July 28th, 2007 by Marv

Name/Version: Angband 3.0.9
Summary: Angband is a free, single-player dungeon exploration game where you take the role of an adventurer, exploring a deep dungeon, fighting monsters, and acquiring the best weaponry you can, in preparation for a final battle with Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Angband 3.0.9 ]

Name/Version: Hextris 0.9
Summary: Hextris is Tetris with stones made of hexagons. It is harder and more fun than standard Tetris.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Hextris 0.9 ]

Name/Version: irrlamb 0.0.4
Summary: irrlamb is a 3D game that probably involves a lot of physics and frustrating gameplay.
Download [ irrlamb 0.0.4 ]

Name/Version: Monster 1.2.2
Summary: Monster is a short NES/SNES style RPG.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Monster 1.2.2 ]

Name/Version: Risk
Summary: This is java version of the classic RISK board game, with a simple map format, network play, 1 player, hotseat, 5 user interfaces and many more features, it works in all OSs that run java 1.4 or higher.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Risk ]

Name/Version: Tennix 0.3.2
Summary: Tennix! is a SDL port of a simple two-player tennis game. It features simple image loading (with all game graphics being customizable by simply editing them with a graphics editor like The GIMP), sound effects, stadium audience sounds, and ball shadows.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Tennix 0.3.2 ]

Name/Version: Tower Toppler 1.1.3
Summary: The game is a reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulus. It was available for PC, Atari, C64. The author was J.M.Phillips and was published by Hewson software. I have seen the PC version on quite a few abandonware sites. But it is only a DOS version and uses ugly graphics
hots [ View ] Download [ Tower Toppler 1.1.3 ]

Name/Version: Tux Math Scrabble 0.4.2
Summary: Tux Math Scrabble is a math version of the popular board game for education. The game challenges young people to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities.
Screenshots [ View ] Download [ Tux Math Scrabble 0.4.2 ]

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