IVAN Update?

July 31st, 2007 by Crusader

Today, I was made aware of Iter Vehemens adNecem, a roguelike that sounds amusing:

Fellow adventurer, turnback while you can! For here begins the roguelike Iter Vehemens ad Necem, aViolent Road to Death. If you choose to travel along it, you will dive intocountless exciting adventures to gain items of great magic, attain powerfulequipment made of mysterious materials, bathe in the blessings of mighty godsand recruit loyal allies of various shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, along theway you will also often be dangerously injured, poisoned, catch numerousdiseases, lose several limbs and transform into manifold different kinds ofpitiful creatures in the darkest depths of hostile dungeons. And, at the endof the road, you are bound to perish in a most gruesome and painful way. Don’tsay we didn’t warn you.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer activelymaintained, and the most recent source tree doesn’t appear to compile easilyunder Linux (on the AMD64 architecture at least). Is anyone aware of a successor project with a Linux port? Failingthat, what are your favorite roguelikes?

I suppose I could try updating the codebase to function on mysystem, but it’s very probably beyond my meager skills ;)

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