Mumble 1.1.0

October 31st, 2007 by Crusader

Mumble, an open-source gaming voice-communication solution with a focus on low latency, has reached version 1.1.0. This release adds full encryption and support for multiple virtual servers per process; additional info can be found in the project FAQ.

I’ve rarely used VOIP in the past, but it looks like a good solution for games that don’t support voice chat natively (which is pretty much every game on Linux at the moment!).

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2 Responses to “Mumble 1.1.0”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is a great application, really blows away Teamspeak2!
    There seems to be a bug in this release that breaks push-to-talk, if you need it then get the source from svn on their site as it’s already been fixed.

  2. salsadoom Says:

    Too bad about that bug actually, I’m too lazy for svn. :) I need push to talk, because, well, I want need or want my teammates listening to me cough, swear at the cat, drop things, chat with my roommate, etc. Anyway, mumble looks really neat, since.. teamspeak2 really sucks. And Ventrilo guys don’t really have a linux version at all.. and open source is always best :)

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