Recommended Games?

July 11th, 2007 by Crusader

The Linux on Desktop bloghas posted a list of “35coolapplications to install on Ubuntu“, several of which are games:

Do you have any games to recommend to other players? Comment below!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Use wine and play a lot of windows games ;-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ubuntu, what;s that

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ubuntu means “an OS is an OS because of other people’s OSs”

  4. Archwyrm Says:

    This game is probably incredibly obvious, but I only recently tried Battle for Wesnoth. I always thought that I would not be too interested in the gameplay, and so I was pleasantly surprised when I found how clean, simple, polished and [b]fun[/b] this game is. And I have not even tried the development branch yet! So, if you are like I was and have never tried it, I highly recommend it.

    I also think OpenTTD is great and has excellent potential for being even better.

  5. barrett9h Says:

    Koules and Kobo Deluxe are among my favorites.
    Outdated graphics, but great gameplay.

    I also like Freeciv, but the Ubuntu package is still at 2.0.8. Version 2.1 is still beta, but has many improvements and much better graphics.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well on the open source side I’d also suggest:
    Liquid War
    Kobo Deluxe
    Crack Attack
    Battle for Wesnoth
    PlanetPenguin Racer
    Frozen Bubble

    of course there are many other commercial games that are a lot more entertaining but I don’t think that’s what this article was aiming for.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    it is one of the best traffic simulations available, and a few weeks before it even became open source!

    (incredible for a free game, which is now nearly 10 years old and was always closed source)

    sadly its not yet in the ubuntu repositories, but at least there is a chance for change now

    for those interested, check out

    and dont forget Tower Toppler!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nice to see they are creating a SDL client. Not a day to early.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Xmoto for hours of fun (once you know the basics)
    Open Arena for a fast multi player fun fps
    Urban Terror for a semi realistic multi player fun fps
    Frets On Fire to playback guitar and hurt your fingers
    Secret Maryo Chronicles when Supertux gets boring
    PokerTH Texas Holdem Poker – multi player card fun (I’ve just got this)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    A few thoughts on other recommendations.

    Last I heard, Pingus is essentially dead-in-the-water — it needs someone to port it to SDL or modern ClanLib, as it currently relies on an old version of ClanLib that is becoming obsolete.

    PySol has also been stalled in development for many years, ever since the author got frustrated. I use sol, in the gnome-games package, instead.

    I found xmoto to be really frustrating, as it is difficult, unforgiving of mistakes, and repetitive.

    Open Arena is interesting. There’s now enough content and source under free licenses that one can play something based on Quake 3 without any commercially-purchased software.

    As for recommendations I’d make, based on what I’ve kept playing in the past:

    * Battle for Wesnoth ( ). This is a really good strategy game. It has a bit of a feedback loop — if you aren’t doing well, the game tends to get harder in later levels. This is generally undesirable in game design, but it’s just about my only complaint with it. It has graphics that look rather nice for an open-source game — the open source world has more coders than artists. The music is nice too. The game is quite a bit of fun to play, and is easily one of the best turn-based strategy games I’ve played. At one point, even the beginner levels were rather difficult, but now the difficulty levels range from fairly easy to very difficult. Also has multiplayer. There are still people adding features and content to Wesnoth, but it could be reasonably called done in its current form — a commercial game would have shipped by this point.

    * Overgod ( ). This is a difficult space shooter with an upgradable ship. It’s possible to win — I’ve done so — but it is not easy. Its predecessor, Lacewing ( ), is also good.

    * Globulation ( ) is an RTS in which the player has no direct control over their units, something like Majesty ( ). I like this genre of game. It’s not really finished, but it competes well in its current form.

    * Armagetron Advanced ( ) is a Tron implementation that’s simple but keeps me coming back.

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