ET: Quake Wars Dedicated Server and id Miscellany

August 16th, 2007 by Crusader

The Enemy Territory: Quake Warscommunity site has releaseda beta Linuxdedicated server for the multiplayer first-person shooter, which is due toship to retailers on October 2nd. The README mentions the new Enemy Territory : Quake WarsGNU/Linux FAQ, where eventually both client and server documentation willreside.

Eurogamerspoke with id Software’s Steve Nixwhere Quake Zero, their upcoming free Quake III:Arena-based project, was elaborated on:

Nix promised that Quake Zero would be very quick to load. “It’s modified to have a front-end in a web-browser where you launch the game. And they’ve already done a lot of the architectural work – the way the game loads – where it’s primarily just shifting the file structures and everything, but the game loads very very quickly, so basically you’ve never played it on a given machine, you can go to theweb-browser, click ‘play’ and almost instantly get into a game.

GameInformer conducted a lengthy interview with Tim Willits about id’s nextinternally-developed title, Rage:

With id Tech 5 technology, it allows us to create much larger wasteland kindof areas and it allows us to build race tracks – this world that is much muchlarger. So basically you play – and this is all teaser stuff – the settingtakes place in the future. After the Earth is mostly destroyed by a comet andcivilization is trying to rebuild itself, and in this time the lines betweengood and evil and right and wrong are kind of blurry. You play an outsider.You play someone that’s kind of a Buck Rogers guy, but not from space. It’sgot a Road Warrior feel to it, and there’s the settlers and those people thatare trying to rebuild society and then there’s this evil regime – it’s a veryclassic story. You work alongside the resistance and settlers to rage againstthe regime.

The game’s balance (“maybe 40% driving, 60% shooting”) and cooperative multiplayer mode are also discussed.

Gameriotspoke with Marty Stratton, who mentions that id’s Linux guru, Timothee “TTimo” Besset,is on the Quake Zero team:

TTimo and Scott have the game launching off a web browser, not playing in aweb browser, but launching off a web browser. That’s the idea of it. You kindof go into a web interface to see what the community is all about, let you seewhat competitions are going on, how you play the game, etc. Kind of like how apoker site works, you kind of go there and see what’s going on and with oneclick, you start your download of the game and then play in a test game ortraining mode until the download completes.After a couple minutes of practicing, you have the full Quake 3 experience andcan start playing verse anyone in the world. The whole interface is backedthrough a web portal, and we’re able to test out a lot of things that we wantto do in pushing the Arena, and the new Quake Arena game. After we getQuakeZero up and running we’re going to have part of the team spinning up onid Tech 5 and the completely new Quake Arena game. That’ll be in developmentfor a little while.

Eurogameralso spoke with Paul Wedgewood of Splash Damage about the ET:QW levelsdemonstrated at QuakeCon. The game’sserver and rendering framerate limits are elaborated on; Timothee Besset is singled out here for coming up with a solution that enhanced the Quake War’s performance.

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