Ankh: Heart of Osiris Pre-Orders Needed

October 17th, 2007 by Crusader

A reader pointed out that ixsoft, a German online Linux retailer that has long supported gaming, is now taking pre-orders for a port of Ankh: Heart of Osiris, a sequel to the adventure game Ankh. Ankh was ported to Linux by RuneSoft, and ixsoft reports that RuneSoft will need at least 250 pre-orders for a port of Ankh: Heart of Osiris to be considered viable. My machine-assisted German is poor (Lightkey, help!), but I think the article states pre-orders will be taken through the end of the month, and if all goes well, the port could then be completed around Christmas of this year.

You can order the first Ankh game (actually the second in the series) from RuneSoft’s online store, ixsoft, or from Tux Games.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, it states that pre-orders will be taken until end of Octobre.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Was the first one worth the money?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I played the first Linux-Ankh a month ago and it was fun. It reminded me of playing “Monkey Island” many years ago :-)

    But there were some drawbacks :-(
    I had a few minor graphic errors (moving sand in the desert) with both a nvidia and an ati card (7600GT and HD2600XT with the latest binary drivers). Really annoying was the way savegames worked. They could not be overwritten and were unsorted – so you have to remember how the in-game location looked like when you saved your game. More than once I had to load several savegames to find my last one.
    These bugs where never fixed. So I do not expect the new Ankh to be bug-free.

    But as it was fun – I think I will preorder it :-)


  4. fiammy Says:

    Well, I would buy the second one, if only the first one would run. I’ve tried it on 3 different systems, with 3 different graphics cards and 4 different Linux versions, and it just works horribly slow (< 1 fps). Support is inexistent, so I think I’ll try the demo first this time.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    For those having little glitches with Ankh 1, did you try the following Patch ? :

    And as for the 1 FPS and those who don’t want to updata Ankh, please try this :
    cd ~/Ankh
    find bin/release -name ankh -o -name “*so*” | xargs -l1 chrpath -d

    And RuneSoft supports their games :

  6. Anonymous Says:

    For the first game I see there is a Mac demo, is there a Linux one some place? Screen shots look good, but I am not sure if I will actually enjoy playing it.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i cant understand the ppl complaining about Ankh 1.
    There was a bug in version 1, but 1 month after arrival (i pre-ordered and it came in before press noticed:-) there was a patch and since then everything worked fine.

    (I remember, I had to manually unzip a file from the CD, but the rest went smooth.=)

    So is the second part mostly the same with another story or is it something else?
    I liked the gameplay and especially the voice of ???-Speaker Justus Jonas:-)))

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I think it will be hard to reach 250 :/

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