Dominions 3 Sale

October 19th, 2007 by Crusader

Thanks to the SomethingAwfulforums for pointing out that the fantasy-themed strategy game Dominions 3, developed by Illwinter Game Design, is now available at a discounted price:

I just got an email from theShrapnel Games, there’s a %20 off code forDominions 3 right now!


edit: the link in the email is,so I’ll assume you have to buy it through there.

It still works for me as of this writing, but I don’t know howlong the coupon code will last. Dominions 3 has scores of playable races,units, spells, and magic items; there’s also a huge manual included in the retailpackage to help get a handle on all of that content.

Demo Download: [ 3D Downloads ]

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