ET:Quake Wars Demo Server; Client Update

September 11th, 2007 by Crusader

id Software’s Timothee “TTimo” Besset updatedthe Enemy Territory:Quake Wars GNU/Linux FAQ with a demo dedicated server build and an update onthe client:

Linux client?

When it’s done. We have beta testers, they are doing a great job, you don’tneed to apply. There is still some work to be done before it matches idquality standards, and we won’t commit to any dates.

In the meantime, there was a blog post concerning the music ofET:QW, along with a Music 4 Gamesinterview with composer Bill Brown (who also did the music for the Quake 2intro cinematic and the score for Return toCastle Wolfenstein). There are also some sample tracksto download.

Gamespot interviewedSplash Damage’s Paul “Locki”Wedgwood about the sci-fi multiplayerfps:

With Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, we could really see the value in havingasymmetrical teams, as an extension of what had already been achieved by idSoftware, and asymmetrical maps as far back as Return to Castle WolfensteinMultiplayer. Having asymmetry between the two teams’ vehicles, weapons, items,deployables, tools, and rewards just opens up so many cool tactical optionsfor players, and the way their teams approach the assault of defense of anobjective.

Yahoo!has posted their impressions of a map in the retail version, which features abattle across widely separated terrain types (the Sahara and Antarctica); the areas are traversed via that classic Quake plot device, the slipgate. There’s also a newvideotrailer.

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