Tux Paint 0.9.18rc1

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

Bill Kendrick sent in the following announcement:

I’m gearing up to release version 0.9.18 of “Tux Paint“, the open source drawing app for kids, and have released a source tarball of Release Candidate #1. (The only major hold-up right now is making sure Win32 and OSX ports can be built happily.)

Some major new improvements that folks will see include:

  • “Magic” tools (blur, smudge, etc.) have been turned into ‘plugins’ that are loaded at runtime
  • A “Magic” tool plugin API is available, allowing easy third party tool development!
  • New “Magic” tools added: Calligraphy, Emboss, Flower, Foam, Glass Tile, Kaleidoscope, Light, Metal Paint, Ripples, Shift and Waves
  • Color picker added to the color palette (pick from any of ~65K colors!)
  • Improved “Open” and “New” dialogs (removed ‘Starter’ imagery from “Open”; they now appear when you click “New”, along with a choice of solid background colors)
  • Now using Pango to render text in the UI (makes localizations to Arabic and Telegu actually _work_ right)

Download: [ ]

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