:

The ETQW 1.2 Update features full voice communications (VoIP) support, allowing rapid and easy coordination with your team-mates. You can select the input and output devices independently of your speakers which allows you to use dedicated headsets and microphones, communicate on three separate channels, mute all VoIP, specific channels, or just specific players (which incidentally also cuts all bandwidth usage), set the volume and test your devices in-game. There’s full hardware refresh support for connecting and using USB headsets while the game is running too.

Various weapons have undergone subtle changes to make them fairer, including tweaks in damage fall-off (increases and reductions to damage over distance), weapon spread, firing rates, and accuracy. Highlights include the Pistol and Blaster being more accurate, increased firing rates for the Shotgun and Nailgun, and tracers appearing over all distances for the Sniper Rifle and the Railgun.

Experience points have been improved in many areas too, with level four rewards easier to achieve across all categories in the course of a campaign. There are also increases in experience points for certain classes such as the Medic and Technician when reviving and dropping health packs, and fixes to the Statistics and Achievements site. On the vehicles front, we’ve discovered and solved a number of bugs, but most noticeably the Anansi and Tormentor will take longer to repair.

We’ve also made several improvements to the user interface. Your number one request to be able to save your password has been added, while we’ve also improved the Instant Messaging functionality such that a log of recent conversations is maintained (so you’ll know what you were last talking about), and you can keep the window open while talking.

The server browser has more features too – it will only poll your favorites if you wish (rather than requesting the entire list), while filtering is handled locally (also removing the need for a new list each time you change a filter). We’ve also made the server protocol more efficient so it uses less bandwidth – this should help players who were previously unable to get a full server list. Clicking a friend (in the friends or clans list) and selecting Find Server, now works correctly too.

There are many more improvements to the user interface here and there, including more obvious recognition that a Deployable or Vehicle has been disabled via new particle effects, a unique hit sound for when you get a head-shot, and the ability to disable the complaint pop-up when you’re team killed (in case you’re the automatically forgiving type).

4 Responses to “Upcoming Enemy Territory 1.2 Patch”

  1. Nath Says:

    That’s great, a lot of these things I really hoped for and are bound to make the game more interesting. Lets hope we’ll get everything on the Linux client.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t wait for that update.

    I have been kicking lots of ass online.

    I also love to taunt the opposition too. It distracts people all the time.



  3. salsadoom Says:

    Well, I’d be vaguely surprised if we get the VOIP support, since well, traditionally we haven’t been getting that in games because of some codec garbage, not like their isn’t free voip codecs like speex around. We’ll see :)

    Either way, the changes look good. I especially like the shotgun getting beefed up.. I was already pretty much the ultimate badass with it :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We got VOIP in UT2004. Honestly, we have a great open codec for VOIP (speex). I’m sure id is actually looking at cross-platform too. I fully expect Linux will have VOIP.

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