Spring 0.75b1

July 17th, 2007 by Crusader

A new build of Spring, an opensource real-time strategy game inspired by Total Annihilation,has been released. The 0.75b1 changelogis extensive and includes many Lua-relatedimprovements.

There’s also a Setup Guidefor Linux, although it hasn’t been updated for v0.75 yet. There’s also a lotmore information about the game in this SomethingAwful forum thread.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s a mini-howto on how I set this up in debian testing:

    Install these debs:

    Get the nonfree data:
    Extract otacontent.sdz, tacontent_v2.sdz, textures_v062.sdz and put these 3 files in ~/.spring/base/

    Get the TA mod:
    Put it in ~/.spring/mods/

    Get whatever maps you want, Mars is one of the defaults:
    Put them in ~/.spring/maps/

    Now you should be able to just run ‘spring’ and select a test script from the menu, or you can try out one of the lobby clients suggested in the old guide to play online.

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