Linux Games Podcast #9: Enemy Territory Quake Wars Spectacular!

October 22nd, 2007 by TimeDoctor

The latest Linux Games Podcast episode is up. Podcast 9 is our Enemy TerritoryQuake Wars special!

Joining myself on this episode are Dustin “Crusader” Reyes, and id software’sTimothee Besset guest stars to talk about Enemy Territory Quake Wars.

URL dump from this episode:

EnemyTerritory: Quake Wars
id software
TrittonAX360 Gaming Headphones
X-FiLinux Drivers
InHell Mod for Doom 3
Last ManStanding
LinuxGames.comthrough the ages
NewOpenArena Patch
Get those thenconnectto so Dustin will be up in yo Grillz,sucka!

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7 Responses to “Linux Games Podcast #9: Enemy Territory Quake Wars Spectacular!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoy these podcasts very much. I hope things have been felt out by now and ready for a relatively continuous release.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nice podcast!
    Here’s my 2cents on some of the topics:

    ETQW: I really hope some of those single core processor improvements happen. Trying to run it on an athlon 2700 is painful.

    In game ads: I agree that this can work but when it’s clear that an ad is trying to get your attention by standing apart from the game world it is really annoying. Perhaps a better way to do it would be to have a much more exensive demo version supported by more ads but then have them removed from the registered version.

    Editors: I really do wish we had more native editors, or at least some effort to make sure they can work in wine. Radiant may support creating Quake4 maps but you can’t play them without compiling them with the windows version!

    Steam: I’m not sure we really need steam except maybe for the valve games themselves. It’s just as easy to offer downloadable games and sell accounts online directly yourself. That’s what S2Games is doing for Savage2 anyway.

    Spring: This game is getting really good, and within the last couple months a new linux lobby client was written that is finally on par with the windows one!

  3. ThoreauHD Says:

    Thank you Timothee Besset.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    TTimo is wicked awesome.

    Do we know if Quake Zero is Quake3 ported to Java? Or is it going to be some game plugin that installs the quake 3 engine into the browser…?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    To run Flash movies on 64Bit, you could use Gnash. It has improved a lot in the recent releases and now plays Youtube videos. Things like the ETQW homepage still don’t work though.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Who was the Alpha troll in this episode? I couldn’t listen because some guitar solo took all my free time.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been playing Quake Wars with a Intel duel core2 E6600 and Nvidia Gforce-8800GTX. The game runs very smooth while using the Linux-rt kernel in Ubuntu-7.10 64bit (even while running compiz at the same time).

    Timothee recommended to use the duel core CPU because of the SSE2 optimization issues in Linux (Because SSE2 is designed and/or optimized only for Windows?). So Timothee had to rebuild(?) the Quake Wars (not so optimized?) SSE2 code just for Linux as a result.

    I’m not a game developer or a programmer. But is there a way to make a open sourced Linux/Mac/Windows Optimized SSE2/SSE3 module that can be utilized by any game engine, so game developers won’t need to speed to much time on the matter?

    Can that be a good idea (or can the idea be used) for any platform technology, like threading libs for duel core CPU’s?

    By the way, the Ubuntu-7.10 flash plug in works well by default in Firefox. You only need to fix the Ubuntu boot splash issues and you’re fixed :-)

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