UT3 Beta Demo Server

October 14th, 2007 by Crusader

Ryan Gordon has released a dedicated server for theUnreal Tournament 3 betademo:

- This is a BETA build. If something looks buggy, it probably is. Somebugs are Linux-specific, some happen on Windows, too. We are interestedin hearing about them all.
- Please be sure to keep the crash data from your server’s logs if youexperience a crash. You may send it to me directly (not the mailinglist, unless you want to discuss it).
- This build does not have optimizations enabled, since I want to trackdown real bugs first. If you want to gauge what sort of hardware it willneed, expect it to take less for final builds.
- Most of the admin guides for the Windows server apply here, so look tothem for HOWTOs and documentation. These mailing lists are already fullof good advice, too.

Although the client isn’t ready yet, it was mentionedon the Linux UT3mailing list that there are nocurrent plansto have a 64-bit nativeexecutable. In the meantime, PlanetUnrealhas posted impressions gleaned from the beta demo’s Windows client.

Edit: A reader pointed out that Gordon also mentioned that the Linux binaries won’t make it in the retail box, and the editor will probably be ported.

Download: [ GoDaddy| Dreamhost]

6 Responses to “UT3 Beta Demo Server”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    read this anyway…. NO linux installer on the disk :(

  2. Anonymous Says:

    maybe the editor will work on Mac/Linux:

    :( :)

  3. salsadoom Says:

    This is just strange, frankly, I think a lot of the information coming down the pipe is very confused. On the mailing list, I seem to hear just about everyone contradicting everyone else.

    Personally, I’m taking a wait a see approach. The game is very nearly out but I really get the impression that what exactly is happening on the non-windows platforms is really unclear.

    Not making a 64-bit native build would be just plain stupid however, so stupid in fact, I can’t really be true. Especially seeing as the game is built for dual core optimization — 32-bit dual cores where a short lived thing that exist only in a few old laptops now. Thats just too silly to be real… We’ll see when the smoke clears what we get :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I just tried unreal tournament3 in windows and i am completely blown away. this game is amazing.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t wait for it any more. I want it now :)
    This game is looking very nice, infact, too nice.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    well no big deal about not having an installer on the disk… it’s usually outdated by the time it’s in the stores.

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