Dominions 3: The Awakening 3.10

October 9th, 2007 by Crusader

Illwinter has released a new patch forDominions 3: TheAwakening (thanks Bluesnews);there are a metric ton of additions, changes, and fixes in version 3.10 of thefantasy-themed strategy game, but you can peruse the rundown here.Here’s the new content:

  • New nation: EA Fomoria. Enemy of Tirna n’Og. A nation of deformed seafaring Giants.
  • New nation: LAPythium, Serpent Cult. The dom2 theme revamped. Meet the mystery cults andsoldiers of the limes.
  • Nation remade: MAMictlan, Reign of the Lawgiver. Sky priests, Moon Warriors, Jade Serpents, newheroes and a pretender.
  • Nation Remade: MAT’ien Chi. New units such as apothecaries and geomancers, abilities on severalof the old units, new longevity spells, Huli Jing summon, new sprites,conscription more useful.
  • New heroes forAgartha, Sauromatia, Eriu, Jomon, Lanka, Marverni.
  • Stone beings are nowimmune from stone sword petrification.
  • Newhorrors
  • New event spells:Monster Boar, Send Dream Horror.
  • Iron Pigs givesMarverni Iron Boars
  • Cave sites, deep seasites and other sites with a total of 140 new ones
  • New bandar summon:Rudra
  • NewEvents
  • New icons: diseased,plague carrier, reaper, heretic, healer, poison barbs, reinvigouration, firepower, cold power, storm power, dark power, fortune teller.
  • Ko-Oni popytpeadded.
  • Fir Bolg popytpeadded.
  • Independent undeadapes

There’s also a demoavailable.

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  1. salsadoom Says:

    Dom3 is one of the best fantasy strategy games there is for any platform :) Great to see the developers supporting it with lots of good updates that add new content! Gonna patch it and play it right now in fact.

  2. Thomas Says:


    LinuxGames – Embrace your inner penguin!

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