ATI R600 Testing

July 12th, 2007 by Crusader

Phoronix has taken alook at the Radeon HD2400 (R600 chipset) under Linux,but the results were disheartening:

With the open-source Avivo driver not yet having proper R600 support and theofficial fglrx driver only containing partial support without OpenGLacceleration, right now AMD R600 owners are bound to using the VESA driver.


Official support for the R600 series will likely not arrive in the fglrxdriver for a few more months, which is very disheartening, and when theopen-source Avivo driver will provide any R600 support is currently not known.We hope that this will not turn into another Radeon X1000 (R500) supportdebacle where it had taken ATI six months to provide basic Linux support. Wewill report back when anything changes, but right now Linux users will want toavoid the Radeon HD 2000 series at all costs until there is adequate supportfor alternative operating systems.

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