PlaneShift 0.3.019

July 21st, 2007 by Crusader

Version 0.3.019 of the CrystalSpace-based MMORPG Planeshift hasbeen released. It features 12 playable races, magic and skill systems, andnumerous quests. Changes:

  • Content
    • Reached mark of 100 quests.
    • Complete review of quests, all of them are working in game now
    • Greatly improved dictionary of NPCs, and common responses
    • Added new creatures: derghir, tloke, kikiri
    • Made available variations of many creatures
    • Added dermorian female player character model
    • Added 4 Kran skins
    • Improved dermorian male character
    • Added plate armor for many chars
    • Added new skins for enkidukai clans
    • Added spell casting effects
    • Added lot of new items, like bludgeoning weapons, amulets, rings, plants
    • Added missing animations to player characters
  • Engine
    • Shadows are now present under characters and objects!
    • Chat bubbles are used on players and NPCs during dialogs
    • Completely remade how inventory works server-side for more robust management
    • Enabled generation of random loot, you will see lot of new items!
    • Improved NPC movement and AI
    • Improvement to guild management (we will reveal more in the next weeks)
    • Improvements to sketches, you can now edit your own sketches
    • Improvements to books, you can now edit your own books

The site also has additional details concerning the game setting and gameplay.

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