Yes, Rage is coming to Linux

September 20th, 2007 by Crusader

There was a story making the rounds, based on an interview with id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead at Leipzig GC, that the longtime Linux-supporting FPS developer would not be porting their next game, Rage.

Fortunately, lead id programmer John Carmack responded to the rumors at Slashdot with some clarification:

There is certainly no plans for a commercially supported linux version of Rage, but there will very likely be a linux executable made available. It isn’t running at the moment, but we have had it compiled in the past. Running on additional platforms usually provides some code quality advantages, and it really only takes one interested programmer to make it happen.

The PC version is still OpenGL, but it is possible that could change before release. The actual API code is not very large, and the vertex / fragment code can be easily translated between cg/hlsl/glsl as necessary. I am going to at least consider OpenGL 3.0 as a target, if Nvidia, ATI, and Intel all have decent support. There really won’t be any performance difference between GL 2.0 / GL 3.0 / D3D, so the api decision will be based on secondary factors, of which inertia is one.

Also, Carmack had stated at QuakeCon that Rage’s engine, id Tech 5, would be open-sourced eventually as their previous technologies have been:

I do take a great deal of personal pride and satisfaction with what I’ve been able to do with getting so much of the stuff out. Sometimes I think about it, and while I know it’s not something I’m generally considered for, I may be one of the most prolific open source authors considering all the code that I’ve written over the last 15 years that I’ve made open source, or have made open source there. I do think it’s very valuable. I’m very happy when I see both user gaming community stuff, or research universities, or people doing simulation tests, or bringing up things. Every new piece of hardware ends up having Doom or Quake titles used as an early form of test application. So I’m very happy to have done that. It’s certainly going to continue. I mean I won’t commit to a date, but the Doom 3 stuff will be open source. We still make those decisions even today when we’re doing the Rage code when we have decisions about “do we want to integrate some other vendor’s solution, some proprietary code into this”. And the answer’s usually no, because eventually id Tech 5 is going to be open source also. This is still the law of the land at id, that the policy is that we’re not going to integrate stuff that’s going to make it impossible for us to do an eventual open source release. We can argue the exact pros and cons from a pure business standpoint on it, and I can at least make some, perhaps somewhat, contrived cases that I think it’s good for the business, but as a personal conviction it’s still pretty important to me and I’m standing by that.

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  1. A08 Says:

    …I really like to see that someone has the backbone not to go for the big money but has still some rules to apply to the logic.

    I wish more publishers to think that way, because my system is a dual-boot running XP and Linux, but I hope it never ever has to see the Vista-Virus again! (I was young and needed the money – no, I read it would solve my problems and I was desperate enough to try).

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, id’s going for the big money, all right. That’s why they’ve headed into the console market. It’s just that Carmack’s insistence on doing the Right Thing means that their engines are well designed and much more easily ported than an engine that has been constructed ad hoc for one specific platform.

    Now if only their engine licensees would maintain that cross-platform awesomeness.

    I wish more developers understood that you can do the Right Thing and still rake in the cash.

    P.S. Why the Christ can’t I post anything with my regular login? It just takes me back to the article page with nary a complaint, and totally fails to accept my post.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Because I love to do anything on my PC, and I love to game online too :)

    No support for Vista is a smart move IMHO. DX10 is a flop (as with the false DX10 hardware requirements).

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Carmack’s principals are worth their weight in gold. Glad we’ve got people like him around.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “but there will very likely be a linux executable made available”

  6. paines Says:

    you are still the Boss.

    Keep rollin.

    Thanks dude.

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